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Defending the American Dream – Closing Session – Live

We are now live blogging the closing session of the American for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the Dream Conference.  It’s their largest event of the year, attended by conservatives nationwide.  Please excuse spelling errors.

Vice President of AFPF, Alan Cobb is first up to speak.    Keep checking for updates.  Your blogger sat with his teenage children last night at the Ronald Reagan dinner and  they mentioned how much time and financial resources he donates to this cause.  He is introducing Brent Bozell, KCC’s hero, founder of the Media Reasearch Center.

Brent Bozell

His father was also a hero of this blogger, helping to start the original conservative movement right before Barry Goldwater ran for the presidency.  The number ! story in this election cycle is unemployment and the economy.  Yet ABC, CBS, and NBC didn’t report this terrible news, until they absolutely had to.  ABC still has not reported it.

Gas prices went up and only 27 stories came out.  Yet during the Bush years, four times as many gas prices stories came out.

The media also has plenty of time plenty of time for Mitt Romney and his “gaffs”.  Four years ago when Obama went overseas, the Big Three networks treated him like a GOD.  Don’t worry because new media will take them over, and we have!!!

Tim Phillips, president of AFP, is introducing the state directors.  In this blogger’s opinion, he should give Dallas Woodhouse and the North Carolina team special recognition.  We were the very first state, originally organized as Citizens for a Sound Economy.

Mark Levin is now speaking and says its Barack Obama’s birthday, to much laughter.

He says we are standing on great shoulders.  He reminded us of the one generation freedom is from extinction as Ronald Reagan said.  Abraham Lincoln said that our worst enemy comes from within.

He says things like social justice, economic equality, and such things have come into our culture.  It’s hard to believe that the President of the United States is one of the malcontents that are being created.  It’s seeping into our culture by indoctrination.  We now live in a post constitutional world, thanks to these malcontents.

He mentioned Woodrow Wilson.  He condemned Federalism and the notion of state sovereignty.  He said liberty was a privildge.  The will determine the scope of the office.  He called this “constitutional adaptation.”  I call it bull crap, said Levin.

Is there anything the Federal Government cannot regulate if it chooses to?  Levin mentioned the recent the Supreme Court ruling that said the government can regulate our physical and mental health.  It’s a post-constitutional goverment in an increasingly authoritarian society.

He mentioned that it’s Obama’s birthday today, but so what, it’s also Saturday.

No President has had more contempt for the country he leads and for the people he represents.  Mr. President, if you don’t understand the way American works, how can you fundamentally transform it?

Levin asks “since when does the money you earn belong to the government?”

Obama said if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.

Obama says it’s time for a revolution, but Levin says its time to reinstate the American Revolution!

The Obama administration has driven up our debt in four years more than $41 trillion, more than all other presidents combined.   The poor have gotten poorer.  The welfare state is growing and collapsing at the same time.

“What the hell are our kids gonna do”, asks Levin.

The challenge today is much more complicated than previous wars because the challenge is from within.

No society is guaranteed perpetual existence.   That’s why we must work for this election, next election, and in the elections beyond.   We have no choice.  This is our country and we want it back!

Standing roudy ovation.

This ends our live blogging session.  We’ll have more on this wonderful Defending the Dream Conference soon.

AFP Launches Massive Response to Obama Health Care Law (video)

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation’s largest advocate for economic freedom, announced today the roll-out of a significant new effort in response to the Supreme Court ruling on President Obama’s health care law.

AFP President Tim Phillips said, “While we are deeply disappointed in the Supreme Court ruling, this is far from over. AFP will continue to work to defeat President (Barack) Obama’s unaffordable, irresponsible, unaccountable law that burdens the American people with a crushing new tax.”

The ad begins airing today in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin.

“Not A Tax” is just one part of a multi-tiered effort that includes online activism and significant grassroots action in over a dozen states. The total budget for this effort is $9 million.

According to North Carolina’s statewide director, Dallas Woodhouse, the North Carolina portion of the ad buy is $1 million.  ”This is a vital state in the upcoming national election” he told a group the Craven County taxpayers, meeting in New Bern on Thursday evening.

Ironically, on the final run day of “The Private Sector is Fine“, your blogger noticed that the Obama team had finally gotten on the air to dispute it.

