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RNC Election of Officers: Part II (Winter Meeting)

Chairman Priebus delivers remarks immediately following his re-election as Chairman of the RNC

Chairman Priebus delivers remarks immediately following his re-election as Chairman of the RNC

1:00 p.m. The Republican National Committee has reconvened and only one candidate has qualified to run, Reince Piebus.  He is being nominated and seconded.

You may follow the proceedings live on C-SPAN.

Since no other nominations qualify, rule 5-B says that they close nominations and stand for voting.  Only three people voted against him, assuring him of re-election.  Congratulations to Chairman Priebus.

In his acceptance speech, he called this overwhelming support, “a great honor.”

Renew, Grow, Win is the theme of the meeting and is his agenda for the next two years.

National Media captured the events live.

National Media captured the events live.

1:16  We must train activists and volunteers with modern tools.  (We will have more details of the speech soon.

1:33  Sharon Day is being nominated for a second term as Co-Chairman of the RNC.

1:40  After four seconding speech, Sharon Day was elected, un-opposed, as Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  She wants to lead a principled path to reach every single voter.  Lead a path that every single American knows is right.

The convention next elected Treasurer, Tony Parker, and Secretary Demetra DeMonte, unanimously, as was Sharon Day.

NC National Committeewoman Ada Fisher thanked everyone for coming down to North Carolina.

2:00  After a few final announcements, the meeting was adjourned.





Republican National Committee Winter Meeting, Part I

Renew, Grow, Win was the theme of the Winter Meeting

Renew, Grow, Win was the theme of the Winter Meeting

CHARLOTTE: Friday, January, 25, 2013


11:00 After a series of morning meetings and regional breakfasts, the meeting has been called to order by Republican National Committee Chairman (RNC) Reince Priebus.

Committeeman David Lewis of NC gave the Invocation.  Committeewoman Ada Fisher lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

This writer spoke with NC  Chairman, Robin Hayes this morning before the meeting.  Unfortunately, he had to leave and gave his voting proxy to Dr. Fisher.

DSCN3580The roll call is currently being conducted.

At 1:00 today, C-SPAN will broadcast live from this event.

Possible controversies:  Chairman Reince Priebus could be challenged by a Ron Paul follower from Maine.  NC Committeewoman Ada Fisher stated in an interview that she would support the re-election of Chairman Priebus.

NC Chairman Hayes mention that he did not have enough states to qualify to run in this race, will may hamper the Maine candidate’s chances.


Currently, there are about 8 people protesting outside the Westin Hotel.  Perhaps the extreme cold has kept their numbers down.  Meanwhile, there are a number of  college students in the audience who, instead of going to class this week, have chosen to follow the proceedings, here.  They appear to be interested in learning how the party works.

The Meeting has adjourned for lunch.  The election of officers, will take place after they reconvene at 1:00.

This concludes this post.  See Part II after lunch.






Ann Romney Wows ‘Em In Tampa

Ann Romney suffers from MS and beat cancer. She’s her husband’s biggest cheerleader.

TAMPA         High atop the Republican National Convention on a Wednesday evening, this blogger has a fantastic view of everything. The delegates are milling about on the floor, media rushes about to get interviews, and speakers struggle to keep the attention of the audience.

Again, Wednesday evening, the Texas delegation is dressed alike, this time, with light blue shirts and cowboy hats. The North Carolina delegation, for photo day, chose to wear seersucker suits to stand out on the floor. This blogger has loaned her jacket out to a cold neighbor, here in the Tampa Times Forum. The Forum is the home of the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team.

This convention has been as fun as advertised, though a bad back has slowed your blogger. She rented a scooter for the week and the RNC sent over a special Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) van that travels back and forth to the convention each day.

As regular readers may know, this blogger travels quite often to hear political speakers and has been active in politics since the age of six. After becoming seriously involved in the GOP and in the conservative movement at age 18, this 45-year-old no longer gets too excited at political speeches. It seems like after nearly 30 years in politics, we’ve seen and heard it all. KCC just doesn’t get too excited about it anymore.

However, something remarkable happened last night. Ann Romney happened.

