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Sarah Palin Headlines RightOnline

Support AFP, especially in North Carolina!

I’m ready.  My husband’s ready.  My blogger pals across the nation are ready and American’s for Prosperity Foundation is ready.    We are heading to Las Vegas for the Right Online 2012 Conference to see headliner Sarah Palin, and other great speakers.  Check it all out here!

There is still room for YOU!  The conference, held annually, is this year being hosted by the beautiful Venetian Hotel.  In fact, it’s the only non-union hotel on the Vegas strip.  Yes, there will be time for the “what-stays-in-Vegas” stuff, but I’m looking forward to a great weekend seeing old friends, meeting new ones, learning the latest about social media, blogging and the latest trends on grassroots in battling the left.

This is our second trip in three years to the Venetian and this AFP volunteer can promise an extensive learning experience and a good time. (By the way, I don’t even gamble.  Why should I waste my good money when I can watch everyone else loose theirs?)

Sign up here.

FCC Completes One Facet of Illegal Power Grab – Obama Continues To Remove Internet Freedoms via Net Neutrality

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Less Government President and’s Editor in Chief Seton Motley issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Paperwork Reduction Act review of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s illegal Network Neutrality order.  A review which by law should have been done before the vote on the order, rather than after.  Which sets up the final order filing with the Federal Register – and enactment.

Obama's so-called "Net Neutrality" would prevent private companies, such as backbone companies like Alcatel-Lucent and telcos and wireless companies like Verizon from further investing into research and building infrastructure. Without this private investment, the Internet could not grow. Obama wants the Internet to be controlled by the government and for the government to hand out "free" service. Like Obamacare, it would never work. Stop Net Neutrality now!!!!

“The Federal Communications Commission has since the very inception of their Network Neutrality power grab been in serial violation of myriad laws.

“The D.C. Circuit Court telegraphed this by throwing out the FCC’s last attempt to impose Net Neutrality, rightly (and unanimously) pointing out that the FCC doesn’t have the authority.  The Commission knew in December what they were about to do was illegal – they went ahead with it anyway.

“To avoid the scrutiny of the Paperwork Reduction Act, they violated it too – engaging in the Act’s processes after voting on the Net Neutrality order rather than before, as required.

“The irony of the FCC breaking an array of laws to impose their illegal order – and then expecting us to assiduously adhere to it – is apparently lost on them.

“All of this demonstrates that for this FCC, the ends they want justify any means necessary.”

Editor’s note: Seton Motley is a friend of your blogger and has worked hard following this issue.  Americans are blessed to have such a valued watchdog.  For more information, please check out the Stop Network Regulation website.

Herman Cain Gets Testy With Liberals at Right Online 2011

Herman Cain Waves to a RightOnline Audience

After his closing speech at Right Online 2011, Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, held a blogger only Q & A session, just as he did at the 2010 RightOnline in Las Vegas.

Roughly 15 bloggers attended, including those from the liberal, and competing NetRoots Nation, which was being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Many of their attendees were staying at the Minneapolis Hilton, the RightOnline convention hotel..

Fellow blogger and friend, Nice Deb, taped this interesting, and occasionally testy exchange that runs just over 27 minutes. Every second is well worth the watch for a Herman Cain fan or political junkie interested in the GOP primary.

Another fellow blogger and friend, Stacy McCain at The Other McCain,  had this to say about Cain’s talk at the blogger’s event:

The normally genial Atlanta businessman became angry when Evan McMorris-Santoro, a writer for the liberal blog Talking Points Memo, asked whether Cain would apply “special precautions” in hiring Muslims.

“If you’re trying to make me lose my cool, you’re almost succeeding,” Cain said, after McMorris-Santoro raised the question — one Cain had addressed at some length to begin the press conference — and when the TMP writer attempted to reiterate the question, Cain roared back: “I never said I would use any special precautions!”

Cain then apologized for having raised his voice.