Watch the ad below:

Undefeated: The Sarah Palin Documentary

Movie Poster for The Undefeated

MINNEAPOLIS    Andrew Breitbart introduced “Undefeated: The Sarah Palin Documentary” at Right Online Friday night.  He told his audience that this film is about fighting back against the mainstream media and the hard left.  ”I am nothing compared to Sarah Palin”, he continued.

“I have been through nothing compared to what Sarah Palin has been through.”  She is strong and she can light up everything.  She can go to a town of 25,000 people and get 50,000 to show up.   I’m not a woman but when I saw this film, I felt like a woman, Breitbart continued.

Her child Trig became a target. Because she took photos with him, Breitbart told viewers that it became okay to go after a special needs child.  He added that “the RNC sat on the sidelines and let all this happen, back in 1998.”

“She took on the corrupt Alaska Republican Party and seemingly every Democrat in Alaska was behind her. Today the mainstream media won’t report it.  They don’t discuss her past and how courageous and popular she was and is.  They just kick her in the rib cage”, added Breitbart.

He’s glad that other Tea Party people like Michele Bachmann are standing up for her.

She is not a national joke, but rather a national icon and an American Icon!

“This film will hit the media like a nuclear bomb because it is the truth. People tried to correlate the Gabby Giffords shooting to Sarah Palin, in yet another nutty attempt to bring the Governor down.”

Undefeated Shows How Sarah Palin took on the establishment and won.

Director Steve Bannon added, “This version is not the final version.  The version going to theaters will be PG-13 but this is the Unrated version.  The music will be different.”

The opening montage is fast paced and disgusting, filled with liberal rants from Hollywood icons using the “f” word as Gov. Palin’s middle name.  The term “retard” is used by supposedly tolerant liberals about young Trig,  and she’s further deemed a “media whore”.

The unrated version is truly shocking in its first few minutes.  Prior to the screening, children and all under 18 were asked to leave the room.

Opening credits state that the film is inspired by her book “Going Rogue“.

She starts out by discussing the Exxon Valdez.   It was a night mare scenario she says. Her husband, Todd, used the word “heartbreaking” as the land and the sea are sacred to the state’s natives.  It was an economic and social disaster and would change Alaska forever.

Palin said, “Banks reposed scores of commercial fishing vessels.  Divorces, alcohol abuses and suicides soared.  I was a young mother to be.   I hadn’t planned on running for office but looking back, I could see how that tragedy planted a seed in me.”

The film then turned to the corruption that was rampant in the Republican party, especially in leadership positions in the 1980s and 1990s.  The filmmakers documented the history of corruption in politics since then,  until Palin changed everything.  Then-Oil and Gas Commissioner Palin went public with this corruption, standing up in the face of opposition in her own party, she took on powerful people.  The film calls her “right and courageous”.

According to the film,

she gave up her six figure salary in the process and earned praise from everyone but those in the Republican high command.  She even took on corrupt Governor Frank Murkowski who didn’t take kindly to being crossed.

The two-term Wasilla mayor tossed her hat into the ring and took on Gov. Murkowski and his machine.  The film once again used the term courage as she worked hard to get her message out in the primary election.  It was “I can get things done”.  She knew a lot about oil and gas and she wanted to take care of Alaskans and their constitution.  Further, she knew how to pull “from both sides of the aisle”.

At 42, she became Governor. Her inaugural speech was an “Alaska first” speech interweaving spiritual metaphors with God’s blessings into verbal imagery about the state’s beauty and greatness.

She took on big oil, like ExxonMobile and other oil giants.  Their M.O. is to tie up the state with litigation by threatening to sue, Palin stated in the film.

Palin continued “We know our way to the courthouse, too.”  Palin forced companies with drilling rights to actually drill.   She took the popular term “drill, baby, drill” to heart.  In short, Mrs. Palin wanted to make sure Alaskans got a fair shake.

Undefeated continues into much more detail, which viewers will enjoy in their local theaters.

Though it sounds like a cliche’, Palin is certainly a maverick.  She is tougher than most men and has the admiration of many, including this blogger.  Before the screening, KCC had no idea of all the “stuff” that Palin had been through.