She spoke about her life as a a wife, as a daughter of a Welsh coal miner, and the mother of five sons. Mrs. Romney discussed how it all started. How she went to a dance with Mitt. How they dated and fell in love.

They were married way too young because they were “crazy in love”, and at 22 she found herself the mother of their first son. She had no clue what to do.  We’ve heard that story before.

Delegates love Ann Romney

Mrs. Romney told the crowd that things weren’t always easy, but she and Mitt could depend on one another and they knew they could clear every obstacle.  She talked about how her husband, despite the demands of his work, always made time for his family. Mostly she showed his human side.  If there were any doubts in this blogger’s mind about Mitt, Ann Romney’s speech took care of them.

Wednesday night’s theme was “We Can Change It”.  Your blogger thinks a better theme would be “We Can Change It BACK” or “We Can Change if FORWARD”.  Change is now a scary word after Mr. Obama came into office and raped & pillaged our nation.

The liberal media keeps writing about Romney’s “problem with women”.  Polls are showing however, that among married women, Romney has a huge lead!  Romney does not have a “women problem”.

He has a “liberal women problem” and there is simply nothing that can be done about that!

More to come….

Undefeated: The Sarah Palin Documentary

Movie Poster for The Undefeated

MINNEAPOLIS    Andrew Breitbart introduced “Undefeated: The Sarah Palin Documentary” at Right Online Friday night.  He told his audience that this film is about fighting back against the mainstream media and the hard left.  ”I am nothing compared to Sarah Palin”, he continued.

“I have been through nothing compared to what Sarah Palin has been through.”  She is strong and she can light up everything.  She can go to a town of 25,000 people and get 50,000 to show up.   I’m not a woman but when I saw this film, I felt like a woman, Breitbart continued.

Her child Trig became a target. Because she took photos with him, Breitbart told viewers that it became okay to go after a special needs child.  He added that “the RNC sat on the sidelines and let all this happen, back in 1998.”

“She took on the corrupt Alaska Republican Party and seemingly every Democrat in Alaska was behind her. Today the mainstream media won’t report it.  They don’t discuss her past and how courageous and popular she was and is.  They just kick her in the rib cage”, added Breitbart.

He’s glad that other Tea Party people like Michele Bachmann are standing up for her.

She is not a national joke, but rather a national icon and an American Icon!

“This film will hit the media like a nuclear bomb because it is the truth. People tried to correlate the Gabby Giffords shooting to Sarah Palin, in yet another nutty attempt to bring the Governor down.”

Undefeated Shows How Sarah Palin took on the establishment and won.

Director Steve Bannon added, “This version is not the final version.  The version going to theaters will be PG-13 but this is the Unrated version.  The music will be different.”

The opening montage is fast paced and disgusting, filled with liberal rants from Hollywood icons using the “f” word as Gov. Palin’s middle name.  The term “retard” is used by supposedly tolerant liberals about young Trig,  and she’s further deemed a “media whore”.

The unrated version is truly shocking in its first few minutes.  Prior to the screening, children and all under 18 were asked to leave the room.

Opening credits state that the film is inspired by her book “Going Rogue“.

She starts out by discussing the Exxon Valdez.   It was a night mare scenario she says. Her husband, Todd, used the word “heartbreaking” as the land and the sea are sacred to the state’s natives.  It was an economic and social disaster and would change Alaska forever.

Palin said, “Banks reposed scores of commercial fishing vessels.  Divorces, alcohol abuses and suicides soared.  I was a young mother to be.   I hadn’t planned on running for office but looking back, I could see how that tragedy planted a seed in me.”

The film then turned to the corruption that was rampant in the Republican party, especially in leadership positions in the 1980s and 1990s.  The filmmakers documented the history of corruption in politics since then,  until Palin changed everything.  Then-Oil and Gas Commissioner Palin went public with this corruption, standing up in the face of opposition in her own party, she took on powerful people.  The film calls her “right and courageous”.

According to the film,

she gave up her six figure salary in the process and earned praise from everyone but those in the Republican high command.  She even took on corrupt Governor Frank Murkowski who didn’t take kindly to being crossed.

