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RIP Andrew Breitbart

American conservatives are reeling Thursday after the announcement that icon and blogger extraordinaire, Andrew Breitbart, died just after midnight.

Stacy McCain, of the Other McCain, thus far has the best story.  He had seen Andrew much more recently than had this blogger.  KCC saw him in February at CPAC and had a great conversation last summer in St. Louis.  She met his middle-school-age son, who’d just been given an Albert Pujols rookie-signed baseball and traveled often with his Dad.

At the February CPAC, Breitbart mentioned in a speech that he had videos that would expose President Obama for the youthful racist radical that he was.

We are in tears over this one.  The world has lost a fighter who fought to the bitter end.  His last twitter post was at 2:25 am  EST.  He was arguing with someone who was questioning his journalism skills.   Always speaking his mind, Breitbart called the man a “putz” but apologized.

According to our friend and fellow blogger, Jimmie Bise, Jr, when Breitbart launched Big Government, he borrowed money from his father to get the truth about what was happening out there.  Look at the site today at it is full of advertising, and writers.  Plus, Breitbart added  companion sites such as Big Hollywood and Big Journalism, etc.

Enjoy the short memorial video below that shows Andrew in conflict with Glenn Beck dissenters after Beck’s big speech at the Lincoln Memorial, two years ago. May God bless his family and grant him eternal peace.

A “Hiking” Moment For Perdue?

NC Governor Beverly Perdue

NC Governor Beverly Perdue

So, exactly where WAS North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue, during last weekend’s rash of heavy tornados that blew through the Old North State?  It first appeared to be a state secret.

As the storms began rolling through,  spokeswoman Crissy Pearson e-mailed a media release at 5:24 p.m. saying that the governor’s staff was on “full activation” (Raleigh News and Observer).

The N&O further reported:

…Pearson did not respond to an e-mail or a phone message seeking more information about where the governor was.

Reached on her cell phone at 9:06 p.m., Pearson said the governor had been out-of-state attending to a family obligation. However, Pearson refused to say where Perdue was or when the governor might return to the capital.

Though the tornadoes were Saturday, and the National Weather Service had given at least two days warning, it wasn’t until SUNDAY that Perdue’s office finally came clean.

She had been visiting with Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear (D) and four college roommates from her days at the University of Kentucky. Further, she had attended the Toyota Blue Grass Stakes, a horse race held the same day as the storms.

National media have had a field day with the story.  Washington Post reporter Rachel Weiner reported that Perdue, who was already an underdog in her 2012 re-election bid, and is less popular than President Barack Obama in North Carolina.  She’ll have an even more uphill climb.

In 2008, she narrowly lost to Republican nominee Pat McCrory and he appears ready for a rematch.

Politico called it “An Appalachian Trail moment”.

Despite the fact that North Carolinians are clearly tired of Perdue, Obama and the Democrats, Perdue has a huge factor in her favor.  The Democratic National Committee has chosen to try to take North Carolina back and therefore gave Charlotte the 2012 National Convention.  NC Republicans stand ready to overcome this “advantage”.

KCC will be in Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention, bringing you all the fun and games.

Meanwhile, Gov. Perdue, “You’re Fired!” (Apologies to Donald Trump).

The “Rev.” Smith’s Long Goodbye

Coach Dean Smith with Michael Jordan: Photo by David T. Foster III, courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

Tuesday evening, basketball great Michael Jordan, got a long overdue recognition: induction into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame.  Among the scope of awards Jordan has earned, this hardly ranks among the top, but it was made so special for the fans.  He shared his walk to center court of the Charlotte Bobcats arena with his coach and mentor, Dean Smith.

This story really isn’t about Jordan.  He’s a household name in virtually every nation on earth.  Starting in his days at this blogger’s rival high school, Laney in Wilmington, NC,   Jordan began to fly. KCC’s predecessors at New Bern (NC) High, had to “put up with him” until he graduated and moved on to UNC. As a player, each time this blogger visited Laney, she  paid homage to their “shrine” to Jordan.  Number 23 is still encased there, today.

However, this story is about his mentor, Smith.  Sadly the basketball legend, is enduring the long goodbye due to a progressive neurocognitive disorder which has lead to significant memory loss.    Thus, it was with great surprise that your blogger read that he and Jordan escorted one another to the center of the basketball court in Charlotte during the awards ceremony.