RightOnline was held in Minneapolis last weekend.  The event, sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity, completed it’s 4th annual gathering.  Previous events were held in Austin, Pittsburgh,and  Las Vegas.  The 2012 edition will be held in Providence, Rhode Island, next summer.

North Carolina was one of three charter states in this organization and your blogger was proud to be the blogger representing the old North State!

See also: Herman Cain Raises Voice, Holds Ground by Warner Todd Huston

Much more coverage and wrap up of Right Online coming up!


Right Online Saturday Morning General Session: Streamed LIVE! (Updated)

The Right Online Saturday morning General Session is being streamed LIVE!  If you cannot be here, watch the fun unfold  at Katy’s Conservative Corner.  We are working with Americans For Prosperity to bring Right Online to your home and office.  The event begins at 9 a.m. Central, 10:00 Eastern.



The lineup today, though subject to change, includes:

Erick Erickson of Red State Spoke to Saturday morning's General Session

Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN)
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN)
Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS)
Michelle Malkin – Author, Blogger, and Commentator
Jason Lewis – Author and Radio Host
John FundThe Wall Street Journal
S.E. Cupp – Author and Conservative Commentator
Ed Morrissey -
Erick Erickson –
Guy Benson -

Michelle Malkin kept the crowd laughing!

Undefeated: The Sarah Palin Documentary

Movie Poster for The Undefeated

MINNEAPOLIS    Andrew Breitbart introduced “Undefeated: The Sarah Palin Documentary” at Right Online Friday night.  He told his audience that this film is about fighting back against the mainstream media and the hard left.  ”I am nothing compared to Sarah Palin”, he continued.

“I have been through nothing compared to what Sarah Palin has been through.”  She is strong and she can light up everything.  She can go to a town of 25,000 people and get 50,000 to show up.   I’m not a woman but when I saw this film, I felt like a woman, Breitbart continued.

Her child Trig became a target. Because she took photos with him, Breitbart told viewers that it became okay to go after a special needs child.  He added that “the RNC sat on the sidelines and let all this happen, back in 1998.”

“She took on the corrupt Alaska Republican Party and seemingly every Democrat in Alaska was behind her. Today the mainstream media won’t report it.  They don’t discuss her past and how courageous and popular she was and is.  They just kick her in the rib cage”, added Breitbart.

He’s glad that other Tea Party people like Michele Bachmann are standing up for her.

She is not a national joke, but rather a national icon and an American Icon!

“This film will hit the media like a nuclear bomb because it is the truth. People tried to correlate the Gabby Giffords shooting to Sarah Palin, in yet another nutty attempt to bring the Governor down.”

Undefeated Shows How Sarah Palin took on the establishment and won.

Director Steve Bannon added, “This version is not the final version.  The version going to theaters will be PG-13 but this is the Unrated version.  The music will be different.”

The opening montage is fast paced and disgusting, filled with liberal rants from Hollywood icons using the “f” word as Gov. Palin’s middle name.  The term “retard” is used by supposedly tolerant liberals about young Trig,  and she’s further deemed a “media whore”.

The unrated version is truly shocking in its first few minutes.  Prior to the screening, children and all under 18 were asked to leave the room.

Opening credits state that the film is inspired by her book “Going Rogue“.

She starts out by discussing the Exxon Valdez.   It was a night mare scenario she says. Her husband, Todd, used the word “heartbreaking” as the land and the sea are sacred to the state’s natives.  It was an economic and social disaster and would change Alaska forever.

Palin said, “Banks reposed scores of commercial fishing vessels.  Divorces, alcohol abuses and suicides soared.  I was a young mother to be.   I hadn’t planned on running for office but looking back, I could see how that tragedy planted a seed in me.”

The film then turned to the corruption that was rampant in the Republican party, especially in leadership positions in the 1980s and 1990s.  The filmmakers documented the history of corruption in politics since then,  until Palin changed everything.  Then-Oil and Gas Commissioner Palin went public with this corruption, standing up in the face of opposition in her own party, she took on powerful people.  The film calls her “right and courageous”.

