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AFP-NC Releases Legislative Priorities for ’13 Long Session

Support AFP, especially in North Carolina!

Support AFP, especially in North Carolina!

This week, the North Carolina Chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP-North Carolina) announced its Legislative Goals for the 2013-14 legislative biennium. The Regular Session convened briefly on January 9th to adopt rules and organize the session but will reconvene on Wednesday, January 30th.

When it comes to advancing the free market agenda, no state has a better opportunity this year than North Carolina. We believe that we have a genuine opportunity to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in North Carolina with lower taxes and regulations to make government less entangling and burdensome to North Carolinians. We will aggressively promote the opportunities of cheaper energy, quality educational choices, leaner and less burdensome government, and lower taxes.

Please remember that AFP deals only with issues of economic freedom, school choice, and property rights. There are other important issues that face North Carolinians which fall outside of our mission.

We hope you will stand with us once again to promote the following goals:

  • Passage of the state budget without tax increases;
  • Lower overall tax burden in North Carolina;
  • Support for Constitutional Spending Limits that could include: Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) that would limit government spending to the increase in population and inflation and/or legislative supermajority requirement to raise taxes;
  • Keeping North Carolina as a “Right-to-work State,” by implementing it into the state constitution along with the state’s ban on public employee collective bargaining;
  • Dedicating all North Carolina Education Lottery revenue to school construction; or support ending all state-run gambling;
  • Elimination of North Carolina’s Estate Tax – also called the “Death Tax”;
  • Promotion of legislation that allows for the exploration and production of North Carolina’s energy resources;
  • Advocating a “rollback” of North Carolina’s Renewable Portfolio Standard;
  • Blocking the creation of a North Carolina Healthcare Exchange;
  • Allowing the purchase of health insurance from any state;
  • Passage of legislation to get the state of North Carolina out of the liquor business;
  • Ending all “welfare for politicians,” known as taxpayer-funded elections;
  • Protecting free and political speech rights by deregulating campaign speech;
  • Ending the Golden Leaf Foundation;
  • Converting the Tax Credit for Children with Disabilities into a refundable tax credit;
  • Increasing the number of non-public school choice options available to parents;
  • Repeal of the corporate income tax and elimination of all corporate welfare;
  • Simplifying and lowering individual income taxes;
  • Promoting the elimination of redundant committees and commissions in order to shrink the size of government in North Carolina;
  • Expanding recently passed tort reforms, including “loser pays”; and
  • In general, greatly reducing the regulatory burden on businesses and citizens.

Veterans Leadership Group Raises Money for Homeless Vets

Naval Captain Tina Shanahan Introduces Governor Pat McCrory

Naval Captain Tina Shanahan Introduces Governor Pat McCrory

More than 500 people came out to support homeless Veterans recently  at a benefit for the group Veterans Leadership of North Carolina – Cares (VLC).    The “Salute to North Carolina Veterans” raised  $250,000, according to a spokesman for the group.

Many purchased tickets and gave them to active duty military or veterans, who attended in their places.

The benefit was organized to raise funds for the Veterans Life Center, a temporary housing facility for up to 400 homeless and at-risk Veterans.  The ultimate goal of the group is to reintegrate NC Vets into society as self-reliant citizens.

In addition to the needy Veterans, the night belonged to Governor Pat McCrory.  McCrory was sworn-into office earlier in the day in a small ceremony and this was his first official outing in that office.

The Governor was introduced by Captain Tina Shanahan (USN-RC), wife of McCrory Cabinet Secretary Kieran Shanahan.

In his first address as Governor, Pat McCrory  discussed the man who he’d most wished most had been at the inauguration he called “emotional”.  In discussing his grandfather Walter McCrory, his voice grew soft.  Walter McCrory fought in World War I and when it was over, he said he never wanted to see war again.  His life had changed because of his experiences.

The Governor also discussed his own father’s involment in Vietnam.  His father worked hard, saw horrible things, and when he came home, he thought he’d done a good thing.  Yet he was spat on and had to go back to his home in Seattle dealing with the protests on the west coast in such places as Berkley.