Mrs. Palin has been a great help to her constituents in Alaska with her expertise in energy.  She says that “People in this country don’t have an energy problem.  We have an energy crisis.”  The film interviews people who believe it is important where our oil and gas comes from.

60% comes from overseas in often unfriendly nations.  Producing our own oil helps create American jobs.  Palin believes in the Natural gas pipeline, that would run from Alaska to the lower 48.  Apparently Alaska is loaded with natural gas.  She says the nation will look to Alaska and away from dirty burning coal.

By this time, her approval rating in Alaska had soared to 80%, a number, the film says, is unheard of among statewide officials.

The final portion of the film deals with her selection for Vice President by nominee, Senator John McCain.

Many conservatives needed a reason to vote for the ticket.  Instead of holding their noses to vote for McCain, they rationalized it as casting a vote for Sarah Palin for Vice President.

She declared she was just an average hockey mom who signed up for the PTA.

Check out reviews here and here.  Check out what Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood has to say. It will shock you.

This woman deserves better.  It’s tough standing up, often alone.  Sarah Palin is an inspiration to this blogger, whether or not she runs for President!  Meanwhile, try to catch her on her national tour, if you can.

NOTE: RightOnline, now in its 4th year, is a conference sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity.  It is held yearly in the same city as its liberal counter part, NetRoots Nation.  Right Online teaches newbies and veterans alike how to be more effective online.

Your blogger loves the Americans for Prosperity and enjoys being active with them in North Carolina and nationally. Be sure to check out the AFP in NC.

Pawnstars “Old Man” from North Carolina, Loves Classic Cars

Though now known as "Richard", the PawnStars "Old Man" was known as "Benny" around his home town in Davidson County.

Have you ever wanted to visit the  Las Vegas  pawn shop that is depicted in the TV show “Pawn Stars”?   If so, you might just meet a local, a local North Carolinian.  The   “Old Man“, the father of pawn shop owner Rick Harrison, is actually known in Davidson County as Benny or Richard Benjamin Harrison. The store featured in the show is the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

This blogger is a huge fan of The Old Man, as she shares his fine taste in classic cars (see below). Plus, his dry wit is something she appreciates, as people do not usually realize KCC is joking when she sounds deadly serious.

Her favorite episode is one in which The Old Man purchases a beat-up early 60s Lincoln and turnes it into a show piece.

According to an article from The Dispatch, Old Man Benny grew up in Lexington, but left to join the Navy at age 17.  Read both stories: one  here and the other here.

Because The Dispatch is copy-written  and thus not subject to the fair use act, nothing they write can be used elsewhere, but they welcome links.

Meanwhile, PawnStars runs on the History Channel, Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern.

This car looked exactly like the one owned by your blogger's Grandfather and rolled off the assembly line on day of KCC's birth. KCC would love to find another...

KCC’s own dream car is a 1967 Lincoln 4-door convertible. Only 800 of the cars were ever  made, and her late Grandfather, J.R. Weatherly, Jr, once owned one.  (You can see one in the opening sequence of the TV show “Entourage” in black, and in the TV show “Green Acres” in alternate color green.)

KCC’s Grandpa Weatherly’s  particular model, rolled off the production line in late 1966, on the very day KCC was born.   The 1967 was the final year that Lincoln made 4-door convertibles.

Check out the “suicide” doors.  When the door was opened with the top raised, the window would automatically lower slightly, so as not to scrape the top and lengthen wear.  NICE.   The funny thing was that the original models came with a single speaker behind the cavernous rear seat, as stereo was not yet popular.

Weatherly kept his car garaged and was constantly working to keep the leather seats in good condition.  If he parked it outside, as pictured, it was never for very long.  He kept a number of Lincolns at his home.

Bob Rucho to NC Senate Democrats: “join us or cry about it” (video)

NC state Sen. Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg) laid into Senate Democrats for their unwillingness to cut $75 million — when the state is facing a $3.7 billion budget shortfall in the next fiscal year.

He dressed down  his Democratic colleagues down for wasting so much money on corporate welfare when it only helped a very few businesses and created only 300 jobs out of $1.7 B spent. That’s over $5 million per job, which are mostly low-paying call-center jobs.

