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Do You Care What the NY Times Thinks About NC?

NC GOP Chairman, Claude Pope (photo by K Benningfield/KTCreations)

NC GOP Chairman, Claude Pope (photo by K Benningfield/KTCreations)

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media were abuzz with “facts” put out by the  New York Times, The Washington Post, WRAL-TV, and other outlets. They claim that the old North State is losing its brand identity.  Why?

Our state is no longer “progressive”.  In the last election,  North Carolina citizens voted most liberals out of office.

We are not as “progressive” as we once were, thanks to over a century of Democratic rule.  Six month ago, for the first time ever, Republicans took control of every branch of government in North Carolina.  Citizens were tired of it and wanted to try something else.  Apparently, our liberal friends do not realize this.

To the liberal media, this was a true horror.  Bruce Mildwurf  could barely contain his  glee, reporting this evening on WRAL’s 6:00 p.m. news, that even Fox News was reporting on the liberal “Moral Monday” protests.    Apparently he doesn’t realize that Fox has a policy of “we report, you decide”.

“Would the losing team in the Super Bowl go protest outside the winning team’s locker room, because they lost the game,” state GOP Chairman Claude Pope told the national media.

State Sen. Thom Goolsby explained that Democrats over spent and left North Carolina in a financial mess.  ”Our job has been to come in here and clean up.”

Meanwhile, a liberal activist retorted that “this is only the beginning and legislators should prepare for more protests…” until the next election.

Statewide liberal groups, like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the NAACP have organized weekly protests but so have conservative groups.

Let us hear what you think!

For more information, read Chairman Pope’s statement.

ACTION ALERT: Pick Up Those Phones, Support SB-353 (Compromise)

Get on the phone and call your legislators, today!

Get on the phone and call your legislators, today!


I’ve just learned that a compromise has been reached, and SB-353 has been amended to include the key pro-life provisions from H695, but with modifications to address the Governor’s / DHHS objections.  It has been approved in committee, and next goes to the House floor, presumably tomorrow.  From there, it will go back to the Senate for “concurrence.”

Please call NC House members and ask them to support SB-353, as amended, which is now entitled “Health and Safety Law Changes.”
Here’s the text of the bill:
(It will presumably be on the NCGA web site shortly)

To find your NC House Member’s contact information, to here:
… and click on House Member List


To look up your NC House District number, check your voter registration card, or go here:

Thanks to all who were involved in the compromise!

Keep up the fight for ALL life!

Evelyn Murray
Executive Director

North Carolina Young Prof. Republicans Headed to Wilmington


Congresswoman Renee Ellmers joins the Young Professional Republicans at their convention in Wilmington, July 19-20

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC, 2), the popular Congresswoman, will join the North Carolina Young Professional Republicans for their annual convention.

The convention will be held in Wilmington, on July 19th and 20th.  Don’t miss out, especially if you are between the ages of 18 and 40.  For more information, check their website.  If you can’t attend, they ask that you sponsor an attendee.

Register here.



NC GOP Convention Chairman Elections

After nomination speeches and candidate remarks, the convention is finally down to the most anticipated business of the day.  Delegates are now voting for their choice of either Jack Brosch (Mecklenburg) or Claude Pope (Brunswick and formerly of Wake).

I don’t have a vote this year, as I didn’t go to my precinct, county, or even my district conventions.  Therefore, I’m here as press and as a guest.

Jack Brosch

Jack Brosch


Claude Pope

Personally, I would have voted for Claude Pope as he was chairman of the Wake County Republican Party and did a fantastic job.  He had fantastic leadership skills and made sure everyone had a voice.  He now lives on Bald Head Island with his family, and owns and runs a grocery store there.

I have never met Jack Brosch, unfortunately.  The first time I saw him was today.   Mostly the former Libertarians/Ron Paul faction of our party seems to be supporting him while the Reagan, traditional conservatives seem to support Pope.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the man who nominated Mr. Brosch, as I found his remarks offensive.  Though he did not name him specifically, the man lambasted current chairman Robin Hayes and his staff.

The vote is now underway.


Time For the Fun Stuff

Convention Chairman Billy Miller

Convention Chairman Billy Miller

CHARLOTTE  The late afternoon session has begun and convention chairman Billy Miller has been going through the tedious process of the Credentials Committee report.  After that is complete, the convention will move immediately in to the elections process.

Up for election are the offices of NCGOP Chairman and NCGOP Vice Chairman.  The Executive Committee will elect the remainder of the offices tomorrow, Sunday.

More on the elections for Chairman and Vice Chairman up next post.

