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Do You Care What the NY Times Thinks About NC?

NC GOP Chairman, Claude Pope (photo by K Benningfield/KTCreations)

NC GOP Chairman, Claude Pope (photo by K Benningfield/KTCreations)

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media were abuzz with “facts” put out by the  New York Times, The Washington Post, WRAL-TV, and other outlets. They claim that the old North State is losing its brand identity.  Why?

Our state is no longer “progressive”.  In the last election,  North Carolina citizens voted most liberals out of office.

We are not as “progressive” as we once were, thanks to over a century of Democratic rule.  Six month ago, for the first time ever, Republicans took control of every branch of government in North Carolina.  Citizens were tired of it and wanted to try something else.  Apparently, our liberal friends do not realize this.

To the liberal media, this was a true horror.  Bruce Mildwurf  could barely contain his  glee, reporting this evening on WRAL’s 6:00 p.m. news, that even Fox News was reporting on the liberal “Moral Monday” protests.    Apparently he doesn’t realize that Fox has a policy of “we report, you decide”.

“Would the losing team in the Super Bowl go protest outside the winning team’s locker room, because they lost the game,” state GOP Chairman Claude Pope told the national media.

State Sen. Thom Goolsby explained that Democrats over spent and left North Carolina in a financial mess.  ”Our job has been to come in here and clean up.”

Meanwhile, a liberal activist retorted that “this is only the beginning and legislators should prepare for more protests…” until the next election.

Statewide liberal groups, like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the NAACP have organized weekly protests but so have conservative groups.

Let us hear what you think!

For more information, read Chairman Pope’s statement.

Gov. Pat McCrory – Our Goal is To Get People Back To Work

Gov Pat McCrory (R-NC)

Gov Pat McCrory (R-NC)

CHARLOTTE   After a warm welcome by former classmate Justice Paul Newby, Governor Pat McCrory (R-NC) told the delegates that “I won’t back down” from the negative remarks from Democrats and the press, referring to the song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

He’s working to be a problem solver and visionary, and he said he has the best cabinet to do it.  McCrory said he’s done a lot in a short five months.  He complemented the leadership of the NC House and NC Senate for bringing us a historic cut in income tax.

He plans an energy bill, in coordination with South Carolina and Virginia, to unleash the resources that are underneath our ground that should help improve our economy and put people back to work.  He also chided President Obama for preventing NC from using the oil and gas buried 15-60 miles off our coasts.

Additionally, McCrory wants to change the state personnel rules.  He says that it takes over 400 days to get through the appeals process when terminating a state employee.

Finally, “we are saying no to Obamacare”, he said to a standing ovation.  ”We are saying yes to a healed Medicaid system to help women and children.”  Currently, he opined, the taxpayer is being robbed.   “Yes we want to help the poor and elderly, but as we have medicaid cost overruns, we are taking money from our teachers and kids in the classrooms. ”

He concluded that “you don’t expand programs that don’t work.”

“Watch for us to step on some toes, but we have a long way to go.”


Pat McCrory Sworn In As State’s 74th Governor

This detailed report was provided to credentialed media by pool reporter, the AP’s Gary Roberson:
NC Chief Justice Swears in Governor Pat McCrory, pool photo by Gerry Broome

NC Chief Justice Swears in Governor Pat McCrory, pool photo by Gerry Broome

More than 100 people gathered in the old House chambers for the swearing-in. They listened to mostly patriotic music from the Liberty Brass Quintet that’s part of the 440th Army Band from the North Carolina

Gov and Mrs McCrory Greet well-wishers as they leave the chamber in the NC Capitol.  Kieran Shanahan is at the front left.

Gov and Mrs McCrory Greet well-wishers as they leave the chamber in the NC Capitol. Kieran Shanahan is at the front left.

National Guard. Transition team leader John Lassiter emceed the event.

The ceremony began in earnest at 11:57 a.m. when Gov. Beverly Perdue and first gentleman Bob Eaves entered the room and were given a standing ovation. They sat in the second row. Perdue wore a red dress.

