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ACTION Alert – Override Gov. Veto Now on Natural Gas Fracking – Bring Back Jobs to NC

It’s time to work the phones, North Carolina conservatives!  This according to the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women.

According an action alert sent to members, legislative chairman  Joyce Krawiec wrote:

Our Republican led House and Senate recently passed S820 to allow for Hydraulic Fracturing in NC.  This technology would enable NC to harvest natural gas which would be a huge job creator for our state. The Governor had said she would be in favor of this legislation but now, it is expected that she will veto this legislation. We need to contact certain Legislators that we believe may be leaning to vote for overriding the Governor’s veto.


Call the Legislators below and urge them to vote to over ride Gov. Perdue’s veto.

Krawiec urged readers to telephone and e-mail the following Representatives.  She added that callers should be extremely polite and keep your message simple:

Don’t let Governor Perdue continue to block jobs and energy security in North Carolina.  Please override the veto of Senate Bill 820.


Rep. Pat  McElraft 919 733 6275

Rep. Dewey Hill 919 733 5830

Rep. William Brisson 919 733 5772

Rep. Bryan Holloway 919 733 5609

Rep. Tim Spear 919 715 3029

Rep. Bill Owens 919 733 0010

Rep. Marcus Brandon 919 733 5825

Rep. Susi  Hamilton 919 733 5754

Want to Support Public Charter Schools in NC?

NC House Speaker Thom Tillis will be the featured speaker

Want to support public, charter, schools in North Carolina?  Attend the N.C. Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ dinner with State House Speaker Thom Tillis. 

The dinner, which is set for Monday, July 23 at the Concord Convention Center, is part of the Alliance’s third annual charter school conference.

Tickets are $75 per person and can be purchased by clicking HERE.  Reserve your seat today!

The North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization with a mission of advancing quality educational opportunities for all North Carolina children by supporting and expanding successful public charter schools.

EPA Chief Speaks At Duke, Spreads Lies about Republicans, Covers Up Own Job Killing Policies

PHOTO: Lisa Jackson, Obama Administration EPA Chief

Lisa Jackson, Obama Administration EPA Chief

A reader wrote to KCC today, distressed that President Barack Obama‘s EPA chief is up to her old shenanigans:

Lisa Jackson is up to her partisan tricks again – she’s accusing Republicans of ‘lies and propaganda’ – which is funny, because economic studies have shown that North Carolina stands to lose 47,000 jobs and electrical rates would rise as much as 12.7%. 

AND when the EPA does create a job, it’s at the expense of four regular jobs. A study found that EPA rules would create 55,000 jobs but other sectors would lose 238,000 jobs (divide them and you get 4 jobs lost for every 1 job created).

Lisa Jackson doesn’t want to admit that her EPA policies are actually job killers and that it would raise costs on NC families and businesses. 

The Raleigh News and Observer reported

In a speech at Duke University, Jackson argued that EPA policies conservatives and Republicans in Washington are spreading disinformation in a bid to roll back this country’s environmental protections and to hobble the agency.

However, the paper concluded that Jackson’s speech at Duke is part of a broader counter-attack by regulators who are facing intense criticism from conservative critics during the nation’s worst economic downturn since World War II.

Jackson has been in trouble with the Obama administration before, for going too far in attacks on conservatives. In fact, she nearly had to step down from her high post.

Listen to her entire speech, in the  video below.