Gov. Pat McCrory – Our Goal is To Get People Back To Work

Gov Pat McCrory (R-NC)

Gov Pat McCrory (R-NC)

CHARLOTTE   After a warm welcome by former classmate Justice Paul Newby, Governor Pat McCrory (R-NC) told the delegates that “I won’t back down” from the negative remarks from Democrats and the press, referring to the song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

He’s working to be a problem solver and visionary, and he said he has the best cabinet to do it.  McCrory said he’s done a lot in a short five months.  He complemented the leadership of the NC House and NC Senate for bringing us a historic cut in income tax.

He plans an energy bill, in coordination with South Carolina and Virginia, to unleash the resources that are underneath our ground that should help improve our economy and put people back to work.  He also chided President Obama for preventing NC from using the oil and gas buried 15-60 miles off our coasts.

Additionally, McCrory wants to change the state personnel rules.  He says that it takes over 400 days to get through the appeals process when terminating a state employee.

Finally, “we are saying no to Obamacare”, he said to a standing ovation.  ”We are saying yes to a healed Medicaid system to help women and children.”  Currently, he opined, the taxpayer is being robbed.   “Yes we want to help the poor and elderly, but as we have medicaid cost overruns, we are taking money from our teachers and kids in the classrooms. ”

He concluded that “you don’t expand programs that don’t work.”

“Watch for us to step on some toes, but we have a long way to go.”


It’s Saturday at the NC GOP Convention

CHARLOTTE  We are back at the North Carolina Republican State Convention and Madeline Keeter has just sung a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.

Saturday tends to be the bigger day at the NC GOP convention as the delegates listen to remarks from the big names in the state party, from other state officials, and to elect new officers who will direct the state party.

Governor Pat McCrory is up next.

To Seat Or Not To Seat: Hispanic Assembly on GOP Central Committee

theme461_logoCHARLOTTE: An embarrasing event is occuring at the moment at the NC Republican Convention.  A minority of the delegates want to remove the  Republican National Hispanic Assembly of NC, from the Central Committee of the NCGOP.

The opposition wants to push though this amendment, removing the group’s seat, as they feel its a slippery slope for letting other “ethnic groups” join later.  The group was voted a seat on the Central Committee only about an hour ago.

Those in favor of continuing to seat the hispanic group realize that the point is to share Republican and conservative values into as many different groups as possible.  The Democrats excel at this.

According to the most recent Census, hispanics make up 16.7% of the U.S. population.

According to voice vote, cooler heads prevailed, however “division” was called and a standing was ordered.

Thankfully, the Hispanic assembly was seated on the Central Committee and the amendment failed.

On to further business.



Friday afternoon at the NC Republican Party Convention

ncgop logoCHARLOTTE  Former NCGOP Chairman, Linda Daves (Mecklenburg) presented the credentials committee to the convention.

Most counties registered between zero and seven delegates, even those counties that are close by Mecklenburg, where the convention is being held.   The exceptions were the home county, which registered only 77 delegates, and Wake County (3 hours away) which registered 67.

Many were disappointed at the low turnout, especially with the future of the party at stake this weekend. After all, delegates will elect their new state party officials on Saturday.  Depending on the outcome of the elections, the Party could stay the same, change a little, or go in a drastically different direction.

Usually, however, more delegates do arrive Saturday for the elections and other convention business.

In other convention business today, the group voted to grant a seat on the Central Committee to a new group, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of NC.  Ximena Uribe spoke on their behalf.

NCGOP’s Dearly Departed Friends and Activists

CHARLOTTE:  After a delay of 30 minutes, the convention got underway.  After the usual welcome messages by officials, and convention officials appointed, the convention honored the activists who had passed away in last year.

dearly-departedNorth Carolina Republican Committeewoman, Dr Ada Fisher, announced the names of the following:

George McBane
Norman Britt
Wilber Rabon
Bill Babb
Jim Babb
Jerry Woods
Jean Moore
Carl Gilbert Sr.
Senator Jean Preston
Francis Murphy
Ella Jones
Bill Owen
Leona Sink
Milford Quinn
J.D. Teachey
Roscoe Kirkland
John Medlin
Lin Rhoades
Larry Brown
Greg Cox
Sarah Knowles
Jonathan App
John Hill
Joan Calvert
Annamae Grimsley
Parks Brewer
Pat Brewer
Dr. Douglas Hurd
Kenneth Revis
Padget McCoy
Betty Carroll
Wade Stewart
Oris Preston Spence
Herman Huffman
Albert Bradke
Betty Higgins
Ethel S. Montag
Harschel Sanders
Velma Turner
John Owen
Dottie Buxton
Patricia Dawes
Ina Keegan
Shirley Pacquett
Francis Quis
Arthur Chalker
Michael Connelly
Jack Harmon
Cliff Creamins
Bob Jones
Sam Fretwell
Mathew Peck
Shiley Patteron
Vickie Lynch
Earl Honeycutt
Ellis Gregory
Ed Wharton
Dale Bone
Jasper Stem
Charles Wooten
Committee Woman Fisher stated that these hard workers will be missed.