The two-term Wasilla mayor tossed her hat into the ring and took on Gov. Murkowski and his machine.  The film once again used the term courage as she worked hard to get her message out in the primary election.  It was “I can get things done”.  She knew a lot about oil and gas and she wanted to take care of Alaskans and their constitution.  Further, she knew how to pull “from both sides of the aisle”.

At 42, she became Governor. Her inaugural speech was an “Alaska first” speech interweaving spiritual metaphors with God’s blessings into verbal imagery about the state’s beauty and greatness.

She took on big oil, like ExxonMobile and other oil giants.  Their M.O. is to tie up the state with litigation by threatening to sue, Palin stated in the film.

Palin continued “We know our way to the courthouse, too.”  Palin forced companies with drilling rights to actually drill.   She took the popular term “drill, baby, drill” to heart.  In short, Mrs. Palin wanted to make sure Alaskans got a fair shake.

Undefeated continues into much more detail, which viewers will enjoy in their local theaters.

Though it sounds like a cliche’, Palin is certainly a maverick.  She is tougher than most men and has the admiration of many, including this blogger.  Before the screening, KCC had no idea of all the “stuff” that Palin had been through.

Mrs. Palin has been a great help to her constituents in Alaska with her expertise in energy.  She says that “People in this country don’t have an energy problem.  We have an energy crisis.”  The film interviews people who believe it is important where our oil and gas comes from.

60% comes from overseas in often unfriendly nations.  Producing our own oil helps create American jobs.  Palin believes in the Natural gas pipeline, that would run from Alaska to the lower 48.  Apparently Alaska is loaded with natural gas.  She says the nation will look to Alaska and away from dirty burning coal.

By this time, her approval rating in Alaska had soared to 80%, a number, the film says, is unheard of among statewide officials.

The final portion of the film deals with her selection for Vice President by nominee, Senator John McCain.

Many conservatives needed a reason to vote for the ticket.  Instead of holding their noses to vote for McCain, they rationalized it as casting a vote for Sarah Palin for Vice President.

She declared she was just an average hockey mom who signed up for the PTA.

Check out reviews here and here.  Check out what Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood has to say. It will shock you.

This woman deserves better.  It’s tough standing up, often alone.  Sarah Palin is an inspiration to this blogger, whether or not she runs for President!  Meanwhile, try to catch her on her national tour, if you can.

NOTE: RightOnline, now in its 4th year, is a conference sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity.  It is held yearly in the same city as its liberal counter part, NetRoots Nation.  Right Online teaches newbies and veterans alike how to be more effective online.

Your blogger loves the Americans for Prosperity and enjoys being active with them in North Carolina and nationally. Be sure to check out the AFP in NC.

Obama Fun…with The Ancient Mariner and the RNC

In North Carolina this Fall, our municipalities and counties have local elections.  What better way to get to those liberals than to hang Obama around their necks like the albatross in Samuel Taylor Coleridge‘s Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

With apologies to Mr. Coleridge, here is what KCC hopes our local liberals will be saying in November 2011 and in 2012:

Ah ! well a-day ! what evil looks
Had we liberals from old and young !
Instead of the cross, the Obama failures
About our necks were hung.

Here are the latest fun and games that the Barack Obama administration is having with our tax dollars, brought to you by the Republican National Committee. This post is a “week’s best” from other media outlets around the country.  Enjoy…or scream, but make sure it motivates you to get active now.

