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Obituary: Mavis Batey, Enigma Code Breaker – Played Large Role in D-Day

with the Abwehr Enigma machine in 2004 Photo: IAN JONES

Mavis Batey, with the Abwehr Enigma machine in 2004 Photo: IAN JONES

According to The Telegraph, a UK Newspaper, “Mavis Batey, who has died aged 92, was one of the leading female codebreakers at Bletchley Park, cracking the Enigma ciphers that led to the Royal Navy’s victory at Matapan in 1941.

She was the last of the great Bletchley ‘break-in’ experts, those codebreakers who found their way into new codes and ciphers that had never been broken before.

“Mavis Batey also played a leading role in the cracking of the extraordinarily complex German secret service, or Abwehr, Enigma. Without that break, the Double Cross deception plan which ensured the success of the D-Day landings could never have gone ahead.”

Read more at the The Telegraph’s site, and see You Tube interviews. Learn about her background story and find out how she came to become a spy and code breaker.   It’s quite the story!

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint To Become Next President of Heritage Foundation


Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

The Heritage Foundation announced Thursday that U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) will become the next president of the organization.  He takes over for Edwin J. Feulner, the man who first envisioned the think tank in 1973 and has led it as president for the past 36 years.

According to the Heritage Foundation’s own website,

Under his leadership, Heritage helped launch missile defense under President Ronald Reagan and welfare reform under President Bill Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich. During the past four years, Heritage has led a principled fight against Obamacare and has taken a lead in advancing the case for entitlement reform.

The American Conservative Union’s Al  Al Cardenas congratulated Senator DeMint:

With a lifetime ACU Rating of over 97%, Senator Jim DeMint  has been an indispensable conservative leader in the Senate and we look forward to continuing to work with him to advance the important cause of liberty and limited government.

Whether the issue has been preserving our economic freedom, standing up for the rights of the unborn or preserving American exceptionalism and protecting our national security, Jim DeMint has been there for conservatives and the American people.

I also congratulate and thank Dr. Ed Feulner who has spent a lifetime as a giant in the conservative movement and wish him well as he remains an important intellectual leader at Heritage.”


Live Feed of the Republican National Convention from Tampa

TAMPA        Live,  KCC  brings you gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Republican National Convention.  We have what is being shown on closed circuit television inside the Tampa Bay Forum, and produced by the Republican National Committee.

This post will remain at the top of our blog throughout the convention, with other blog posts appearing beneath.  Thank you for reading KCC and we hope you get as much out of the 2012 National Convention as we are.

Between the breaks, the G.E. Smith Band plays, a bluesy-rock band formerly of Saturday Night Live, the Blues Brothers, and others.  This blogger is a huge fan and is thrilled to see them.


Oh No: Obama Returning to NC on Wednesday

Cartoon Image:   " No Hope" image of Obama

Obama is making another visit to North Carolina next Wednesday

President Barack Obama is making yet another visit to North Carolina.  Next Wednesday he is coming to Fort Bragg in Fayetteville.

Sadly, this is the same man who must truly believe that ignorance is bliss.  The Foundry reported

He recently described France as America’s closest ally, and famously declared that he has traveled to no less than 57 states.

But it would be nice if the leader of the free world bothered to look at a map once in a while, or even paid a visit to the British Embassy in Washington, currently housing the Churchill bust that Mr. Obama unceremoniously threw out of the Oval Office soon after his inauguration.

WTVD reported on its noon news Thursday, that the President will speak with the Fort Bragg troops about “their sacrifices and achievements of those who served in the Iraq War.”

Obama was last in North Carolina in October, and we can expect to see many more times before the November elections.  Naturally, the local televisions will cover every second of his trip, from landing to departure and all of his speech.

Will his best friend in North Carolina, the embattled Governor Beverly Perdue, be by his side?

Occupy Denver to Storm Blogcon at 5 p.m. Local Time

These Occupiers don't look so bad, but wait until nightfall! Their younger friends turn angry!

DENVER – Looks like the “Occupiers” are ready to act, again and this time, conservatives are ready.  We here in Denver at the Blogcon Conference, sponsored by FreedomWorks, expect them to hit us at about 5 p.m. local time (7 p.m. EST).

