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Republicans in New York State Suppress Conservative Congresswoman by Alissa Bonk, SGPA

Smart Girl Politics Action

By Alissa Bonk, Smart Girl Political Action


Republican Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle from New York’s 25th District has been ranked the most conservative woman in the House.  She is wildly popular among pro-life groups, and her strong stance against government spending has earned her a Club for Growth rating of 92, a full 24 points higher than the next best rating in NY.  Rep. Buerkle is a strong, independent, female conservative — the kind that the Republican Party sorely needs in Washington.

So naturally, the New York State Party is intentionally redistricting her out of her seat. Their own, self-drawn map places Rep. Buerkle in a nearly impossible electoral situation.

Anyone who is familiar with the New York Republican establishment shouldn’t be too surprised by this.

In 2009, the state GOP forced the liberal, pro-union, pro-choice Dede Scozzafava onto the Republican ticket in the NY-09 special election, causing a third-party rebellion within the conservative movement that led to Scozzafava’s withdrawal from the race and endorsement of the Democrat over the conservative candidate.

In 2010, the establishment tried to hoist candidate, Rick Lazio, onto the GOP gubernatorial ticket – only to result in yet another voter revolt that put Carl Paladino on the ballot, a candidate who went down in flames in November.


This time, instead of forcing a flawed candidate onto the ticket, the state GOP is trying to redistrict a good one – a great one, actually – out of contention, simply because she won’t play ball with the Albany old boys club.


Luckily, the conservative movement is identifying this for what it is – an attempt to get an independent-minded, strong female conservative out of the establishment’s way – straight out of the gate.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), head of the Republican Study Committee, has already said he will fully support Buerkle in her primary fight against any challenger, even if it means defeating a Republican incumbent in a different district. The Chairman of the Onandaga County GOP, located within Buerkle’s district, has announced his support as well.


In fact, the conservative outcry has reached the ears of real conservative voices like Erick Erickson, who recently criticized the “tone deaf” state party and urged other conservatives to start paying attention to the unfolding fiasco.


The Republican Party should be applauding and encouraging strong conservative women to run for office and fight for fiscal sanity in Washington. Instead, the New York State GOP wants to redistrict them out of existence. Hopefully, conservatives – especially us (sic) conservative women – will recognize this shameful move for what it is, and put pressure on Albany to keep Rep. Buerkle in Congress. The GOP, and the country, needs her there.

Please check out my Op-Ed posted on The Daily Caller and leave a comment of support for the Congresswoman.    We need strong conservative women representing us in Congress.

Alyssa Bonk
SGPA Communication Team


Editor’s Notes:  Not too many years ago, something similar happened in the North Carolina State House.  The Citizens of the old North State elected a Republican majority, in spite of the Democrat party’s gerrymandering.  The GOP Seniority system was set and the people destined to take their places in leadership positions prepared to do so.

Along came a state representative and longtime party activist, Richard Morgan of Moore County.  He scared up eight of his best pals and brokered a “power-sharing” agreement with the Democrats, and setting up a “co-speakership” in the State House of Representatives.   Co-Speakership?  What happened to the GOP majority that had just been elected?  Morgan”s pals shared key committee chairmanships and the Republicans who had worked so hard were left with little.

How did it work?  Like a broken clock.

Two years later, the Democrats were voted back into the majority and didn’t give it up until 2010, when the anti-Obama wave hit the country and people wanted to go in a different direction.

Two years after his scheme, Richard Morgan was voted out of office, with the support of many from Wake and surrounding counties, including Art Pope, a benefactor of conservative and libertarian causes.  The others were “hunted down” voted out, too by recruiting good candidates.  Such a long story cannot be completely covered here, but thankfully we in North Carolina do not have a short-sighted NCGOP.

RIP Andrew Breitbart

American conservatives are reeling Thursday after the announcement that icon and blogger extraordinaire, Andrew Breitbart, died just after midnight.

Stacy McCain, of the Other McCain, thus far has the best story.  He had seen Andrew much more recently than had this blogger.  KCC saw him in February at CPAC and had a great conversation last summer in St. Louis.  She met his middle-school-age son, who’d just been given an Albert Pujols rookie-signed baseball and traveled often with his Dad.

At the February CPAC, Breitbart mentioned in a speech that he had videos that would expose President Obama for the youthful racist radical that he was.

We are in tears over this one.  The world has lost a fighter who fought to the bitter end.  His last twitter post was at 2:25 am  EST.  He was arguing with someone who was questioning his journalism skills.   Always speaking his mind, Breitbart called the man a “putz” but apologized.

