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Protesters Think GOP Is “Mean”: GOP Throws Great Party at Tropicana Field

NC Delegates waiting for the bus to go to Tropicana Field in St. Pete.

ST PETERSBURG FL    The Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleaders danced, bands played, and there were even “diversity dancers” from Busch Gardens.  Yes, this Tampa welcome was everything and more than attendees to the 2012 Republican National Convention could ask for.  (Naturally, your blogger yelled “go Redskins” during the conclusion of the cheering.)  I can’t forget to mention the Cirque performance with elephants, which was fun.

As KCC writes, she is sitting in the middle of Tropicana field, watching a fantastic light show and listening to  music and having a great time with Margaret, a guest of the convention from Maryland.  It’s been fun meeting delegates from across the nation and we hope there is much more of this.

The North Carolina delegation shared a bus with the Minnesota crowd on the way to the baseball stadium.

Just outside, we witnessed a cage full of protestors in their proper place.  One held a sign that said “why are you so mean?”  Suddenly, KCC’s tiniest violin began playing “My Heart Bleeds for You.”  So sad to see the protesters in a cage in the wind and rain.


Katy had the pleasure of sitting next to Mr. & Mrs. Art Pope and trading war stories.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos below of people having a great time tonight.  Perhaps you’ll see someone you know. More to come later.  Frank Williams, wish you were here.  Ditto, Rob and Bobby Benningfield.  It’s not the same without you.

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The RNC is really putting on a nice show for their top activists and donors! Bravo!


Martha Jenkins and company


Dome of Tropicana Field. See the party going on beneath?

Fun Oklahoma delegates. KCC adored these delightful ladies. It’s been a pleasure meeting nice people
from all over the nation!

Happy NC Delegates happy to be in St. Pete!

Occupy DC to Disrupt CPAC 12

It’s the eve  of CPAC and much is happening.  Old friends are reconnecting and new friendships are being made.  There is also a sinister side at this year’s event.

Lately it seems, when conservatives come to town, the cockroaches venture out of the dark and come after the candy.  Our liberal friends at Occupy DC and their union thug counterparts are planning activities to disrupt the largest conservative political gathering.

According to multiple sources, the Occupiers are scheduled to pitch tents on the lawn of the CPAC Hotel, the Marriott Wardman Park.  Your blogger even saw ads requesting donations of tents.

Members of the  AFL-CIO have registered for the conference and have booked at least 30 rooms in the hotel.

At the November 2011 Defending the American Dream Conference, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, Occupiers stormed the hotel and convention center, injuring this blogger.

These people aren’t simply our opposition, they take hatred to an entirely new level.  They don’t know what they stand for and they resent anyone with a job who works hard to take care of themselves and their family.

Many of these Occupiers live at home with their parents, sort of a “slacker” generation.   They hate capitalism, the very system that brought them the prosperity they grew up enjoying.  Yet they’d rather live in a disease infested tent, and drop out of society.

They are planning “creative activities” to disrupt the conference on Friday and Saturday, Smart Girl Politics Action, a conservative women’s organization, has warned its members to stay safe:

The SGPA leadership team, members, and many of our bloggers will be attending the event. We would urge those of you attending to be alert, and to take every precaution in keeping yourself safe.The SGPA leadership team, members, and many of our bloggers will be attending the event. We would urge those of you attending to be alert, and to take every precaution in keeping yourself safe.


Wednesday evening, your blogger spotted an Occupier using one of the public computers in the lobby of the Wardman Park Hotel. She was easy to pick out. She wasn’t dressed neatly, wore a “Che” hat, and had black and white colors on, while the rest of us cheerily sport our red, white, and blue.  In short, we are the happy ones and they are the ones with an ax to grind.

More information is available here. KCC promises to bring you news on this situation as it develops. Let the Occupiers try to come after us. We’ll meet them head on with video cameras in hand, ready for uploading! Bring it on! I may not be able to carry a gun in the District, but I do have my cane and KCC wouldn’t mind using it in self-defense.


The AFL-CIO is calling this event "The Shady Bunch"


Occupy DC Want YOU To Buy Them Pizza

This Pizza Man has been sniffing too many fumes if he delivers to the Occupiers at the Washington Monument!

Today, your blogger received the following in her e-mail box from the SEIU, the Service Employees International Union,  under the cover of “People’s Pizza”.  Honestly, she thought it was a new pizza parlor in the neighborhood until she clicked on the link:

Dear friend,

Over the last two days, I’ve watched as thousands of people from all over the country have poured onto the national mall to set up what they’re calling The People’s Camp.

Unemployed workers, union members, community organizers, and activists have built a thriving community of the 99 percent in the shadow of the Washington Monument, right in front of the Capitol, where 1 percent won’t be able to ignore it.

Just a few minutes ago, those thousands of activists headed up to Congress to tell their representatives that they need to focus on creating jobs.

This is hungry work.

Call in and order a pizza for the folks here at the People’s Camp.  (link removed by KCC)

There are about to be 3000 really hungry people here back at camp, let’s thank them for their hard work.

Kendall Fells

This is from the files of the formerly unbelievable. When we clicked on the link, it lead us to a page on the SEIU site.   After being beaten by an Occupy DC member and ignored by the DC police, KCC will believe anything now.