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Wake Republicans Want Your Story: How Did You Built It?

Wake GOP wants your story. How did you build it?

The Wake County Republican Party is soliciting information from small business owners about how they built their businesses.  Anyone wishing to tell their story can do so simply by sending an e-mail to .

The effort is in response to President Obama’s infamous quote that “if you own a small business, you didn’t build that…”

“Business  people all over the country and right here in Wake County are outraged that the President would denigrate their hard work, ingenuity and risk taking,” said Susan Bryant, the Wake Republican Chairman.  “His insensitive words were an insult to thousands of people, and he should be ashamed.

“We Republicans think America’s entrepreneurs are the key to what made us the greatest and most prosperous country in history, and in our local area, we want to recognize these unsung heroes of free enterprise.”

The party will feature the best stories from among those it receives at the new email address on its website, in various mailings and other advertising vehicles, and by inviting business owners to speak at events, according to Bryant.

Defending the American Dream – Closing Session – Live

We are now live blogging the closing session of the American for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the Dream Conference.  It’s their largest event of the year, attended by conservatives nationwide.  Please excuse spelling errors.

Vice President of AFPF, Alan Cobb is first up to speak.    Keep checking for updates.  Your blogger sat with his teenage children last night at the Ronald Reagan dinner and  they mentioned how much time and financial resources he donates to this cause.  He is introducing Brent Bozell, KCC’s hero, founder of the Media Reasearch Center.

Brent Bozell

His father was also a hero of this blogger, helping to start the original conservative movement right before Barry Goldwater ran for the presidency.  The number ! story in this election cycle is unemployment and the economy.  Yet ABC, CBS, and NBC didn’t report this terrible news, until they absolutely had to.  ABC still has not reported it.

Gas prices went up and only 27 stories came out.  Yet during the Bush years, four times as many gas prices stories came out.

The media also has plenty of time plenty of time for Mitt Romney and his “gaffs”.  Four years ago when Obama went overseas, the Big Three networks treated him like a GOD.  Don’t worry because new media will take them over, and we have!!!

Tim Phillips, president of AFP, is introducing the state directors.  In this blogger’s opinion, he should give Dallas Woodhouse and the North Carolina team special recognition.  We were the very first state, originally organized as Citizens for a Sound Economy.

Mark Levin is now speaking and says its Barack Obama’s birthday, to much laughter.

He says we are standing on great shoulders.  He reminded us of the one generation freedom is from extinction as Ronald Reagan said.  Abraham Lincoln said that our worst enemy comes from within.

He says things like social justice, economic equality, and such things have come into our culture.  It’s hard to believe that the President of the United States is one of the malcontents that are being created.  It’s seeping into our culture by indoctrination.  We now live in a post constitutional world, thanks to these malcontents.

He mentioned Woodrow Wilson.  He condemned Federalism and the notion of state sovereignty.  He said liberty was a privildge.  The will determine the scope of the office.  He called this “constitutional adaptation.”  I call it bull crap, said Levin.

Is there anything the Federal Government cannot regulate if it chooses to?  Levin mentioned the recent the Supreme Court ruling that said the government can regulate our physical and mental health.  It’s a post-constitutional goverment in an increasingly authoritarian society.

He mentioned that it’s Obama’s birthday today, but so what, it’s also Saturday.

No President has had more contempt for the country he leads and for the people he represents.  Mr. President, if you don’t understand the way American works, how can you fundamentally transform it?

Levin asks “since when does the money you earn belong to the government?”

Obama said if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.

Obama says it’s time for a revolution, but Levin says its time to reinstate the American Revolution!

The Obama administration has driven up our debt in four years more than $41 trillion, more than all other presidents combined.   The poor have gotten poorer.  The welfare state is growing and collapsing at the same time.

“What the hell are our kids gonna do”, asks Levin.

The challenge today is much more complicated than previous wars because the challenge is from within.

No society is guaranteed perpetual existence.   That’s why we must work for this election, next election, and in the elections beyond.   We have no choice.  This is our country and we want it back!

Standing roudy ovation.

This ends our live blogging session.  We’ll have more on this wonderful Defending the Dream Conference soon.

AFP NC Hits the Road,heads to Eastern NC, Wed and Thurs, Raleigh Rally Saturday

Join the North Carolina Americans for Prosperity as they hit the road headed for Greenville, New Bern, and Wilmington for their “Not Doing Fine” events. (See video, below.)  You may have seen President Obama declare that the private sector is “doing fine” while thousands are out of work and companies are struggling with executive branch demands, such as Obamacare.