According to the film,

she gave up her six figure salary in the process and earned praise from everyone but those in the Republican high command.  She even took on corrupt Governor Frank Murkowski who didn’t take kindly to being crossed.

The two-term Wasilla mayor tossed her hat into the ring and took on Gov. Murkowski and his machine.  The film once again used the term courage as she worked hard to get her message out in the primary election.  It was “I can get things done”.  She knew a lot about oil and gas and she wanted to take care of Alaskans and their constitution.  Further, she knew how to pull “from both sides of the aisle”.

At 42, she became Governor. Her inaugural speech was an “Alaska first” speech interweaving spiritual metaphors with God’s blessings into verbal imagery about the state’s beauty and greatness.

She took on big oil, like ExxonMobile and other oil giants.  Their M.O. is to tie up the state with litigation by threatening to sue, Palin stated in the film.

Palin continued “We know our way to the courthouse, too.”  Palin forced companies with drilling rights to actually drill.   She took the popular term “drill, baby, drill” to heart.  In short, Mrs. Palin wanted to make sure Alaskans got a fair shake.

Undefeated continues into much more detail, which viewers will enjoy in their local theaters.

Though it sounds like a cliche’, Palin is certainly a maverick.  She is tougher than most men and has the admiration of many, including this blogger.  Before the screening, KCC had no idea of all the “stuff” that Palin had been through.

Mrs. Palin has been a great help to her constituents in Alaska with her expertise in energy.  She says that “People in this country don’t have an energy problem.  We have an energy crisis.”  The film interviews people who believe it is important where our oil and gas comes from.

60% comes from overseas in often unfriendly nations.  Producing our own oil helps create American jobs.  Palin believes in the Natural gas pipeline, that would run from Alaska to the lower 48.  Apparently Alaska is loaded with natural gas.  She says the nation will look to Alaska and away from dirty burning coal.

By this time, her approval rating in Alaska had soared to 80%, a number, the film says, is unheard of among statewide officials.

The final portion of the film deals with her selection for Vice President by nominee, Senator John McCain.

Many conservatives needed a reason to vote for the ticket.  Instead of holding their noses to vote for McCain, they rationalized it as casting a vote for Sarah Palin for Vice President.

She declared she was just an average hockey mom who signed up for the PTA.

Check out reviews here and here.  Check out what Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood has to say. It will shock you.

This woman deserves better.  It’s tough standing up, often alone.  Sarah Palin is an inspiration to this blogger, whether or not she runs for President!  Meanwhile, try to catch her on her national tour, if you can.

NOTE: RightOnline, now in its 4th year, is a conference sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity.  It is held yearly in the same city as its liberal counter part, NetRoots Nation.  Right Online teaches newbies and veterans alike how to be more effective online.

Your blogger loves the Americans for Prosperity and enjoys being active with them in North Carolina and nationally. Be sure to check out the AFP in NC.

Right Online is Online – Friday’s General Session (Updated – Video)

Right Online Director Erik Telford Open's Friday's General Session

MINNEAPOLIS Good afternooon from Right Online, an online activism conference sponsored by our friends at the Americans for Prosperity.  This morning KCC has attended a couple of great track session, that we will be reporting on later.

Meanwhile, all the action in the ballroom is being fed LIVE via Live Stream.  Thus, even if you have to miss the conference, you don’t have to miss the speakers.  Be sure to check out Friday’s Agenda here and follow RightOnline, live, below.   If you are on twitter and are interested in keeping up with those in house, follow the hashtag #ro11

Your blogger’s twitter feed can be found at

KCC is glad to have you with us and “welcome” to RightOnline!

Update 2:50 p.m. CDT The Friday General Session has now concluded, but KCC will bring it all back to you via You Tube.  The talk of the afternoon went to Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) who spoke about the danger’s of Obama and his FCC’s takeover attempt of the Internet that she joking stated “that Al Gore invented”.

Update: 3:20 CDT You blogger will have all speeches online here just as soon as they are available.  Please check back.