So far, it’s been an exciting day, with all levels of bloggers in the packed house, including the regular “Legion of Doom” gang, of which your blogger is a member.  The “Legion” is a tight-knit group of about 40 bloggers who see each other regularly at these events.

FreedomWorks, a supporter of economic freedom, is as unpopular with liberal groups as is the Americans for Prosperity.  Inspired by their counterparts in Washington, DC last weekend, they are have tweeted and blogged that they will be visiting the Blogcon hotel this afternoon.  As mentioned, at 5 p.m. MST (7 p.m. EST) we expect them to arrive.

Last weekend, this blogger was hit in the back by a 2×4 as she attempted to leave the Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington.  KCC was leaving the Washington Convention Center to meet a Supershuttle van.

Her rolling computer case was stuck in the door, and as she was trying to free it, she was hit in the back by an unknown person wearing dreadlocks and a striped knitted cap.  Police, who saw the entire thing, would not assist, nor would they take a report.  Sadly, no fellow attendees were around to help as KCC fell to the ground.  There was a lot of pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk, so the man quickly slipped away.

Police in Denver have been notified of the possible events today.

If the Occupiers do indeed visit as planned, KCC will have photos and videos for you.  Watch for them later!

Editor’s Note:  KCC is recovering from the attack last weekend and is thankful that board missed the back of her head.  Thanks be to God!

Honoring America’s Veterans and Their Families by Congressman John Kline

-Submitted by Congressman John Kline (R-Minn)

image: Honoring those who served (American flag) Happy Veterans Day

Honoring those who served - Happy Veterans Day

As we prepare to honor our veterans today, we remember the sacrifice of those true American heroes who have died and honor those who are still with us.

The tireless efforts of our nation’s servicemen and women and those who served before them have guaranteed generations of Americans the freedom and security we enjoy. While they deserve our gratitude every day, today’s holiday provides our nation an opportunity to come together to honor all veterans, those currently serving, and their families in our thoughts and prayers.

As a nation, we owe more than our gratitude to those brave men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect the freedom and liberty that we all cherish.

May God bless our veterans and their families today and every day, and may God continue to bless America.

Best wishes,

John Kline signature

Editor’s Notes:  Congressman Kline is a retired Colonel  in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and was once stationed at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC  He closely worked with President Ronald Reagan. His son has followed him into the Marine Corps.

He is also the father of your blogger’s college suite mate,   Kathy Kline Danner,while both were students at Meredith College (in Raleigh), during the mid-to-late 1980s.    Danner, is now a Williamson County Commissioner and resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kathy Kline Danner, left, celebrates with her father, Rep. John Kline, center.

FCC Back in the News, Dem Donors Getting a Free Pass on LightSquared?

Phillip Falcone

Phillip Falcone, CEO of  embattled LightSquared, told Fox News on Monday that his firm did not donate money to the Barack Obama campaign to buy access and favors from the FCC.  ”Why would anyone do that”, he asked rhetorically to Megyn Kelly, the interviewer.  ”I’m just trying to build a network.”

CNet News’ Roger Cheng reported:

LightSquared is attempting to build a nationwide 4G LTE network that it will sell on a wholesale basis to other carriers that want to resell its services. But the company has run into a major hurdle with a coalition of companies reliant on GPS equipment. They claim LightSquared’s spectrum interferes with the operations of everything from farming equipment to airplane systems.

Meanwhile, last Thursday, the House Armed Services Committee met on the impact of LightSquared’s effect on national security.  According to Wireless Week,

the Defense Department and military make extensive use of GPS that could suffer interference from LightSquared’s transmitters – but the nonappearance of FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, scrutiny of lobbying in the executive branch and questions about FCC decision-making overshadowed  the event.