 It’s costing companies so much that they cannot afford to hire more workers that the cycle of recession continues.  Yet, our clueless President continues to thumb his (very large) nose at the problem.

What can you do?  If you live in Eastern North Carolina, come on out to the following events and let your voice be heard.  Local TV and news papers, plus KCC and other bloggers will be on hand to record what YOU think.  Don’t miss out!

Wednesday, June 27 ”It’s Not Doing Fine” Events

AFP staffers will collect “It’s Not Doing Fine” petitions and talk with citizens about how they can fight Obama’s disastrous policies. Stop by for free food, beverages and conversation!

Greenville: 7:00-9:00 am   Rep Express Catering, 805 Red Banks Road, 27858
Talk of the Town with Henry Hinton will broadcast live on location from Rep Express.

New Bern: 5:00-6:00 pm  Captain Rattys’s Seafood and Steakhouse, 202 Middle Street, 28560
Eastern Carolina News and Views will broadcast live on location from Capt Ratty’s.

Thursday, June 28 “It’s Not Doing Fine” Events

AFP Staffers will be on hand to collect “It’s Not Doing Fine Petitions” and discuss with citizens what we can do to fight Obama’s disastrous policies. Stop by for a great food and conversation!

Wilmington: 5:30-10:30 am  Capt’n Bill’s Backyard Grill (banquet room), 4240 Market Street, 28403
Big Talker Radio with Chad Adams will broadcast live on location from Capt’n Bill’s.

New Bern: 5:00-7:00 pm  Bridgepoint Hotel, 101 Howell Street, 28562
Viewpoints with Lockwood Phillips will broadcast live on location from the hotel.

Can’t make it to the events? Sign the petition and spread the word!

Saturday, June 30 Hands Off My Health Care Rally

Raleigh: 10:00 am-3:00 pm Crabtree Valley Marriott

Sign up today for this free event today!

 Hands Off My Health Care Rally
Saturday, June 30
Crabtree Valley Marriott, 4500 Marriott Drive 27612
Free lunch and carnival food!

10:00 am  Fun activities for children and Freedom Phone banking

12:00 noon Hands Off My Health Care Rally

1:00-3:00 pm More Freedom Phone banking

Obama Visits Raleigh, Pushes Taxpayer Funded “Jobs” Program

Obama at NC State, Copyright WRAL

President Barack Obama visited Apex, North Carolina on Wednesday, trying to sell his jobs bill to a hand-picked small business.  The owner, Erv Portman, is an Obama donor, a Democrat, and a Wake County commissioner in a fight for re-election.

After the President’s speech in Apex, his motorcade drove down I-40 into Raleigh, onto the campus of N.C. State University.  He arrived at a nearly packed Reynolds auditorium, where 24 years ago this month, President Ronald Reagan visited.  Your blogger was in the house that day, along with Senator Jesse Helms and a number of conservative notables.  She remembers it being “wall to wall people”, something that didn’t appear to be on television today.

Twenty-four years ago, President Reagan drew a much larger audience than did President Obama.  Four large, industrial air conditioners were brought in to cool the huge crowd.  Even so, a number of people passed out from the heat.  Mr. Reagan even took off his jacket, revealing his bulletproof vest underneath his shirt, which was soaked through.

Wednesday, President Obama claimed that his jobs program would be paid for via higher taxes on the wealthiest taxpayers.  Meanwhile, these people already pay the bulk of our taxes and are our major job creators.

He now wants to tax them further so that the government can provide another “stimulus” of money into our state and others.  He even went so far as to promise the collegiate audience summer jobs.  Additionally, he promised more teachers and a $1300 “to the average working family”.

Since we are all working families, your blogger wonders who he is trying to push off his class warfare language on?

He then tried to sound like a conservative.  He promised that the government would live within its means and began his “blame Bush” tactics when he said that we had lived too well “these last ten years”.

Yet, Obama said “a lot of THEM don’t get it,” referring to Republicans, and added “Raleigh needs people who can put country before party.”  Believe us, Mr. President, Raleigh has these leaders and we plan to vote you and Governor Beverly Perdue, right out of office in 2012.

The President gave his students a homework assignment.  He told them to put on their marching boots and get to work contacting their members of Congress, “even writing a letter”.

We appreciate your orders Mr. President.  KCC will certainly follow up.  We will contact our Congressman and urge that he vote AGAINST this expensive and unnecessary jobs bill.  Have a pleasant flight to back to Washington.  There is a community on the south side of Chicago that is missing its organizer right now.