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) spoke about Obama's FCC trying to take away your Internet freedoms

Melissa Clouthier aka @MelissaTweets addresses Friday's General Session

Rep. John Kline (Col. USMCR) speaks to RightOnline. He is a Minnesota GOP Congressman.

Register Now for RightOnline – Conf. Starts Friday!

RightOnline 2011 is a great learning opportunity for those in, or interested in getting into online media. Come join us!

The Americans for Prosperity present their 4th annual RightOnline conference, this weekend in Minneapolis!  Your blogger will be there, along with thousands of other conservatives.  Will you? This will be KCC’s third annual trip to the conference that moves around as does it’s liberal competition, Netroots Nation.  More on that below.

Here are the details:

On June 17-18 Americans for Prosperity Foundation will bring our fourth annual RightOnline Conference to Minneapolis, Minnesota. For the fourth consecutive year RightOnline will counter Netroots Nation on the same weekend of their yearly convention of left-wing activists.

The 2011 RightOnline Conference will bring together influential new media experts, leading conservative voices, and hundreds of citizen activists to provide important grassroots training, offering the tools and inspiration to more effectively impact public policy in favor of limited government and free enterprise.

RightOnline will include workshops and panels led by prominent free market leaders and keynote speeches from the nation’s most influential conservatives, including Michelle Malkin and conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart.

Confirmed Speakers:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, U.S. House of Representatives
Governor Tim Pawlenty,
former Governor of Minnesota
Senator Mike Lee,
U.S. Senate
Michelle Malkin
, syndicated columnist, author, and Fox News Channel
Andrew Breitbart,
conservative commentator and author of Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (VA)
Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza
Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, U.S. House of Representatives
Congressman John Kline, U.S. House of Representatives

S.E. Cupp, Fox News Contributor
Erick Erickson, Editor-in-Chief
John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Guy Benson,
Ed Morrissey,
Mary Katharine Ham,  Fox News Contributor and Daily Caller

RightOnline Highlights:

· Social Networking and Mobilization Workshops

· Blogging and Investigative Research Training

· Keynote Speeches from Leading Conservative Voices

·         Briefings from Top Conservative Policy Analyst

·         Andrew Breitbart book signing

·         And Much More

Location and Lodging:

Hilton Minneapolis
1001 Marquette Avenue South
Minneapolis 55403
Our room block is currently full. Below are suggested hotels in the area:

Hilton Garden Inn – $149

Marriott City Center – $149

Comfort Suites – $169

Millennium Hotel – $189

W Hotel – $189

Grand Hyatt Minneapolis – $199

Registration includes dinner Friday night and breakfast on Saturday.

Learn more at

Don’t forget, we will be going head to head with the liberals of Netroots Nation on Twitter and other social media.  Please follow RightOnline at the hashtag #RO11.

NC AFP: Live from Cancun, Sort of – Global Warming Alarmism

Event Logo

AFP Event Logo

Welcome.  This evening your writer is  live-blogging the latest stop on the Americans for Prosperity’s Hot Air Tour, which is being broadcast live to over 20 states and worldwide via the AFP website.

This stop is in Cancun, Mexico and features an event entitled “Unmasking International Global Warming Alarmism.

Though the actual event is happening in Cancun, Mexico, your blogger is actually located in Raleigh, at the North Carolina office of Americans for Prosperity (AFP).  It’s going to be loads of fun.

This event is the official North Carolina state AFP party and is complete with “beach party” style posters, tee shirts, and beach balls.  Additionally, Grassroots Director, Chris Marie Farr, provided a feast of Mexican style food, with Mexican style decorations.  The NC team has gone  all out!

Keep refreshing your browser this page for more.

NC Director, Dallas Woodhouse, Skypes in from Cancun. He provided the Raleigh crowd a lot of interesting and inside information.

Farr started off the program by addressing some of the concerns of “climate change”, formerly known to liberals as “global warming”.  She also provided background and history of the legislation and introduced the speakers here in Raleigh and mentioned those who would be speaking down in Cancun.