As a lifelong fan and former player of the game, KCC has always loved and respected Smith’s vision and talent.  He was coached at Kansas by the legendary Phog Allen, who in turn was coached by the inventor of the game, James Naismith.  In short, Coach Smith has credentials.

During your blogger’s high school years (1981-1985), she used to slip out of  Garber Methodist Church about 15 minutes early.  ”The Dean Smith Show started at 12:00 sharp in those days before VCRs were affordable.  This devotee didn’t want to miss a single minute of whatever wisdom he chose to share.  Sure, NC State’s Jim Valvano had the personality, but Smith was the MASTER!

That earned him the title, in KCC’s family, the Reverend.  In retrospect, your blogger is sure he would have disliked the moniker, but because of his basketball knowledge and his success, it stuck, at least amongst the family.

At Jordan’s induction, it was a true thrill to see the “Rev. Smith” again on television and in the newspaper, as KCC understands that travel is especially hard for him.

KCC isn’t the hard core Tar Heel fan that she once was, but she still enjoys watching them play, win or lose.  Thank you for the memories, Coach Smith. Thank you for the lessons in life.

Thank you most for saying “thank you” when this blogger asked YOU for an autograph.  What a gentleman.

Editor’s note:  Sure, Dean Smith doesn’t share this blogger’s political views, but he taught us about sportsmanship, character, and faith.  That transcends boundaries of politics and his coaching skills are certainly missed.  God bless you!  Thanks for the memories.

Coming: A Review of the Tennessee Governor’s Debate

It’s Saturday, err Football day everyone, and KCC is taking most of the day off from blogging/research/activism to catch up with the day’s college football games.   The weather is perfect and she and her husband are off to the big game.

Later, look for a review of the Tennessee Governor’s Debate, held Thursday evening.  Some of it was actually enlightening to this blogger.  Though she doesn’t have a vote in this race, she is a native of that state and wishes more southern states would follow Tennessee’s lead.

Details later.  Don’t miss out!

Powerful Military Appreciation Night at NC State vs Univ of Cincinnati College Football Game- What You Didn’t See on ESPN

Thursday evening, North Carolina State University (NC State) played the University of Cincinatti Bearcats.  The win the Wolfpack earned wasn’t the only exciting part for the Pack fans in Carter-Finley stadium.

The entire halftime show was dedicated to all who are currently serving, will serve (as in the ROTC), and who have served.  Stadium announcers also led the crowd in a moment of silence for all who have fallen in the defense of our great nation.

Below is the NC State band playing “Amazing Grace” while the NC State Army ROTC waves the huge American flag.  It was so moving, many in the Carter-Finley cried, including this blogger.   She was so moved,  that the missed videoing the opening, with a bagpipper walking across the field, playing the tune alone, before the band joined in.  Chills go up her spine, just remembering the event! Additionally, there are other impressive events that entertained the crowd and thanked our troops.

Amazing Grace

Your blogger is certainly no singer, but she certainly tries when moved. (One former supervisor once asked KCC if she is tone deaf, must to your blogger’s dismay. )

Card Stunt Thanking Our Troops

Your blogger was holding a white card, and her husband a red card.   Some in the student section had not arrived by card trick time.  (That section is the last section of students to fill as it’s general admission in the student section.  Your blogger and her husband have held lifetime rights and season tickets for years and sit in the middle.)

Paratroopers Landing

Paratroopers from Fort Bragg greeted attendees.  They dropped right over Carter-Finley and avoided ESPN’s over head camera wires.  Truly amazing.  These guys are our 82nd Airborne! Your blogger shot this one on her new Droid X in HD. We have to reduce it to fit here.

Part I – The Paratroopers Are Just Out of the Plane

Part II – Landing

Skins win after 9/12 March to Take America Back

Washington Redskins Logo

Hello from I-395, just outside of our nation’s capital.  As a life long Washington Redskins fan, your blogger was thrilled to actually be in town on Week One of the NFL season opener when the rival Dallas Cowboys came to town.  So much so that KCC and her husband chose to stay an extra night after the Freedomworks 9/12 march to catch the game on TV with local fans.

Your blogger grew up in Eastern North Carolina, where THE local team WAS the Washington Redskins.  She remembers the Hogs, Joe Theisman, big John Riggins, and the successful days of old and has stood by them, thick and thin, ever since.