Waste Not
“The simple fact is that Obama’s spendthrift ways produced the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, with GDP growth far below, and unemployment far above, the trend set in previous recoveries.”  (Editorial, “A Shovel Empty Waste of $787 Billion,” Investor’s Business Daily, 5/18/2011) 

Never Enough Government?
Obama Democrats push for another federal agency, more government employees, more taxpayer funds wasted, nothing useful achieved.  (Charles Gasparino, “More Useless Government: New Fed Agency Won’t Solve Anything,” New York Post, 5/22/2011)

Half of ObamaCare Waivers to Unions…
The lion’s share of ObamaCare waivers go to Obama’s Big Labor supporters.  (Mark Hemingway, “Over Half of All ObamaCare Waivers Given to Union Members,” The Weekly Standard, 5/16/2011)

…And One Fifth for Pelosi
Apparently $60 steaks don’t generate enough restaurant revenue to provide healthcare.  (Matthew Boyle, “Nearly 20 Percent of New ObamaCare Waivers Are Gourmet Restaurants, Nightclubs, Fancy Hotels in Nancy Pelosi’s District,” The Daily Caller, 5/16/2011)

California = Bust?
California Republicans try to save their state from Democrats’ bloated spending, taxes, and waste.  (George Will, “Golden State Blues,” The Washington Post, 5/20/2011)

Just Another Wealth Transfer to Obama’s Allies
Courtesy of your taxes, Obama’s “Stimulus” preserved 450,000 public sector union jobs while quashing one million private sector jobs. (John Hinderaker, “A Verdict on Obama’s “Stimulus” Plan,”Powerline, 5/15/2011)

“Funnyman” Colbert is Butt of Own Joke
Comedian Stephen Colbert finds the joke is on him when he gets snared in arcane campaign finance laws.  (Steve Simpson & Paul Sherman, “Stephen Colbert’s Free Speech Problem: The Comedian Runs Up Against Campaign-finance Law in an Attempt to Lampoon the Supreme Court,” The Wall Street Journal, 5/19/2011)

GOP’s Big Tent
Republican candidates display true diversity — the diversity of ideas.  (S.E. Cupp, “The Left’s Fake Rainbow Coalition: When it Comes to Ideas, GOP is Far More Diverse,” New York Daily News, 5/18/2011)

With Friends Like These…
Barack Obama’s hard line stance concerning Israel is having a chilling effect on his former supporters.  (Eli Lake, “Obama’s Speech Doesn’t Sway Some Key Donors,” The Washington Times, 5/22/2011)

Criticize Obama at Your Peril
Want your newspaper to have access to Obama’s media entourage?  Better toe the leftist, pro-Obama party line…  (Hillary Chabot, “White House Shuts Out Herald Scribe,” Boston Herald, 5/18/2011)

Weekly Republican Video Address
View this week’s message from Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison as she discusses the Republican Party’s efforts to lower soaring energy prices and the Obama Democrats’ unwillingness to cooperate.


Urgent Reminder: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in Raleigh and Greensboro Wednesday

Let's Help Elect Republicans by attending one of two fundraisers on Wednesday

Last minute reminder: Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus will be in both Raleigh and Greensboro for fundraisers on Wednesday.  He’ll be in Raleigh headlining a luncheon and in Greensboro for dinner.

NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes made the following statement regarding Chairman Priebus’ visit to North Carolina:

“Chairman Priebus has re-energized and re-focused the Republican Party to put Republicans in a better position to beat Barack Obama in 2012.  Every dollar raised tomorrow will go directly towards making Barack Obama a one-term president and Beverly Perdue a one-time governor.”



12:30 PM     Raleigh “Take Back NC” Grassroots Fundraiser

North Carolina Republican Party Headquarters

1506 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC  27605

5:30 PM     Greensboro “Take Back NC” Grassroots Fundraiser

Guilford County Republican Party Headquarters

3950 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC  27407

Cost: $20 for individuals

$10 Students and Young Republicans (members of Young Professional Republicans)

Includes meal and refreshments


Editor’s Note:  Your blogger had planned to be there, but it slipped her mind and she planned a party for her young son at the same time as the Raleigh event.  We would appreciate photos from the event and will publish them with credit to the photographer.

New RNC Chairman Priebus Cleans House to Reduce Party Debt

Republican National Committee - Leading the Way

The Republican National Committee’s national chairman, Reince Priebus, isn’t wasting time putting a stop to the excessive spending problem that occurred under former chairman, Michael Steele.  According to the St. Petersburg Times’ Political Blog, former RNC finance chairmen Al Hoffman and Mel Sembler of Florida to help right the financial status.