In Raleigh, we are lucky to have Darren Bakst and Roy Cordato, Ph.D. from the John Locke Foundation.

Currently, State Director Dallas Woodhouse is speaking to the group of about 60, via Skype from Cancun.  He joked about having been there in college, but this time it was completely serious.

He spoke of seeing “too much Communist Red” and how we conservatives are slowing beginning to win the debate.  ”More and more people are beginning to see this logically”, he told the group.

It’s against the federal constitution of Mexico for foreigners to get in and protest and he has to be low key.

He’s not gonna change the minds of the “kooks down here”, but he wants to change the minds of Americans, he said in response to a question of  this blogger.

This conference, he said, was about redistribution of wealth, sadly.  He added that he can get into some of the meetings if he is really low key.

There are a number of Americans down there, he said, supporting AFP and a number of KCC’s fellow conservative bloggers, including Warner Todd Huston, someone KCC respects and admires!

Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation

Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation spoke about CO2

Roy Cordato Ph.D, of the John Locke Foundation is now speaking.

Cordato said that the alarmists have said that every person on earth must cut their CO2 use by 75% over the next 100 years.  Even still, he added,  Europe will still warm and the polar ice caps will melt.  The warming will occur by so few degrees, that it’s statistically insignificant.

Update: Currently APF national president, Tim Phillips is speaking live via the AFP website (via satellite). Tune in here.

Phillips is a true believer, folks, and this blogger had the opportunity to campaign, door-to-door with him, his son, and a bus full of others in Las Vegas, against Harry Reid during the RightOnline 2010 conference. This man can take that Vegas heat in July! He believes in AFP, and so do we at KCC.

Grassroots Director Chris Farr, models the "Bureaucrats Gone Wild" Tee Shirts which were distributed at the viewing party with a Cancun theme.

The Raleigh group is currently watching the live webcast which features a number of guests, including blogger extraordinare Andrew Breitbart.  Unfortunately we  have a few  technical difficulties from Cancun and will misss all of Breitbart’s talk.

Thus, your blogger looks forward to seeing the webcast in its entirety on Friday at the website.

By the way, If you have an account, follow the discussion on Twitter by searching for, and using the hashtag #hatcan  There are many private citizens who are in Cancun, tweeting the event.

Stan Young listens to the NC AFP presentation on Global Warming Alarmists

Stan Young listens to the NC AFP presentation on Global Warming Alarmists

Stan Young, a statistician, told the Raleigh crowd that there isn’t much in the way of temperature records.  ”Only about 150 years worth”.  After proper statistical data has been undertaken and overridden what is corrupted, “it could be that there is no global warming at all,” Young concluded. (Google the term “Climate-gate” for more information about how the data was suppressed and corrupted.)

9:36: More coming soon.  I’m getting thrown out of the meeting room as the event ended at 9 p.m.  More to come.

10:31 p.m.  The meeting ended about 90 minutes ago and this blogger has just arrived home.

Global warming is an issue that this blogger previously taken lightly, as she had grown tired of the liberals and other alarmists harping on the issue. In short, KCC tuned them out.

All she really felt was this:  change is cyclical, yet constant.  Tempertatures rise and fall over time.  The earth goes through heating periods and through cooling periods, such as the Little Ice Age that occured from the 16th to the 19th centuries.   This included the American Revolutionary War period.

We can no longer afford to have such simplistic views of the issue.  There have been bills circulating through Congress for several years that would strengthen the Clean Air Act, thus giving the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) even more power over our lives.  We must continue to contact our Senators and Members of Congress to discourage their passage.

Ironcally, today, December 2nd, is the 40th anniversary of the EPA.

Yesterday, liberal site Greenwire (among others), announced some very good news for conservatives. The new House Republican majority in Washington will no longer hold certain committee meetings:

Republicans have decided to kill the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, current ranking member Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) announced yesterday. “This will be the final hearing of the select committee,” Sensenbrenner said. The announcement came during a star-studded hearing called by Chairman Ed Markey (D-Mass.) focused on a range of energy and climate issues — including planetary security.