Word on the street is, that in setting up this visit, the President first tried to rent out a Wake County school.   An advance team contacted General Anthony Tata, Supt of Public Instruction for Wake County, gave them the thumbs down.  The White House then went looking for higher education.  Your blogger assumes that Tata didn’t want anyone exploiting Wake County school children for political gain, and KCC applauds him for his actions.

Editor’s note:  The President was very careful to stay on message and avoid using the “s” word.  He didn’t want to be associated with either of the two failed stimulus acts.

Your blogger’s husband is a double alumnus of NC State University, having both undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering and minors in math.






Smart Girl Politics – Sept 2011 Online Events

SGP Action: North Carolina

Join Smart Girl Politics and participate in our online training events and activities.  Check out our mission statement and read the history of the group. “Smart Guys” are welcome, too.  KCC is co-chairman of the North Carolina chapter and welcomes all conservative women, of any political party, and any age, to learn more about us.  Please check our Facebook group.  Join our Ning group, too.  It’s so simple, that’s all you have to do!

Here is what is happening during the final two weeks of September:

SGP101: Interviewing: New Media Style!

From The Right Radio’s Thomas LaDuke will be teaching you how to get the interview, researching the interview, the right questions to ask, whether or not to use gotcha questions, and how to follow up. Please join us for an action-packed hour on interviewing.

Date: Thursday, September 15 at 9PM EST 

Register Here:  

SGP101: Candidate Training: All Things Fundraising

Just fundraising — all types of fundraising, how to plan low cost/high donor events, direct mail, website donations, email solicitations, etc.

Date: Monday, September 19 at 9PM EST EST 
Register Here:

Ning Chat: GOP Debate (Fox News / Florida GOP)

Please join us for a live chat on Ning for the GOP Presidential Debate.

Date: Thursday, September 22 at 9PM EST


SGP101 Book Club -
Sisters: The Lives of American Suffragists

Smart Girl Politics Action invites you to join us for September’s Book Smart, to be held on the 29th at 8:30 PM. The selection this month is “Sisters: The Lives of American Suffragists” by Jean H. Baker; we will be discussing the first two chapters that focus primarily on Lucy Stone and Susan B. Anthony.

To buy this book in hardback,  click here

To buy this book for your Kindle, click here
To buy this book in your paperback, click here

Date: Thursday, September 29 at 9PM EST EST Register Here:

Upcoming Economic / Stock Market ClassesIn a recent poll, we asked you what information you wanted on the stock market. After tallying the results, we are answering your call.  Smart Girl Politics will offer 4 economic / stock market classes beginning October 13th-Nov 3rd.Check this post for more details and how you can register.
Join Smart Girl Politics and get on our email list to keep up with the latest.  Our mission is to, in part,  educate, and empower conservative women candidates.


Welcome to North Carolina, Mr. President (video)

Welcome to North Carolina and Wake County, Mr. President.  How sweet of you to remember our 10 percent unemployment rate while hawking your most recent “jobs” bill.  Since Stimulus I and II didn’t work out for you, you are back to our important swing state for another try at selling more taxpayer-funded nothingness.

The North Carolina Senate Republican Caucus wrote yesterday that our state is “front and center in the 2012 campaign”.  This means we will have to “welcome” you a few more times before the election is done, but we certainly don’t mind reminding you what you’ve “done” for our nation.  Thank you for bringing us the largest debt in our nation’s history.   Thank you for preventing our nation from being energy independent.   Thank you for saddling us with “Obamacare”, an unconstitutional and anti-business heath care “reform”.

The “Caucus” and I are looking forward to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.  We welcome your hackneyed ideas about more big government power grabs, like you’ve been doing lately with the FCC.  North Carolinians love to give up their freedoms, especially when it comes to the Internet.  I’m sure we won’t mind all the nice moves your communication czars are making, under your watch and with your approval.

Honestly, if I weren’t recovering from a sinus infection, I’d be in the crowd at NC State University, cheering you on.  Enjoy your private event in Apex, formerly known as the “peak of good living”…until you came to town.

Finally, Mr. President, enjoy this short video that my friends over at “the Caucus” made…just for you.  Until next time…


Ilario Pantano on NC Redistricting, Mike McIntyre Junkets

Pantano is running for Congress in North Carolina's 7th Congressional District

From the Pantano for Congress Campaign:

For most the lines that define a congressional district are a bunch of insider politics that don’t put food on a table or pay a mortgage, but we have some good news about these new maps. They will finally give the citizens of (Eastern and) southeastern North Carolina the conservative voice they deserve.