As a dentist and small business owner, Rucho is someone who was punished by the economic incentives that Gov. Beverly Perdue so loves. Rucho added that Republicans are going to fix 100 years of Democratic disaster. The Democrats are welcome to join the Republicans or they can sit by and cry about it. Mostly, they’ve been crying to the mainstream media.

His floor speech got their attention:

Courtesy North Carolina Republican Senate Caucus and WRAL.

The “Rev.” Smith’s Long Goodbye

Coach Dean Smith with Michael Jordan: Photo by David T. Foster III, courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

Tuesday evening, basketball great Michael Jordan, got a long overdue recognition: induction into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame.  Among the scope of awards Jordan has earned, this hardly ranks among the top, but it was made so special for the fans.  He shared his walk to center court of the Charlotte Bobcats arena with his coach and mentor, Dean Smith.

This story really isn’t about Jordan.  He’s a household name in virtually every nation on earth.  Starting in his days at this blogger’s rival high school, Laney in Wilmington, NC,   Jordan began to fly. KCC’s predecessors at New Bern (NC) High, had to “put up with him” until he graduated and moved on to UNC. As a player, each time this blogger visited Laney, she  paid homage to their “shrine” to Jordan.  Number 23 is still encased there, today.

However, this story is about his mentor, Smith.  Sadly the basketball legend, is enduring the long goodbye due to a progressive neurocognitive disorder which has lead to significant memory loss.    Thus, it was with great surprise that your blogger read that he and Jordan escorted one another to the center of the basketball court in Charlotte during the awards ceremony.

As a lifelong fan and former player of the game, KCC has always loved and respected Smith’s vision and talent.  He was coached at Kansas by the legendary Phog Allen, who in turn was coached by the inventor of the game, James Naismith.  In short, Coach Smith has credentials.

During your blogger’s high school years (1981-1985), she used to slip out of  Garber Methodist Church about 15 minutes early.  ”The Dean Smith Show started at 12:00 sharp in those days before VCRs were affordable.  This devotee didn’t want to miss a single minute of whatever wisdom he chose to share.  Sure, NC State’s Jim Valvano had the personality, but Smith was the MASTER!

That earned him the title, in KCC’s family, the Reverend.  In retrospect, your blogger is sure he would have disliked the moniker, but because of his basketball knowledge and his success, it stuck, at least amongst the family.

At Jordan’s induction, it was a true thrill to see the “Rev. Smith” again on television and in the newspaper, as KCC understands that travel is especially hard for him.

KCC isn’t the hard core Tar Heel fan that she once was, but she still enjoys watching them play, win or lose.  Thank you for the memories, Coach Smith. Thank you for the lessons in life.

Thank you most for saying “thank you” when this blogger asked YOU for an autograph.  What a gentleman.

Editor’s note:  Sure, Dean Smith doesn’t share this blogger’s political views, but he taught us about sportsmanship, character, and faith.  That transcends boundaries of politics and his coaching skills are certainly missed.  God bless you!  Thanks for the memories.

Bill Randall Serves Up Liberal Congressman Brad Miller on Silver Platter in NC-13 Debate: Watch here (video)

Liberal Congressman Brad Miller asked for it and he got it.  In a televised debate with conservative challenger Bill Randall, Randall exposed Miller’s  dalliances with the truth, and outright lies about Randall’s statements.

Meanwhile, the  arrogant Congressman spoke down to Randall as if he were a child, and kept remarking that Randall “doesn’t make any sense”.  Actually Randall was quite clear.

Perhaps Miller didn’t understand Randall because Miller does not speak the language of the American people.

Randall used common sense language. When asked what the “government” could do to “create more green jobs” (we aren’t laughing folks), Randall stated that  it’s private sector who should provide employment and the Federal government shouldn’t prop up any green jobs.

Miller, danced around the question, as if in a circle. It was he who made no sense to this blogger. Essentially, he said that he had done a lot to help the government provide jobs.

Ultimately, this election comes down to this: do you want your member of Congress to feel that the government should provide and think for you? If yes, re-elect Brad Miller.

If you can think for yourself, can handle your own financials, and manage your own health care, vote for Bill Randall.