He wants the Veterans to be a part of NC’s economic recovery.  You can look at these people and pick out potential leaders: you name it, they can do anything.  ”If you don’t mind, I’m using you,” he said to a chuckle from the crowd.

McCrory also stated that he wanted his first event to be non-partisan.    He encouraged all business owners to say thank you to our Veterans by employing them. He urged his audience to go back and say thank you and say “lets get these people jobs”.

In previous wars, such as the those his father and grandfather fought,  non of those men had any  psychological treatment.  Today, we must take off our blinders and help these service men and women because they have seen the same thing.

VLC-Cares was the brainchild of Army Vet John Turner

VLC-Cares was the brainchild of Army Vet John Turner

He wants the Veterans to be a part of NC’s economic recovery.  ”You can look at these people and pick out potential leaders: you name it, they can do anything,” the Governor added.

He finished his remarks, greeted well-wishers, and departed, shortly before the dinner began.

After dinner an auctioneer started auctioning high-end items that had been donated to help raise money for the cause.  In total, the dinner brought in $250,000.

To learn more about the VLC, visit their website.

NC Supreme Court Assoc Justice Barbara Jackson enjoyed the dinner.

NC Supreme Court Assoc Justice Barbara Jackson enjoyed the dinner.


The event featured an orchestra which played Americana and Swing tunes.

The event featured an orchestra which played Americana and Swing tunes.





















The orchestra's drummer was the lead singer and was so much fun!

The orchestra’s drummer was the lead singer and was so much fun!




Berger, Tillis Urge Perdue to Sign Budget Adjustment

Lame Duck Governor, Beverly Perdue (courtesy

Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) and House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg) on Tuesday called for Gov. Beverly Perdue to sign a $20.2 billion budget adjustment that invests hundreds of millions of state dollars in public education, fixes serious problems in Medicaid, cuts the gas tax, and gives raises to teachers and state employees – without hiking taxes or incurring debt.

The two-year budget enacted last year will remain in place if the governor vetoes the improvements the General Assembly made last week.  North Carolinians will face serious consequences if she chooses to place politics ahead of the public interest.  Among the worst consequences of failing to make second-year budget adjustments are:

- $255 million in additional state funds will not go to public K-12 education.  This includes $126.9 million to fill in the discretionary cut for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, $16.4 million in lottery funds, a $27 million education reform program to strengthen student literacy and improve graduation rates, and $85 million for a 1.2 percent raise for public school teachers.

- In addition to public school teachers, state employees will lose a 1.2 percent raise.  This will be the fifth consecutive year they go without a salary increase. State retirees will lose a 1 percent cost of living adjustment increase.

-  The state’s Medicaid program will run out of money during the fiscal year, causing doctors to go unpaid and patient care to suffer.

-  Programs for needy families and the state’s at-risk population will not receive $900 million in federal block grants.

-  The state’s gas tax will not be cut.

Republicans in New York State Suppress Conservative Congresswoman by Alissa Bonk, SGPA

Smart Girl Politics Action

By Alissa Bonk, Smart Girl Political Action


Republican Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle from New York’s 25th District has been ranked the most conservative woman in the House.  She is wildly popular among pro-life groups, and her strong stance against government spending has earned her a Club for Growth rating of 92, a full 24 points higher than the next best rating in NY.  Rep. Buerkle is a strong, independent, female conservative — the kind that the Republican Party sorely needs in Washington.

So naturally, the New York State Party is intentionally redistricting her out of her seat. Their own, self-drawn map places Rep. Buerkle in a nearly impossible electoral situation.

Anyone who is familiar with the New York Republican establishment shouldn’t be too surprised by this.

In 2009, the state GOP forced the liberal, pro-union, pro-choice Dede Scozzafava onto the Republican ticket in the NY-09 special election, causing a third-party rebellion within the conservative movement that led to Scozzafava’s withdrawal from the race and endorsement of the Democrat over the conservative candidate.