Immediately after opening the Strategic Forces Subcommittee, chairman Michael Turner called out the FCC chairman for not appearing, indicating that Genachowski had been seen in the building, but

LightSquared Logo

“That said, I have the unfortunate responsibility to inform the subcommittee that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Genachowski refused to appear today.  I must also make clear that I consider the Chairman’s failure to show up today to be an affront to the House Armed Services Committee.  Further, it appears to be symptomatic of a disregard by the Chairman to the consequences of the FCC’s January 26 waiver to LightSquared.  I trust Chairman Genachowski is doing something very important this morning if he couldn’t be here to discuss the significant harm to national security that may result from the FCC’s action on January 26th of this year.

On January 26, 2011, LightSquared was granted a fast-tracked waiver from the FCC (with White House approval).

One brave Air Force General, risked his career by appearing at the hearing. General William Shelton, who told the subcommittee, the week before, in a classified briefing,  that he has been  pressured to change his testimony to favor Falcone, the large Democratic Donor.

The notion that LightSquared’s version of the 4G LTE services is a national security risk, has been known since at least February 2011.  LightSquared has both debated the issue, and later issued statements that it intends to repair the problems.

General Shelton is the Chairman of the Air Force Space Command.

The difference between LightSquared’s 4G LTE network and those of carriers like Verizon and AT&T is that LightSquared’s is based on satellite.  Traditional carriers use land-based towers.

We leave you with this question:

Why should Falcone and his network get a free pass, when carriers like Verizon and AT&T followed the rules and built out their own 4G LTE networks with their own capital.  Which rule book is Obama and the FCC playing by, and is this fair to the American consumer?  Only you can decide, in November of 2012.

For More Information:

LightSquared: The Next Obama Pay for Play Morass – Michelle Malkin

LightSquared Says It’s Near Breakthrough in Mobile Wireless Network: Washington Times

LightSquared: The Next Big Obama Scandal: Human Events



Ilario Pantano on NC Redistricting, Mike McIntyre Junkets

Pantano is running for Congress in North Carolina's 7th Congressional District

From the Pantano for Congress Campaign:

For most the lines that define a congressional district are a bunch of insider politics that don’t put food on a table or pay a mortgage, but we have some good news about these new maps. They will finally give the citizens of (Eastern and) southeastern North Carolina the conservative voice they deserve.

See the detailed map, here.

While still subject to change, these maps demonstrate a logical conclusion that the region is well served by concentrating its coastal strength from Morehead City to Calabash.

Matching communities with similar economic and conservative interests serves all of the citizens of South Eastern North Carolina that share the same bedrock principles and values that have made our country great and that Ilario will stand for in Congress.

We are confident that the citizens of the new 7th District will respond very positively to Ilario’s conservative message of JOB CREATION by reducing taxes and cutting regulations to spur private sector economic growth while at the same time putting an end to the runaway spending and crippling debt burden that threatens the prosperity of our families and future Generations. Ilario’s pro-growth message of government reform and private sector innovation will stand in sharp contrast to his opponent’s record of supporting the Barack Obama stimulus, failing to support any budget or debt reduction plan, and his continued support for wasteful spending of money we don’t have paid for by debt from governments we don’t trust.

This weekend Congressman Mike McIntyre is returning from a taxpayer paid luxury junket across Europe from Rome to Moscow to Lisbon where the official itinerary noted he and his wife were celebrating their wedding anniversary with all the perks of a Washington insider.

Pantano served our nation proudly in the United States Marines

Pantano served our nation proudly in the United States Marines

Meanwhile, back here in southeastern North Carolina, where unemployment is in the double digits, Pantano will be spending time in 7 counties celebrating America’s Independence with supporters and friends from all across the new district. A 4th of July stop will include Onslow County where Ilario served proudly as a Marine in two of our nation’s wars, the first Gulf War (1991) and Iraq in (2004).

Pantano, whose father legally immigrated to the United States from Italy and became a US citizen in 1976, is willing to give the congressman an Italian Lesson for free when he returns from spending our money overseas.

Pantano will also be happy to share with the Congressman what he heard from his fellow citizens of Southeastern North Carolina about their concerns over unemployment, the debt, and out of control federal spending which has ballooned over his opponents fourteen years in Washington living high on the hog.