See the detailed map, here.

While still subject to change, these maps demonstrate a logical conclusion that the region is well served by concentrating its coastal strength from Morehead City to Calabash.

Matching communities with similar economic and conservative interests serves all of the citizens of South Eastern North Carolina that share the same bedrock principles and values that have made our country great and that Ilario will stand for in Congress.

We are confident that the citizens of the new 7th District will respond very positively to Ilario’s conservative message of JOB CREATION by reducing taxes and cutting regulations to spur private sector economic growth while at the same time putting an end to the runaway spending and crippling debt burden that threatens the prosperity of our families and future Generations. Ilario’s pro-growth message of government reform and private sector innovation will stand in sharp contrast to his opponent’s record of supporting the Barack Obama stimulus, failing to support any budget or debt reduction plan, and his continued support for wasteful spending of money we don’t have paid for by debt from governments we don’t trust.

This weekend Congressman Mike McIntyre is returning from a taxpayer paid luxury junket across Europe from Rome to Moscow to Lisbon where the official itinerary noted he and his wife were celebrating their wedding anniversary with all the perks of a Washington insider.

Pantano served our nation proudly in the United States Marines

Pantano served our nation proudly in the United States Marines

Meanwhile, back here in southeastern North Carolina, where unemployment is in the double digits, Pantano will be spending time in 7 counties celebrating America’s Independence with supporters and friends from all across the new district. A 4th of July stop will include Onslow County where Ilario served proudly as a Marine in two of our nation’s wars, the first Gulf War (1991) and Iraq in (2004).

Pantano, whose father legally immigrated to the United States from Italy and became a US citizen in 1976, is willing to give the congressman an Italian Lesson for free when he returns from spending our money overseas.

Pantano will also be happy to share with the Congressman what he heard from his fellow citizens of Southeastern North Carolina about their concerns over unemployment, the debt, and out of control federal spending which has ballooned over his opponents fourteen years in Washington living high on the hog.

The 7th District will now include parts of the Crystal Coast, including Morehead City, Cedar Point, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a part-time resident and property owner in Western Carteret County, this blogger urges the Pantano team to pay more attention to the Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle area on Bogue Banks (aka Crystal Coast) and from Morehead City to Cedar Point on the mainland.

We think it is great that he’ll be in Onslow County for July 4th, but we assume that Mr. Pantano will make plenty of appearances in Carteret County where the people are conservative and politically active.  Please don’t take this solid base of support for granted.

Katy’s Conservative Corner endorses Illario Pantano for Congress!

He is the one for the 7th district.  We’ll have another post on that, soon.


Katy’s Conservative Corner is the oldest political blog in North Carolina, serving you since 1998.  Follow us on Twitter, here.  Find us on Facebook, here.

Obama’s Budget Busts

President Barack Obama promised us a new style of “budget leadership” and he certainly delivered.  Only he has run the country down in the process.

This July 4th weekend, we may be celebrating our nation’s birthday, but this blogger certainly is not celebrating Obama’s leadership.  Here’s why:

Bust #1: Obama’s Latest “Budget” Is So Vague That It’s Meaningless

THEN: In 2008, Obama Promised To Go Through The Budget “Line By Line, Eliminating Programs That No Longer Work And Making The Ones We Do Need Work Better.”

NOW: CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf Says Obama’s Latest Budget Is Too Vague To Be Scored.

REP. PAUL RYAN: “The president gave a speech on April 13th, where he outlined a new budget framework that claims $4 trillion in deficit reduction over 12 years, have you estimated the budget impact of this framework?

ELMENDORF: No, Mr. Chairman. We don’t estimate speeches. We need much more specificity than was provided in that speech for us to do our analysis.”

Bust #2: Obama Promised To Get Serious About Reducing The Debt, He Hasn’t

THEN: In 2009, President Barack Obama Promised To Get Serious About Reducing Debt And Deficits.

NOW: Since President Obama Took Office, The National Debt Has Increased By $3.7 Trillion, the Total Debt Of The US Government Is $14.3 Trillion Dollars and Obama’s FY 2012 Budget Adds $13 Trillion In New Debt Through 2021.

Bust #3: Obama Promised To Cut The Deficit In Half, He Didn’t

THEN: In February 2009, Obama Said That He Would “Cut The Deficit In Half By The End Of [His] First Term In Office.”