(Greenwire, 12/02/2010 House Global Warming Committee Goes Gentle Into That Good Night)

The terrible thing about this “UN-sponsored” conference is that it is actually funded by American taxpayers.  As attendees saw in secretely filmed videos, conference attendees have been well-feted.

At many events, taxpayer-funded alcohol and high-quality food was served to “dignataries” from around the world.  If this isn’t a good enough reason to get the United States out of the United Nations, now, KCC doesn’t know what is!

This ends the coverage of the North Carolina party. Thanks for being with us this evening.

New UNC System Prez, New Scandals

According to the J.W. Pope Civitas Institute in Raleigh, the speedily confirmed Thomas Ross has a past and has many contacts on the left.  He’s also involved with a Acorn Group Logolittle group that shocked the nation with its corruption.  That group?  None other than Barack Obama‘s ACORN.

You may remember a brilliant young woman named Anita Moncrief once went to work for ACORN, as a true believing lefty. However, she saw much that she didn’t like and she wasn’t willing to look away. Three years later, blew the whistle on the group, gaining national notoriety.  She now works for conservative causes and is much beloved on the right.    (Your blogger got to meet her recently, at the RightOnline blogger’s conference, and got the “I’m not worthy feeling“.)

Meanwhile, during his confirmation for the position to be paid for by your tax dollars, all most North Carolinians heard was that “the upstanding Ross” was the president of the well-respected Davidson College, on of the Southeast’s top private institutions.   We didn’t hear about his affiliations with such liberal groups as the left-leaning Z-Smith Reynolds Foundation,  where he

oversaw massive contributions to an enormous array of far-left liberal activist organizations. He took what was already a politically active foundation, founded by one of North Carolina’s most prominent families, and turned it into an active organizer and funder of the left’s political agenda in North Carolina. All manner of socially left organizations were on the foundation’s dole under Ross’s administration, including the radical and nefarious ACORN organization.

Author Andrew Henson described ACORN thusly:

ACORN is an organization of community organizers with a tarnished history of fraud, embezzlement, and conflict of interest. ACORN employees have been tried and convicted of systematic voter registration fraud according to There have been reported cases of this kind of fraud in Missouri, Washington, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and in 2007, ACORN’s Las Vegas office was even raided by state criminal investigators. In addition to fraud, co-founder Dale Rathke was found to have embezzled nearly $1 million from the so-called “charitable” funds of his organization. ACORN had strong ties to President Obama, and was actively engaged, in conjunction with other groups of identifying and turning out Obama voters in NC and across the nation for the 2008 election.

Check out Henson’s shocking piece on the Civitas website.  Additionally, Henson adds a Part II to the story.

“Dreaming” of a Better America

KCC is here at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington at the Defending the American Dream Conference.  The event, sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, has had educational sessions this morning, including some that were repeated from the RightOnline conference that your blogger recently attended in Las Vegas.

There are over 2500 people at this event, the largest number of attendees ever.   In fact, they had to turn people away and the Wardman Park Hotel has been booked solid for months.  Popular radio host, Chad Adams, formally of Civitas, told this blogger that there were over 460 delegates from the “ole’ North state”.

Also joining us in the hotel are people wearing name tags stating they are with the Restoring Honor Rally. Your blogger assumes they must be staff or volunteers for that event.  They looked at those of us wearing Dream names tags with a bit of suspicion, which was odd, because the AFP will be running buses to the Glenn Beck event on Saturday afternoon.

Currently, KCC is sitting with the large North Carolina delegation, listening to a poll presentation by Francis DeLuca of the Civitas Institute.  (DeLuca is an American hero, as he is a retired U.S. Marine Colonel and once served as a combat helicopter pilot.)

Dallas Woodhouse announced that the NC AFP will be shooting an issue ad to be shown in the 8th and the 11th Congressional Districts.  He issued a call for people living in those districts to show up in the morning to appear in those ads.

Look for more reports coming.  Next up are the main speakers of the afternoon.  Exciting stuff.