According to our friend and fellow blogger, Jimmie Bise, Jr, when Breitbart launched Big Government, he borrowed money from his father to get the truth about what was happening out there.  Look at the site today at it is full of advertising, and writers.  Plus, Breitbart added  companion sites such as Big Hollywood and Big Journalism, etc.

Enjoy the short memorial video below that shows Andrew in conflict with Glenn Beck dissenters after Beck’s big speech at the Lincoln Memorial, two years ago. May God bless his family and grant him eternal peace.

Occupy DC to Disrupt CPAC 12

It’s the eve  of CPAC and much is happening.  Old friends are reconnecting and new friendships are being made.  There is also a sinister side at this year’s event.

Lately it seems, when conservatives come to town, the cockroaches venture out of the dark and come after the candy.  Our liberal friends at Occupy DC and their union thug counterparts are planning activities to disrupt the largest conservative political gathering.

According to multiple sources, the Occupiers are scheduled to pitch tents on the lawn of the CPAC Hotel, the Marriott Wardman Park.  Your blogger even saw ads requesting donations of tents.

Members of the  AFL-CIO have registered for the conference and have booked at least 30 rooms in the hotel.

At the November 2011 Defending the American Dream Conference, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, Occupiers stormed the hotel and convention center, injuring this blogger.

These people aren’t simply our opposition, they take hatred to an entirely new level.  They don’t know what they stand for and they resent anyone with a job who works hard to take care of themselves and their family.

Many of these Occupiers live at home with their parents, sort of a “slacker” generation.   They hate capitalism, the very system that brought them the prosperity they grew up enjoying.  Yet they’d rather live in a disease infested tent, and drop out of society.

They are planning “creative activities” to disrupt the conference on Friday and Saturday, Smart Girl Politics Action, a conservative women’s organization, has warned its members to stay safe:

The SGPA leadership team, members, and many of our bloggers will be attending the event. We would urge those of you attending to be alert, and to take every precaution in keeping yourself safe.The SGPA leadership team, members, and many of our bloggers will be attending the event. We would urge those of you attending to be alert, and to take every precaution in keeping yourself safe.


Wednesday evening, your blogger spotted an Occupier using one of the public computers in the lobby of the Wardman Park Hotel. She was easy to pick out. She wasn’t dressed neatly, wore a “Che” hat, and had black and white colors on, while the rest of us cheerily sport our red, white, and blue.  In short, we are the happy ones and they are the ones with an ax to grind.

More information is available here. KCC promises to bring you news on this situation as it develops. Let the Occupiers try to come after us. We’ll meet them head on with video cameras in hand, ready for uploading! Bring it on! I may not be able to carry a gun in the District, but I do have my cane and KCC wouldn’t mind using it in self-defense.


The AFL-CIO is calling this event "The Shady Bunch"


Time To Hit The Road, Next Stop CPAC!

It’s Time For CPAC!

It’s time to hit the road, er, the air.  As of Wednesday, Katy’s Conservative Corner will be coming to you via CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, on bloggers row.  We’ll bring you what’s really going on, behind the scenes.  Our credentials gives us…and you an all access pass to the fun behind the scenes.

We will see once Presidential candidates, most especially Rick Santorium, along with Mitt and Newt.  Also, we hope to see a large contingent from North Carolina there, and if anyone wishes to write for KCC while they are there, please contact KCC immediately.  We’d love to see your posts!

Ron Paul usually brings a large contingent of college students on buses from around the country.  Americans for Prosperity, Freedomworks, Smart Girl Politics, American Majority, will be just a few of the groups involved.  One of the most fun things outside of the bloggers row, are the exhibits.  There are usually two full rooms of exhibitors ready to take your business cards and enter you in a drawing!  Plus, the giveaways!

Another exciting parts of CPAC, is seeing just who actually shows up, celebrity-wise.  Sometimes, you just never know.  Last year, Saturday Night Live player, Victoria Jackson was chatting up one of the blogger’s sitting behind us. We had a Sarah Palin lookalike.  However, we have the real thing this year, so no impersonators needed.

And since KCC cannot cover it all, we’ll shout out some links to other great, on-site blogs.  Again, if you are interested in writing for KCC during the convention, please tweet me at

The list of speakers at CPAC just keeps growing.  Please keep checking the website for the lastest and most official updates.  Most events from the ballroom will be streamed live and your blogger will be providing you with information on how to catch it all.