The 7th District will now include parts of the Crystal Coast, including Morehead City, Cedar Point, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a part-time resident and property owner in Western Carteret County, this blogger urges the Pantano team to pay more attention to the Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle area on Bogue Banks (aka Crystal Coast) and from Morehead City to Cedar Point on the mainland.

We think it is great that he’ll be in Onslow County for July 4th, but we assume that Mr. Pantano will make plenty of appearances in Carteret County where the people are conservative and politically active.  Please don’t take this solid base of support for granted.

Katy’s Conservative Corner endorses Illario Pantano for Congress!

He is the one for the 7th district.  We’ll have another post on that, soon.


Katy’s Conservative Corner is the oldest political blog in North Carolina, serving you since 1998.  Follow us on Twitter, here.  Find us on Facebook, here.

NC Legislative Report by Col. Brenda T. Formo

NC State Seal

Much has happened this week in the North Carolina State Legislature and Col. Brenda Formo has covered it all. Katy’s Conservative Corner cannot thank her enough for her dedication and oversight to conservative causes.

This report helps many plan their legislative activities and know when to contact their elected officials. Formo had a distinguished career in the United States Army and we thank her for her service to our nation.

Writing on behalf of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women, Mrs. Formo is the State Vice-President of the Central Region.  To find out how to join a Republican Women’s Club near you, please contact Valerie White.



Update on Governor Perdue’s Actions on Pending Legislation

Governor (Beverly) Perdue has been reviewing more than 200 bills since Monday, Jun 20.  She has until Jun 30th to sign, veto, or let the bills become law without her signature.

The status of key bills:


1.  Voter Photo ID - The governor vetoed the bill on Jun 23, 2011 stating, “North Carolinians who are eligible to vote have a constitutionally guaranteed right to cast their ballots, and no one should put up obstacles to citizens exercising that right.”

It is obvious to 75 percent* of voters in NC that a photo ID serves to determine “eligibility” of voters, and is a deterrent to those who attempt to vote more than once, or who are not the person they purport to be.

(*From Elon University polling in April 2011.  Other NC polling on Voter Photo IDs has ranged from 70% to 84% approving of the legislation.)

Opponents allege that some people do not have photo identification, it would be an additional cost they cannot afford, and they would be “disenfranchised.” However, the facts are that the bill “requires the state to provide a photo ID to those who don’t have one at no cost to those citizens.”

(Press Release from President Pro Tempore Phil Berger)

Senate President Pro Tempore Berger said, “We shouldn’t be surprised by how far the governor will go to score political points with the liberal wing of her party.  A measure that ensures voters are who they say they are is a no-brainer, and most North Carolinians agree.  It’s a shame Gov. Perdue is playing politics with the integrity of elections.”

[House Speaker Thom Tillis “announced Friday that the North Carolina House will attempt to override Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of the voter ID bill when the body reconvenes in July.” ] See post, here.

2.  Employers Must E-Verify Immigration Status (HB36) - Governor Perdue signed the bill into law Friday, Jun 24.  It requires employers with 25 or more employees to use the federal E-Verify program to determine the legal status of new employees. For large companies the law is effective in 2012 and for small companies it is effective in 2013.  The legislation also requires that local governments use E-verify in Oct 2011.

3.  Gun-Rights Law (HB650) – Gov. Perdue signed a bill that gives citizens more “legal standing to protect themselves against unlawful entry into their homes, workplaces and vehicles,” effective Dec 1, 2011.  (News & Record)

4.  Laura’s Law (HB49) – Signed Jun 24, the law “creates harsher punishment for repeat DWI offenders.” The bill was inspired by the death of Laura Fortenberry, a Gaston County teenager killed last year by a drunk driver.  Her grandmother is Kay Roukema, Caldwell County Republican Women.  (WRAL)

5.  Important bills being considered by the governor are the following:  Medical Malpractice (SB33); Workers’ Compensation (HB709); Abortion – A Woman’s Right to Know (HB854); Annexation Reform (HB945); Oil and Gas Exploration (SB709); and Restrictions on Lawsuits (HB542), among others.