In 2010, the establishment tried to hoist candidate, Rick Lazio, onto the GOP gubernatorial ticket – only to result in yet another voter revolt that put Carl Paladino on the ballot, a candidate who went down in flames in November.


This time, instead of forcing a flawed candidate onto the ticket, the state GOP is trying to redistrict a good one – a great one, actually – out of contention, simply because she won’t play ball with the Albany old boys club.


Luckily, the conservative movement is identifying this for what it is – an attempt to get an independent-minded, strong female conservative out of the establishment’s way – straight out of the gate.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), head of the Republican Study Committee, has already said he will fully support Buerkle in her primary fight against any challenger, even if it means defeating a Republican incumbent in a different district. The Chairman of the Onandaga County GOP, located within Buerkle’s district, has announced his support as well.


In fact, the conservative outcry has reached the ears of real conservative voices like Erick Erickson, who recently criticized the “tone deaf” state party and urged other conservatives to start paying attention to the unfolding fiasco.


The Republican Party should be applauding and encouraging strong conservative women to run for office and fight for fiscal sanity in Washington. Instead, the New York State GOP wants to redistrict them out of existence. Hopefully, conservatives – especially us (sic) conservative women – will recognize this shameful move for what it is, and put pressure on Albany to keep Rep. Buerkle in Congress. The GOP, and the country, needs her there.

Please check out my Op-Ed posted on The Daily Caller and leave a comment of support for the Congresswoman.    We need strong conservative women representing us in Congress.

Alyssa Bonk
SGPA Communication Team


Editor’s Notes:  Not too many years ago, something similar happened in the North Carolina State House.  The Citizens of the old North State elected a Republican majority, in spite of the Democrat party’s gerrymandering.  The GOP Seniority system was set and the people destined to take their places in leadership positions prepared to do so.

Along came a state representative and longtime party activist, Richard Morgan of Moore County.  He scared up eight of his best pals and brokered a “power-sharing” agreement with the Democrats, and setting up a “co-speakership” in the State House of Representatives.   Co-Speakership?  What happened to the GOP majority that had just been elected?  Morgan”s pals shared key committee chairmanships and the Republicans who had worked so hard were left with little.

How did it work?  Like a broken clock.

Two years later, the Democrats were voted back into the majority and didn’t give it up until 2010, when the anti-Obama wave hit the country and people wanted to go in a different direction.

Two years after his scheme, Richard Morgan was voted out of office, with the support of many from Wake and surrounding counties, including Art Pope, a benefactor of conservative and libertarian causes.  The others were “hunted down” voted out, too by recruiting good candidates.  Such a long story cannot be completely covered here, but thankfully we in North Carolina do not have a short-sighted NCGOP.

Occupy DC Movement Violently Interrupts Dinner at Dream Summit

PHOTO: The "Occupy" protestors march on the Washington Convention Center, where the 2011 Defending the American Dream Summit was held Friday and Saturday
The “Occupy” protestors march on the Washington Convention Center, where the 2011 Defending the American Dream Summit was held Friday and Saturday

WASHINGTON – Friday night, during the “Tribute to Ronald Reagan Dinner”, radicals with the Occupy DC and a coalition of liberal groups tried violently to crash the Americans for Prosperity Defending the Dream Summit.

These radicals, some of whom carried black flags, wanted to supress rights of individuals to freely assemble and to intimidate conservatives into silence. Black flags often represent anarchy.

Many “Dream” attendees captured the violence on their smart phones.  and shared them with the mainstream media. By Saturday morning, the story had became national news.  CNN was the first to go national with the story, followed by other outlets.  Caleb Hayes, a College Republican  from Kansas, was interviewed by at least five different national news sources,  as they ran his video of an innocent bystander getting run over by a car from an “occupier”. According to witnesses,  the bystander had nothing to do with either group.

All Friday and Saturday afternoon, satellite trucks from media outlets circled the block around the Washington Convention Center, as both Republican Presidential frontrunners, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney, came to speak, along with other top conservatives.  The event would have made national news anyway, regardless of the violence that occured, by the Occupiers.