This is going to a busy travel year, with many events on the calendar for conservatives, plus the Democratic National Convention, the Republican National Convention, which KCC will cover.

In state, there is still a few more days to sign up to attend the Battleground NC: Conservative Leadership Conference Conference.  Katy’s Conservative Corner is a sponsor and blogger at that event and we are very excited to be a part of it.  To find out more about that event, run by the Civitas Institute, check their website and tell them that Katy sent you.  This event is in EARLY March, so sign up now before you are left out!

Obama’s Broken Promises of Regulatory Reform

Obama's Team is always ready and willing to help...themselves.

From a Washington Report, courtesy of Smart Girl Politics:

(WASHINGTON) – President Barack Obama recently halted the implementation of a controversial job-killing regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), saying he recognized the “importance of reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty” in the economy.

While the President has spoken about, and even launched an effort to evaluate regulations that create unnecessary burdens, agencies in the Obama Administration have regulated in the opposite direction.

Spotlighting these regulatory failures and impacts on job creation is the focus of a newly released report and hearing held Wednesday by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

“The federal regulatory process is broken, being manipulated and exploited in ways that benefit allies of the Obama Administration such as environmental groups, trial lawyers, and unions.

Regulators have, in too many instances, been willing accomplices in the strategy advanced by outside interest groups to circumvent the oversight and accountability checks in the regulatory process,” Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) said.

 The report released by Chairman Issa and the Oversight Committee documents a flawed and broken system that punishes job creators and stifles economic growth.  Key findings include:

·         The number of full time regulatory employees is expected to reach an all-time high of 291,676 in 2012;

·         The Obama Administration has already imposed 75 new major regulations that will cost more than $380 billion over ten years;

·         The Administration has 219 economically significant regulations in the pipeline right now—that, if finalized will impose costs of at least $219 billion on the economy over ten years.

In addition, the report outlines  numerous examples in the rule making process where federal agencies and regulators ignored, circumvented or openly flouted direction given by the President.

It spotlighted EPA’s sue-and-settle approach to bypass the process and avoid transparency on a recent lead paint rule with dire consequences for job creators; abuse of the emergency rule making process and use of ‘interim final rules’ regarding Obamacare, causing health plans to lose grandfathered status; and, an ‘enhanced review process’ initiated by EPA of a Clean Water Act provision in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act, among others.

“The businesses owners and workers who bear the brunt of these regulations are not Fortune 500 executives, they are main street business owners and workers from around the country,” Issa said.  “These firms, their families, suppliers, customers and employees all bear the cost of these new and proposed regulations.  For them and businesses around the country, the price is greater than just compliance—it is a hidden tax of uncertainty on our economy,” he added.

Beyond the costs and implications for job creators from regulations, the Oversight Committee eport also pointed out that the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), the federal agency charged with serving as a watchdog over federal rule making, has failed to take meaningful action to address the breakdown in the process. (Editor’s Note: Your blogger didn’t even know there was such an office. She hopes our next president puts this agency on the chopping block, along with the Federal Department of Education.)

“Thus far, the rhetoric we have seen from the Obama Administration on the issue of regulatory reform has not been matched in deed,” Issa said.

A copy of the Committee’s report is here and testimony and other hearing-related information is available here.

Smart Girl Politics – Sept 2011 Online Events

SGP Action: North Carolina

Join Smart Girl Politics and participate in our online training events and activities.  Check out our mission statement and read the history of the group. “Smart Guys” are welcome, too.  KCC is co-chairman of the North Carolina chapter and welcomes all conservative women, of any political party, and any age, to learn more about us.  Please check our Facebook group.  Join our Ning group, too.  It’s so simple, that’s all you have to do!

Here is what is happening during the final two weeks of September:

SGP101: Interviewing: New Media Style!

From The Right Radio’s Thomas LaDuke will be teaching you how to get the interview, researching the interview, the right questions to ask, whether or not to use gotcha questions, and how to follow up. Please join us for an action-packed hour on interviewing.

Date: Thursday, September 15 at 9PM EST 

Register Here:  

SGP101: Candidate Training: All Things Fundraising

Just fundraising — all types of fundraising, how to plan low cost/high donor events, direct mail, website donations, email solicitations, etc.

Date: Monday, September 19 at 9PM EST EST 
Register Here:

Ning Chat: GOP Debate (Fox News / Florida GOP)

Please join us for a live chat on Ning for the GOP Presidential Debate.