The paper went on to add newly elected chairman Reince Priebus named Hoffman one of the chairs on the transition finance team, along with Sam Fox of St. Louis and Ron Weiser, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party .

According to the blog Virginia Right!, Priebus took over an RNC that is $20 million in debt and had already spent $600,00o for the summer 2012 GOP National Convention. The RNC chose Tampa, Florida as the site of that convention.

Post author Tom White added

With the 2012 Convention approaching, there is a lot of planning to be done. But this far out to spend $600,000 is unfathomable. Something had to change!  And change is in the air. Enter the new Chairman Reince Priebus.

Your blogger is rooting for Mr. Priebus as he transitions the RNC on bit more of a diet.  Republicans don’t need a Lexus of a national convention.  A good Ford will do just fine.  Hoffman and Sembler were part of an effort to oust Michael Steele as chairman, questioning his spending and efforts to reach out to donors.

Smart Girl Politics is a leading grassroots, educational organization for conservative women.

Reports have stated that Steele traveled lavishly, but ran for re-election based on the fact that Republicans had excellent results nationwide in 2010.  Your blogger attributes the GOP successes  to the grassroots efforts of groups like the Americans for Prosperity, Freedomworks, SmartGirl Politics, and other tea party affiliated organizations.

Members of the RNC agreed.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Priebus Taps Insiders to Rebuild RNC from Fox News.

Standing Ovation for Michael Steele?

Former Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele

It’s true.  When now former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele announced that he was quitting the race today, he was met with a standing ovation.  According to the blog Electric Venom,

Steele noted “It’s very clear the party wants to do something a little different and maybe a little better.”

She then added

All I have to say is: word.

And this blogger adds, right back atcha, babe.

This blogger is clearly happy to see Steele gone and opposed his election in the first place. He seemed never to be in touch with the grassroots movement that swept the nation these past two years and finally showed its colors at ballot boxes in November.

Many people voted for Steele because of his skin color. They felt that since the nation had elected a black president, then the RNC needed a black chairman. If that was the case, there was another, more conservative candidate. But your blogger doesn’t believe we should hire or elect anyone because of skin color.  It doesn’t matter whether the person is white, black, Asian, or Native American, KCC believes in electing or hiring a person based on merit.

If that person is the best for the job, then elect or hire them. If these ideals had been in place and in our hearts, we would have never needed affirmative active, so-called women’s-lib, or any other equality  movement.

Updated: Republican National Committee Electing New Chairman -Now

The Republican National Committee is, at this moment, working to elect its next chairman or chairwoman.  Currently on the fourth ballot, the election has taken all afternoon.

UPDATE: 4:12 p.m. four candidates left after round four. Now counting ballots.

UPDATE: 4:21 Round 4 ballots counted. Priebus (Hailey Barbour clone) wins 58 votes. 88 needed to win. Steele is our and endorses LIBERAL Cino.

Round Five: Priebus 67 votes, needed 85 to win. Cino 2nd with 40 votes, Anuzis 32, Wagoner 28.

KCC favors conservative Wagoner but it looks like the status quo will win again.

Freedomworks is carrying the balloting on its UStream  channel but unfortunately, your blogger is in a low bandwidth area, writing this post on a tablet computer.  Thus KCC is following the election on Twitter.

This evening, we will provide a full wrap up the vote with the name of the new chairman or chairwoman and the results of each balloting round.

Voting from North Carolina are NCGOP state chairman Tom Fetzer, state committeeman State Rep. David Lewis, and state committeewoman Dr.Ada Fisher.

Today is also the last day of Fetzer’s reign as state chairman.  He is stepping down early from the position, having accomplished the goals he set.  Also, during his tenure, he married, had a son, and relocated to the Wilmington area, where his wife calls home.  Fetzer grew up in Raleigh.

More on both stories tonight and on Saturday.

UPDATE: Priebus has won the election.  Details next post.

RNC Candidates Debate, Sponsored by FreedomWorks

Enjoy the “conversation” among the candidates for Republican National Committee Chairman, sponsored by FreedomWorks, the conservative group headed by former Congressman Dick Armey.