Randall grew up in the hard-scrabble streets of New Orleans’ 9th ward. He pulled himself out when many of his neighbors could not or would not.  After rising to the highest NCO rank of Master Chief and serving honorably, Bill retired and settled with his family in Wake Forest NC, in Wake County.

If you have any doubts, watch this debate and decide for yourself!

KCC supports him and so should you.  Thanks to also to  NBC-17 for supporting the North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District and for showing this debate.

Renee Ellmers Takes on Bob “Who Are You” Etheridge, Frustrates Him With Facts (debate video)

NC’s 2nd District voters have a huge choice to consider this election.  Will they send a fresh, conservative face to Washington, or will they send back the same-ole, same-ole?  The race is too close to call and every single vote counts.

Watch Renee Ellmers take out our frustrations on liberal Congressman Bob “Who Are You” Etheridge.

Your blogger even had a question filmed the day before this debate was taped, so see if you can spot  her question.

Even though Mrs. Ellmers made a few small speaking stumbles, it only proves that she is not one of “them”, the liberal establishment that currently has a chokehold on Washington.

Mrs. Ellmers, is a nurse and decided to run for Congress after the lengthy debates on Obamacare.  She and her husband have a teenaged son, and they realized what the President’s plan would do to him and his children.

But, she is well versed in health care reform, she is also knows where she stands on virtually every other important issue.

She stuck to the facts, while Etheridge appealed to the emotions, using a popular liberal trick.  Like most liberals, Etheridge was skilled at speaking in circles but never managed to answer questions directly.  The facts seemed to frustrate him.

Apparently, Etheridge has been a “good boy” lately and has not grabbed any young citizens on the street, as he did to two young students who wanted to ask him a simple question about where he stood on President Barack Obama‘s agenda.

Meanwhile, back home, Etheridge loves painting himself as a “poor”, good ole boy type, who grew up in the small town of Turkey.

It’s not about where you are grew up, Bob, it’s about what you are made of.  You’ve proved what you are made of and in this debate, you spoke in circles.

Watch and see for yourself:

Who Needs the Therapist? Schiller or Williams? (video)

Tip of the hat to Andrew Brietbart and Townhall’s Tipsheet.

Folks, if you weren’t done with NPR previously, you are now!  Since, Dr. Evil,  George Soros is funding them, they certainly don’t need any taxpayer monies.

Thankfully, word on the street is that several bills will be introduced in the next Congress to de-fund Vivian Schiller‘s dreadful organization.  Juan Williams is a liberal that conservatives and progressives alike are defending in this situation of free speech.  Who knew Ms. Schiller even stooped to watch Fox News?

No need to worry about that now.  We’ve got elections to win.  On to November 2nd…  Meanwhile, enjoy this short video.

NBC-17 To Host Ellmers-Etheridge Debate, KCC’s Question Included

Renee Ellmers Opposes Bob Etheridge and Obamacare

Tomorrow, Saturday, at 2p.m., Challenger Renee Ellmers and Bob Etheridge will square off in  another debate in the race to be the Congressional Representative for NC’s 2nd district.  This one, sponsored by NBC-17, based in Wake County, will feature a question asked by this blogger.

Immediately after the debate, it will be available online at the station’s website, for those who either had to miss it, or who live outside of the NBC-17s viewing area.

Your blogger got a call asking for partisan volunteers who would like to appear on camera, and ask a question of both candidates.   KCC chose two questions and both were taped.   The League of Women Voters, an mostly left-leaning group, was to choose from one of the two questions.  KCC guessed it would be one question, but it turned out to be the other.  We won’t reveal the question as we have not seen the debate and are excited to see it for ourselves.

As soon as the debate is online, KCC will either post the debate or a link to it, on this blog.

KCC long ago endorsed Mrs. Ellmers.

With a background in nursing and married to a physician, and as a mother herself, she can relate to the plight of people like this blogger, who are about to drown when ObamaCare kicks in, fully.

We know that we can depend on Renee to help stop Obama Care and turn Health Care Reform in a new direction that will keep doctors from leaving their practices.

We need tort reform on medical lawsuits to protect doctors who take oaths when they enter the practice of medicine.   Renee is much more than just health care reform.  Be sure to check out her website if you haven’t made up your mind, and see how she stands on other important issues.