The protestors circled the convention center and tried to enter every single entrance.  Police did nothing despite reports that staffers at AFP called 911 four times.  However, some video does show police getting involved.   Security inside the building quickly moved to lock every entrance and no one was allowed to enter or leave.

KCC interviewed a wheelchair-bound woman who carried a small service dog.  When she was finally allowed to leave and go the two short blocks to her hotel, protestors grabbed her dog and tried to pull her from her chair.  Luckily, other conservatives came to her aid and security moved everyone from the center back to their hotels.  The dog was safely returned, unharmed.

Later, from her hotel room, your blogger could hear firetrucks blazing through the intersection, trying to reopen it to traffic, which KCC observed police NOT doing.  KCC does not blame the police officers, but rather their superiors who wouldn’t allow them to do their jobs.  Your blogger sensed that the DC leadership felt it might be “bad politics” to appear to be unfriendly with the “Occupiers”.

The entire situation is truly sad.  The staff at Americans for Prosperity, both here in North Carolina, and nationally, worked hard to bring us the best Summit yet.   Other than the attack, the event went off without a hitch and we bloggers had a lot of fun.

It was great seeing so many friends ride the busses from North Carolina and surrounding states, and seeing the friends we’ve made over the years at the various AFP events.

 Thank you AFP, and we look forward to next year!

Image: Americans for Prosperity Foundation LOGO
The Americans for Prosperity had their fifth annual Defending the American Dream Summit this past weekend. It was packed full of great information and speakers. The only downside was the Occupy DC group that stormed the convention center in a well-coordinated attack.

Here are a number of article, posts and videos on the story: 

I Went Down To the Demonstration to Get My Fair Share of Abuse (The Other McCain – videos)

The Mob Who Came to Dinner (The American Spectator, by Robert Stacy McCain)

Under Occupation Friday Night (The American Spectator, by Laurel Buckley)

The Real Occupy DC

Occupy protest turns violent outside Washington Convention Center [VIDEO]

Occupy DC Protesters Try to Storm AFP Event

OccupyDC Protesters Use Kids to Blockade Door During Violent Scuffle

Liberal Protester Uses Child As Human Shield

Occupy DC protester uses kids to block traffic



Updated: Union Protesters March on NC Republican Party Headquarters, Demand Union Rights, State Jobs

Saturday evening, about 30 protesters lined up on Raleigh’s  Hillsborough Street at the North Carolina AFL-CIO, and marched the half mile to the North Carolina

KCC File Photo, NC Republican Party Sign

Republican Party headquarters.  The union supporters then circled the front lawn, chanting slogans and demanding”justice”.  They wanted “union rights” and “rights for laid-off state workers” in North Carolina.  Oddly, no one was working in the Republican party office at the time.  Plus, very few workers have been laid off.

North Carolina liberals have been unhappy for most of the past year, when Republicans won control of the NC General Assembly for the first time since Reconstruction.  (After over 100 years of corruption lead by Democrats, this blogger never thought she’d see GOP control in her lifetime.)

In January, when the Legislature convened for its long session, Republicans went straight to work.  They were left $2.4 billion budget deficit thanks to over spending by their  Democratic colleagues.

GOP members had to make the tough decisions, and nothing was immune.  State Universitites, community colleges and even public schools shared the burden, but not to the extent reported by the mainstream media.  Even state employees, the apparent untouchables of budgeting, felt the heat.

Frankly, there was no point in their march.  The General Assembly recently adjourned after putting a marriage amendment to the NC Constitution on the May ballot.  Union supporters got very little mainstream media coverage.  Only WTVD covered it locally and it appeared to this blogger that the marchers were not state employees at all, but rather people paid to be out a cool, wet night.  Let’s hope our state government does not hire those with dread locks, like the gentlemen who spoke with the television station.

Others of note that attended were members of Code Pink, a socialist/Communist women’s organization.

They marched  NOT to save state jobs, but rather to push unionization in an otherwise anti-union state.