However, when the Carolina Panthers came to Charlotte, the “local” team ceased to be the Skins.  Sadly, it became tougher to keep up with the Redskins, even with their ongoing woes on and off the field.  The NFC game of the week was no longer our Redskins.

Sure, the Panthers have had on-and-off success and your blogger watched them, especially enjoying the play of Julius Peppers. Even he has gone now to play in Chicago.  But she never became a true Panthers fan.

Watching the Skins play with a bar full of Washingtonians was a real treat. These folks know so much about their players, they practically know their driver licence numbers, and their favorite foods.

KCC won’t say much about the victory as it’s been all over the media.  However it was a good one.  Every defeat of the Cowboys great, especially at home.

Get Involved with FreedomWorks!

Thus, for this  blogger, a good day was made great.  After  marching for freedom and against terrorism with  Tea Party patriots from across the nation, lead by Freedomworks chairman Dick Armey and president Matt Kibbe, this was a wonderful way to finish Blogcon.

More on the Freedomworks 9/12 march in another post.

Triangle UT Vol Fan Group Wins Award

Univ of Tennessee Logo, with Smokey mascotYou’ll have to excuse your blogger while she takes a moment to hoot a bit.  One of her favorite, non-political groups, the University of Tennessee Alumni and Friends of the Triangle (UT Alumni & Friends) has just received the “Highest Honor” award from the University for its chapter programming.

The group meets to watch every football, and men’s and women’s basketball game.  Additionally, during the off-season, they have special speakers from UT.

Recently, they had Kellie Jolly Harper, a former player on some of Coach Pat Summit‘s 8-time national championship teams.   These days she is head women’s basketball coach at NC State and is coming off an excellent first season.

Your blogger is purchasing season tickets for the upcoming women’s Wolfpack campaign, as Coach Kellie has energized the team, after the death of much beloved and long-time head coach, Kay Yow.

Meanwhile, any Vol fan is invited to watch the games.

Join us Saturday, Sept 11th  to watch the Oregon game for free:

Highpark Restaraunt
625 E. Whitaker Mill Rd. Raleigh, NC

A section will be reserved for UT fans.

Your blogger will be in Washington that weekend, at a bloggers conference, but will be holding the Vols, the Pack, and the Redskins in her heart.

To find out more and to get involved with the Triangle UT group, contact your blogger.  KCC will send you on your way.  Even if you are for the other team, they welcome you to their game parties to discuss football and basketball.

Shuler Throws Away Another DC Career

Your blogger loves football and she loves two teams more than any other: The University of Tennessee Volunteers (college) and the Washington Redskins (NFL).  They, like any teams, have had their ups and downs, but KCC is no fairweather fan.

Meanwhile, Congressman Heath Shuler (D-NC-11) is serving his second “stint” in Washington, and it looks like this one is going down the drain almost as fast as the first one did.

The former Vol quarterback hero was, drafted third overall by KCC’s beloved Skins.   This seemed like a match made in heaven to your blogger, but it was all to be for naught.

According to an article in Wednesday’s Washington Times:

Most Washingtonians loathe Mr. Shuler as one of the Redskins’ worst draft picks of all time, who in his previous career bilked the team for millions and was traded away as a total flop. It’s time to send Mr. Shuler packing again.

The article goes on to say:

The former quarterback has used his second stint in Washington to vote for many touchstone left-wing issues such as “cap and trade” environmental regulation, the card-check union election scam, big-government financial reform and most runaway spending programs. “He’s one of Nancy Pelosi’s enablers,” (Republican challenger ) Mr. (Jeff) Miller told The Washington Times.

“If he truly has our mountain values, I don’t see how he can support her (Pelosi) as speaker of the House.”

Read the rest of the article, entitled “Sacking Shuler.  It’s good to have a conservative, old media source, covering the a great story.   KCC thought we new media folks had to do all the work.

Please try to help Jeff Miller defeat Heath Shuler  by donating to Miller’s campaign. This is a seat this is in play and is winnable!

A recent poll commissioned by the Civitas Institute showed Miller and Shuler to be in a tight race, despite Shuler having had a 10 point lead earlier this year.


Katy’s Conservative Corner is not affliated with any political party or campaign, but hopes we can throw the liberal bums out of Washington, state legislatures and Governor’s offices  across the nation, by educating conservative citizens on why their informed vote and activism is crucial!

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