Date: Thursday, September 22 at 9PM EST


SGP101 Book Club -
Sisters: The Lives of American Suffragists

Smart Girl Politics Action invites you to join us for September’s Book Smart, to be held on the 29th at 8:30 PM. The selection this month is “Sisters: The Lives of American Suffragists” by Jean H. Baker; we will be discussing the first two chapters that focus primarily on Lucy Stone and Susan B. Anthony.

To buy this book in hardback,  click here

To buy this book for your Kindle, click here
To buy this book in your paperback, click here

Date: Thursday, September 29 at 9PM EST EST Register Here:

Upcoming Economic / Stock Market ClassesIn a recent poll, we asked you what information you wanted on the stock market. After tallying the results, we are answering your call.  Smart Girl Politics will offer 4 economic / stock market classes beginning October 13th-Nov 3rd.Check this post for more details and how you can register.
Join Smart Girl Politics and get on our email list to keep up with the latest.  Our mission is to, in part,  educate, and empower conservative women candidates.


Smart Girl Summit Live Streaming from St. Louis!

Live Video app for Facebook by Ustream

Rep. Renee Ellmers To Discuss Jobs With Nation Saturday

Rep. Renee Ellmers in the studio preparing to tape her message on jobs to the nation.

It’s a big deal from a Freshman member of Congress and it is a special honor for it to be one of our own from North Carolina. Rep. Renee Ellmers has been chosen by the Speaker John Boehner to give the weekly Republican address to the nation on Saturday.

The announcement came on Thursday:

Washington House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today announced that Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC), a small business owner, will discuss Republicans’ job creation plan in the party’s weekly address on Saturday, June 25.  With initiatives to empower small businesses and make America more competitive, “A Plan for America’s Job Creators” is designed to get government out of the way so our economy can get back to creating jobs.

I’m proud to deliver this week’s Republican Address to the nation,” Rep. Ellmers said.

“Our Republican majority has been working hard to focus on the things that matter most to Americans – fixing our economy and creating jobs.  It is time that the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress make this their priority as well and work with us to remove the barriers that are inhibiting small businesses from hiring.  We have a plan to reclaim a prosperous future for all Americans and now is the time to make it happen.”

Congresswoman Ellmers proudly serves North Carolina’s Second District on the House Committees on Agriculture, Foreign Affairs and Small Business, where she chairs the Subcommittee on Health Care and Technology.  A registered nurse for more than 21 years, Rep. Ellmers and her husband own a small medical practice in Dunn, a small town 40 miles south of Raleigh.  She has been active in community affairs, having served as Vice President of Community Development for the Chamber of Commerce and as President Elect of the Chamber.

“Americans rightly expect their leaders to focus on jobs as small businesses try to overcome Washington Democrats’ ‘stimulus’ policies, and that’s what our plan is all about.”

Speaker Boehner said

“Renee has used her small business experience to promote common-sense solutions that will get government out of the way so our economy can get back to creating jobs.  I look forward to hearing what she has to say in the weekly address.”

Listen Saturday, June 25 after 6:00 a.m. EST, at which time it will be available here for viewing and here for downloading.



NCGOP Convention: Welcome Video from Cong. Michele Bachmann

WILMINGTON Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn), a 2012 presidential candidate, was scheduled to speak to the North Carolina Republican convention.  After being held up in Washington to vote, she sent along this video instead.

In case you missed it, or wish to see it again, here she is:


Smart Girl Politics Updates – SGN Magazine, NC Group, and Summit Upcoming

April 2011 Issue of "Smart Girl Nation" Magazine

April 2011 Issue of "Smart Girl Nation" Magazine

Attention conservative women of all ages: the latest issue of Smart Girl Nation is now available.  Written by members and leaders of Smart Girl Politics, highlights in the April issue include:

  • The Future of Female Military Aircraft Pilots
  • The Budget Cutdown Showdown
  • Freedom of Speech is Not Free
  • Tea Party Alliance Defeats Rail in Florida
  • Who Cares About Israel?

Also upcoming for the Smart Girls, is their Third annual Smart Girl Summit. This year, the event will be held in St. Louis from July 29-30.   Smart “Guys” are welcome too.   Check out this site for more information.

In 2010, the event was held in Washington, DC, and in 2009, the group went to Nashville.

KCC will be an official blogger of the event and will cover it all.

Check out North Carolina’s page on our NING site here.  You can also be a part of NC Smart Girls on Facebook here. Join us.

Your blogger is North Carolina State Co-Chairman, and she works alongside Charlotte’s Julie McKinney.