Unions have felt the heat, lately,

The State Employees Association of NC affiliated with SEIU a couple of years ago. That association is now buried on the SEANC website.

with the 2012 DNC Convention coming to Charlotte.  Leaders have been pressuring the Governor to support President Barack H. Obama’s anti-union measures here in the State Capital.  He visited the city last week, pushing his so-called jobs program.

Meanwhile, where does NC Governor Beverly Perdue stand on the issue?  She refuses to take a stand, thus bowing to pressure from her union buddies who contributed heavily to her 2008 election campaign.

Editor’s Note:  North Carolina’s State Employees Association (SEANC) is affiliated with The Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  State employees in NC do not have collective bargaining rights, but they continue to  pushing anyway.

UPDATE: 1:45 a.m. Sunday 9/18/2011  Turns out, Saturday was a “Day of Rage” for Liberals.

UPDATE: 1:47 p.m. Sunday 9/18/2011 The News and Observer weighed in today, with one activist calling the situation a  ”crime scene”.  They over reported the number of activists, at 100.



NC Democrats’ “Tax Me More” Tour Kicks-Off Monday, Gov Refuses to Stand Against Big Labor

Democrats anxiously hit the road in the kickoff of their Tax Me More Bus Tour” Monday. The NC-Democrats, inspired by and

KCC Graphic

emulative of President Barack H. Obama’s recent “Debt-End Bus Tour,” have decided to embark on a “fact finding” mission for job solutions.

Before last week’s legislative session, Rep Bill Faison (D-Orange County) held a press conference to announce his proposal for a $1.1 billion tax-increase on the people of North Carolina.

NCGOP Communications Director Rob Lockwood told KCC: “The Democrats plan for jobs, as evidenced by Rep. Faison’s proposal, clearly indicates their desire to raise taxes on North Carolinians.

Their motto for job-creation is clear, ‘READ OUR LIPS: MORE NEW TAXES for everyone.’ The Democrats fail to understand a simple concept: new taxes do not create new private-sector jobs.

People of all political affiliations have serious questions for Governor Beverly Perdue and her Democratic colleagues.

They want to know why the Governor has been silent on the issue of “right-to-work” in the Tar Heel State.

Perdue has metaphorically put up a sign that states, ‘North Carolina doesn’t want non-unionized jobs, take your business to South Carolina!’

What is clear is that if the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) can interfere in South Carolina, they can interfere anywhere with right-to-work laws, especially North Carolina.

Former NC Democratic Chairman David Young declared Friday, “YES, NLRB v. Boeing Fight Hurts NC. David Young’s feeling that it was important to speak out publicly on the issue highlights the bi-partisan call for action by non-elected citizens.

Governor Perdue, where are you and North Carolina Democrats on the NLRB v. Boeing issue?

Last Thursday, the entire NC Republican US House Delegation voted to overturn the President Obama’s NLRB’s authority to squash job

Rep. Bill Faison, Courtesy NC General Assembly

growth in right-to-work states. Their public stance boldly tells any company “We’ll fight for your right to employ in North Carolina.”

The actions of the House members only go so far when the Governor chooses silence over fighting for jobs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In related news, Rep. Bill Faison announced on Friday that he will not challenge Governor Perdue in the Democratic Gubernatorial race. He told WRAL’s Laura Leslie that he WILL run if Perdue were to not run for re-election.  Earlier in the day, he would neither confirm, nor deny whether or not he would challenge the Governor, Leslie reported.

SEIU: GOP Wants to Help Millionaires and Not “The little People”.

The SEIU is the worst union in the nation. KCC deems them public enemy number one!

Our purple lefty friends at the SEIU are at it again.  They are spewing lies about Republicans in Congress to raise money and misinform their members.

These union thugs don’t care about the truth and believe in the Clinton philosophy.  If you tell a lie often enough, it eventually becomes the truth. Their truth is that the Republican Party, and conservatives in general, are all rich millionaires and could give a hoot about anyone else.

Even if you didn’t support the “Boehner plan”, just read the junk they sent their members about members of the GOP.  The following note feel into KCC’s inbox on Saturday:

…The bill asked NOTHING of millionaires and corporations, everything of the most vulnerable among us, and it’s a good thing it failed. 