The governor’s office has received over 1,000 telephone calls about the legislation awaiting her decisions, and “. . . more than a fourth were in opposition to SB709″ that focuses on energy independence in NC by encouraging “offshore oil and gas exploration and inland shale gas exploration.”  Other calls to the governor concerned the abortion bill that includes a 24-hour waiting period and information from a medical doctor to the pregnant woman before the life of a baby is terminated.  Records show that 56% of those calling the governor support the bill.  However, 78% of those emailing were opposed.  (News & Observer)

She has also received more than 32,000 emails on legislative issues, “. . . more than 4000 that addressed SB781,” a bill that environmentalists oppose.    (News & Observer)

The Left, including environmentalists and pro-choice advocates, are busy emailing and calling the governor.  We must be proactive in the same way.  Governor Perdue’s telephone numbers are: (800) 662-7952 and (919) 733-2391.  Her Fax is (919) 733-2120.  Her email is:

North Carolina Redistricting


On Thursday, Jun 23 the Senate and House Re-districting Committees held public comment meetings at seven different locations in NC, including:  Raleigh, Jamestown (Guilford County), Charlotte, Ahoskie, Greenville, Fayetteville, and Wilmington.

The Senate and House Voting Rights Act (VRA) maps and statistical information were available for attendees.  VRA maps were presented last week via the NC General Assembly’s website.  The public comment forums were in a video-conference format so that observers from all locations could hear and see the speakers.  Senator Bob Rucho (Mecklenburg) presided over the meeting.  He said the event on Jun 23rd was the first step in public viewing and commenting on the proposed VRA redistricting maps and its purpose was to comply with the Voting Rights Act.

As an observer for the first two hours at the Jamestown location,

opponents from across the state representing the NAACP and the Democrat party appeared to read from talking points supplied by one source. Many of the speakers used the exact same words in describing the proposed redistricting VRA maps stating it was a return to “segregation,” “disenfranchised minorities by suppressing the black vote,” and “packing” and “cracking” minorities.

(Definitions from  “Packing” is “trying to concentrate minority voters into a few VRA districts in order to minimize their impact in neighboring districts.”  “Cracking” is “splitting up minority communities to dilute their voting power.”)

Although the Associated Press did not make the connection above, they quoted opponents of the redistricting plan citing racism and unfairness, including one self-declared Republican who spoke concerning the “splitting of precincts,” and “shifting voters around to protect GOP candidates.”

Both Senator Bob Rucho and Rep David Lewis of Dunn, Chairmen of the Senate and House Committees on Redistricting have issued a joint letter concerning “public misstatements and incorrect assertions from editorial boards, activists and members of the legislature” about the proposed redistricting.  They stated that their “plan includes 24 majority-minority African American districts in the House and nine majority-minority districts in the Senate.”

(News & Observer)

In step two, congressional maps will be released next week, and in step three the complete proposed maps will be released on Jul 11. 

Additional hearings will be held on Jul 7 for public comments on the congressional maps, and on Jul 18 for comments on the complete proposed maps.


Go to for redistricting information. Please attend all of the meetings possible, due to the overwhelming numbers of Democrats and liberals attending.  In short, we need conservatives at these meetings.  - KCC

U.S. House of Representatives

1.  On Jun 23 the House passed H Resolution 320 that provides appropriations for the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2012.  The vote was 251 to 173, with 7 not voting.

NC Representatives voting for the Resolution:  Renee Ellmers (R-2nd), Walter B. Jones (R-3rd), Virginia Foxx (R-5th), Howard Coble (R-6th), Mike McIntyre (D-7th), Larry Kissell (D-8th), Sue Myrick (R-9th), Patrick T. McHenry (R-10th), and Heath Shuler (D-11th).

NC Representatives voting against the Resolution;  G.K. Butterfield (D-1st), David E. Price (D-4th), Melvin  L. Watt (D-12th), and Brad Miller (D-13th). (Editor’s Note: Pardon the pun, but clearly we know who to target in 2010)

2.  Also on Jun 23 the House voted to amend title 35 of the US Code for Patent Reform.

The vote was 304 to 117, with 10 not voting.  All NC Representatives voted for the legislation except Representative Walter B. Jones (R-3rd).  The Senate passed the legislation in March.