NOW: Obama Has Racked Up Record, Trillion Dollar Deficits.

The Federal Budget Deficit for FY2009 Was $1.42 Trillion, Then The Highest In U.S. History until this year when the deficit is slated to hit $1.65 Trillion.

Editor’s Notes: Thanks to the poor economy, people have had to work harder and longer hours, take on a second or third job, and we feel blessed to have a job at all.

The biggest thing we will be celebrating on July 4th is that we live in the greatest nation in on earth.  We can vote out  those who do not serve us.

Please spread this information with your friends, as President Obama is NOT serving anyone but the interests of the unions, trial lawyers, Hollywood celebs, Utopian billionaires (George Soros and the like), the NAACP, the NOW gang, the radical environmentalists and the like.

Americans deserve a President who will serve us.  Currently, many people are seeking the position.   We all have our favorites.  In the end, we must unite to defeat Obama and his cronies!


More Red Veto Ink by Dallas Woodhouse

Let's Veto Beverly Perdue in 2012

Here we go again. Governor Beverly Perdue continued to mark up good legislation with her red veto stamp. She ignored the will of the people of this state and ran roughshod over legislation that a bipartisan and duly elected legislature crafted together and overwhelmingly passed.

And she vetoed bills, such as the Regulatory Reform Act and the Energy Jobs Act —  an action that will kill jobs at a time when the state economy has lost 100,000 jobs over a two-year period. The Regulatory Reform Act actually hadunanimous support in the Senate because it was a common-sense bill that eliminated cumbersome and unclear regulations that had created uncertainty for businesses.

On Thursday, she vetoed 4 bills –all had passed in the House and Senate either unanimously or with very solid majorities.

She did not even have the guts to sign into law the hugely bi-partisan Tax Credits for Special Needs Children Bill and the Annexation Reform Bill – but allowed them to become law by simply not addressing them prior to today’s deadline.

It is a shame that the voters worked so hard to get real change at the legislature, begged for regulatory and tax relief and common-sense legislation—only to have Governor Perdue arrogantly use the veto 15 times this session.

You can be sure that AFP will be at the legislature building when it opens again later this summer and early fall, trying to come up with the votes to override these vetoes.

And we know you will be right there to help us – calling and emailing your legislators or visiting them on Jones Street.

Just look at some of the great, AFP-supported legislation that Governor Perdue vetoed this year:

Budget with zero tax increases         VETO Overridden

Medical Malpractice Reform              VETO

Individual Opt-out of Obamacare       VETO

Stop Government from taking union dues from teacher paycheck                                           VETO

Requiring a photo ID to vote               VETO

Regulatory Reform                              VETO

Energy Jobs Act                                 VETO

With your help, we got some good laws passed this year, too.

  • Removed cap on charter schools
  • Tort Reform for Businesses and Citizens
  • Repealed Land Transfer Tax
  • Tax Relief for Small Businessman
  • Workmen’s Comp Reform
  • Regulated Local Government Competition with Private Business
  • Annexation Reform
  • Tax Credits for Special Needs Children

The North Carolina Americans for Prosperity works for us!

However, we have our work cut out for us in trying to undo the damage Governor Perdue created with her veto stamp. We hope we can count on you to help us override these vetoes when the legislature convenes again later this summer.


Dallas Woodhouse
North Carolina State Director
Americans for Prosperity


But it takes money to fight. Won’t you help the AFP NC  fight Governor Perdue and her bad policy decisions by sending $25, $50 or $100 today? The AFP needs us all.  This is your blogger’s favorite group and the one she works most closely with.  Let’s keep pushing to get the message out on radio and television. Join KCC and please donate today.

Ellmers Gives Geithner “The Business” on Small Business (Video)

Tim Geithner Photo: UPI/Kevin Dietsch

How many times have you wanted to give Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner a piece of your mind?  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (NC-2) did it on Wednesday and had the best closing statement of the year.  KCC won’t give it away, so you’ll watch this must see video.

Here, she defends small businesses across America and tells Geithner what we conservatives have all wanted to tell him.  Listen to how she calmly takes on his arguments and how she closes.  It made this blogger stand up and cheer!

Update: See also Geithner: Taxes on ‘Small Business’ Must Rise So Government Doesn’t ‘Shrink’ by CNS News

Your blogger is thankful to be pals with most of the staff in Rep. Ellmer’s office.  They do fine work. Call them from time-to-time to thank them for their efforts.  It’s certainly a labor of love.