With Tuesday’s deadline looming, it looks like anything that has a chance of passing will have to start in the Senate. 

Thousands of SEIU members and allies helped stop a horrible bill because of the calls we made to our representatives in the House, but now the Senate needs to hear from you as they begin deliberations certain to last all weekend. 

You should make an emergency call to your Senator RIGHT NOW and tell them to stand up for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid: (phone number removed)

The “Dear Friend” letter is eventually signed:

In solidarity,

Mary Kay Henry
President, SEIU

This blogger personally knows many in the Republican party  who are hard working, average, middle-class citizens.  They don’t go to work wearing ties, and a number are blue collar.

It’s laughable that these union thugs are still perpetuating these bald-faced lies after years of change in the GOP and the conservative movement in general.

Obama’s Budget Busts

President Barack Obama promised us a new style of “budget leadership” and he certainly delivered.  Only he has run the country down in the process.

This July 4th weekend, we may be celebrating our nation’s birthday, but this blogger certainly is not celebrating Obama’s leadership.  Here’s why:

Bust #1: Obama’s Latest “Budget” Is So Vague That It’s Meaningless

THEN: In 2008, Obama Promised To Go Through The Budget “Line By Line, Eliminating Programs That No Longer Work And Making The Ones We Do Need Work Better.”

NOW: CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf Says Obama’s Latest Budget Is Too Vague To Be Scored.

REP. PAUL RYAN: “The president gave a speech on April 13th, where he outlined a new budget framework that claims $4 trillion in deficit reduction over 12 years, have you estimated the budget impact of this framework?

ELMENDORF: No, Mr. Chairman. We don’t estimate speeches. We need much more specificity than was provided in that speech for us to do our analysis.”

Bust #2: Obama Promised To Get Serious About Reducing The Debt, He Hasn’t

THEN: In 2009, President Barack Obama Promised To Get Serious About Reducing Debt And Deficits.

NOW: Since President Obama Took Office, The National Debt Has Increased By $3.7 Trillion, the Total Debt Of The US Government Is $14.3 Trillion Dollars and Obama’s FY 2012 Budget Adds $13 Trillion In New Debt Through 2021.

Bust #3: Obama Promised To Cut The Deficit In Half, He Didn’t

THEN: In February 2009, Obama Said That He Would “Cut The Deficit In Half By The End Of [His] First Term In Office.”

NOW: Obama Has Racked Up Record, Trillion Dollar Deficits.

The Federal Budget Deficit for FY2009 Was $1.42 Trillion, Then The Highest In U.S. History until this year when the deficit is slated to hit $1.65 Trillion.

Editor’s Notes: Thanks to the poor economy, people have had to work harder and longer hours, take on a second or third job, and we feel blessed to have a job at all.

The biggest thing we will be celebrating on July 4th is that we live in the greatest nation in on earth.  We can vote out  those who do not serve us.

Please spread this information with your friends, as President Obama is NOT serving anyone but the interests of the unions, trial lawyers, Hollywood celebs, Utopian billionaires (George Soros and the like), the NAACP, the NOW gang, the radical environmentalists and the like.

Americans deserve a President who will serve us.  Currently, many people are seeking the position.   We all have our favorites.  In the end, we must unite to defeat Obama and his cronies!


Right Online Saturday Morning General Session: Streamed LIVE! (Updated)

The Right Online Saturday morning General Session is being streamed LIVE!  If you cannot be here, watch the fun unfold  at Katy’s Conservative Corner.  We are working with Americans For Prosperity to bring Right Online to your home and office.  The event begins at 9 a.m. Central, 10:00 Eastern.



The lineup today, though subject to change, includes:

Erick Erickson of Red State Spoke to Saturday morning's General Session

Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN)
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN)
Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS)
Michelle Malkin – Author, Blogger, and Commentator
Jason Lewis – Author and Radio Host
John FundThe Wall Street Journal
S.E. Cupp – Author and Conservative Commentator
Ed Morrissey -
Erick Erickson –
Guy Benson -

Michelle Malkin kept the crowd laughing!