Opponents of the change have said that it weakens the U.S. patent system; it affects small businesses and inventors by cutting off innovations; and that it gives unfair advantage to large companies.

Supporters say that it will help the Patent and Trademark Office to address a 700,000 patent application backlog.

3.  On Jun 22 the House passed HR 2021 that is a “Jobs and Energy Permitting Act of 2011.”

The vote was 253 to 166, with 12 not voting.  The legislation “amends the Clean Air Act to require any air quality impact of Outer Continental Shelf sources to be measured or modeled and determined solely with respect to the impacts in the corresponding onshore area.”

All NC Republican Representatives voted for the measure except Walter B. Jones (R-3rd) who joined with all NC Democrat Representatives in voting against it.

U.S. Senate

1.   On Jun 23 the Senate rejected an amendment (S.Amdt 499 to S679) “to end the appointments of presidential Czars who have not been subject to the advice and consent of the Senate and to prohibit funds for any salaries and expenses for appointed Czars.”  The vote was 47 to 51, with 2 not voting.  Senator Richard Burr voted for the amendment and Senator Kay Hagan voted to retain President Barack Obama‘s current Czar procedure of giving authority and power to unelected officials.


2.  Also on Jun 23 the Senate rejected an amendment (S.Amdt 510 to S679) that is the Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011 that is “to strike the provision relating to the Director, Bureau of Justice Statistics.”  The vote was 41 to 57, with 2 not voting.    Senator Burr voted for the amendment and Senator Hagan voted against it.

3.    On Jun 21 the Senate voted on a cloture motion concerning S782 the Economic Development Revitalization Act of 2011. The bill amends “the Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965 to reauthorize that Act.“  The vote failed 49 to 51, since 60 votes were required.  Senator Burr voted against it and Senator Hagan voted for it.

4.  Leon Panetta was unanimously confirmed as the Secretary of Defense by the Senate on Jun 21, 2011.

Sources:; Greensboro News and Record, “Photo ID for voters is vetoes,” by Mark Binker, Jun 24, 2011 and “Republicans under fire on redistricting,” AP, Jun 24, 2011 and “Perdue signs DWI bill for tougher sentencing,” by AP, Jun 24, 2011; News Release:  Berger Statement on Perdue’s Veto of Voter ID Bill,” Ray Martin, President Pro Tempore’s Office, Jun 23, 2011; News & Observer, “Advocates set sights on Perdue,” by Craig Jarvis, Jun 23, 2011 and “GOP redistricting chairs battle ‘public misstatements and incorrect assertions’” by M. Bieseck on Jun 22, 2011; Memorandum for Record, Subject:  Observations at the Jamestown Public Comments Forum on the Senate and House VRA maps, Jun 23, 2011; Charlotte Observer, “Race is key to flap over GOP’s plan for 3 dozen new N.C. districts,” by Jim Morrill, Jun 23, 2011;, “Perdue signs 22 bills,” Jun 24, 2011 and “Redistricting chairs defend maps,” Jun 23, 2011 and “Perdue signs law requiring immigration checks,” by AP, Jun 24, 2011;;, “Patents by the numbers,” by Gary Martin, Jun 2, 2011; and Northern Wake Republican Club, “Tillis Announces House to Take Override Vote on Voter ID,” Press Release from Speaker Tillis, Jun 24, 2011.


Right Online Saturday Morning General Session: Streamed LIVE! (Updated)

The Right Online Saturday morning General Session is being streamed LIVE!  If you cannot be here, watch the fun unfold  at Katy’s Conservative Corner.  We are working with Americans For Prosperity to bring Right Online to your home and office.  The event begins at 9 a.m. Central, 10:00 Eastern.



The lineup today, though subject to change, includes:

Erick Erickson of Red State Spoke to Saturday morning's General Session

Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN)
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN)
Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS)
Michelle Malkin – Author, Blogger, and Commentator
Jason Lewis – Author and Radio Host
John FundThe Wall Street Journal
S.E. Cupp – Author and Conservative Commentator
Ed Morrissey -
Erick Erickson –
Guy Benson -

Michelle Malkin kept the crowd laughing!