McCrory and his wife, Ann, entered at 12:01 p.m. to standing applause. The incoming governor wore a black suit and patterned tie, while the new first lady wore a purple suit jacket and black skirt.

After the presentation of the U.S. and North Carolina flags by a military color guard, McCrory nephew Patrick Sebastian led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. The crowd faced ahead to where a portrait of George Washington sits on the wall high above the speaker’s dais. The participants kept their hands over their hearts as the quintet played the national anthem.

The Rev. David Chadwick of Charlotte recited a prayer, which in part asked God to let McCrory “not worry about anything but in everything with great thanksgiving always lay his burdens upon you in prayer.”

Perdue and McCrory approached the dais and a table where the seal of North Carolina sat. The two, along with Associate Justice Paul Newby, participated in the ceremonial transferring of the seal between governors. Newby called the seal “perhaps the best known representation of the constitutional power and authority of the state of North Caroilna.”

Perdue told McCrory that with the seal she transferred to him “the powers and duties as chief executive officer of the great state _ the greatest state in America _ and may God bless you in the months and years ahead as you and Ann serve North Carolina’s people as their governor and leader of this great state.”

McCrory accepted the seal “and the power and duties it represents. I hereby promise to fulfill the duties of the governor of North Carolina and to fairly and justly use these powers entrusted to me to enable the people of North Carolina to be the very best they can be. May we all, working together, be a beacon of hope and progress for our nation, and of course to our great state.”

Chief Justice Sarah Parker administered the oath to Patrick Lloyd McCrory at 12:10 p.m. on two Bibles held by Ann McCrory _ the McCrory family Bible and the George Durant 1599 Bible, which is known as North Carolina’s oldest book. After saying “I do,” the crowd applauded and the new governor hugged his wife.

McCrory told the crowd: “This is quite an honor and privilege. I first want to thank the governor and her husband, Bob, for just graciousness during this transition. And thank you for your leadership and your public service over the past 20 years.” The crowd gave Perdue another standing ovation.

McCrory continued: “I ask for your prayers. I ask for you to pray for Ann and myself and may God continue to bless a great nation and may God continue to bless the state of North Carolina. Thank you very much.”

The McCrorys then walked out of the House chambers at 12:13 p.m. to complete the ceremony.

Swearing In of Cabinet and Secretaries

Those in attendance at the swearing-in included all seven members of the Supreme Court; incoming Lt. Gov. Dan Forest; State Treasurer Janet Cowell; Secretary of State Elaine Marshall; Attorney General Roy Cooper; Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin; State Auditor Beth Wood; Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson; House Speaker Thom Tillis; Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger; and McCrory’s incoming Cabinet secretaries.

McCrory and his Cabinet then walked over to the old Senate chambers, where McCrory watched as the eight were sworn in to office simultaneously by Newby. Spouses of the Cabinet members held Bibles as they all stood in a row for the oaths. McCrory also stood in the line to watch.

Associate Justice Mark Martin then swore in some of McCrory’s top staff members, including deputy budget director Art Pope, general counsel Bob Stephens, chief of staff Thomas Stith and state personnel director Neal Alexander.

McCrory gave some brief remarks following: “…Our goal and my faith tells me that we leave this place in a better place than it was when we arrived.”

McCrory left the 2nd floor of the old Capitol building to the sounds of the brass quintet, which proceeded to play “Penny Lane” and “When I’m 64” by The Beatles _  a favorite band of the state’s 74th governor. McCrory was driven by his security detail to the Executive Mansion for a meal with ceremony participants.


Perdue’s Latest Veto Threatens Jobs, Energy Independence – 2nd Flip Flop of Year

Gov. Beverly Perdue has flipped flopped for the second time this year

Gov. Beverly Perdue has flipped flopped for the second time this year.

Gov. Beverly Perdue on Sunday vetoed legislation that would have paved the way for a robust local energy sector, lured private investment to the state and created new jobs for North Carolinians.

Below is a joint statement from Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) and House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg):

Gov. Perdue’s latest flip-flop on shale gas exploration is an attempt to slam the brakes on the creation of a vibrant new economic sector in North Carolina.

“The General Assembly incorporated many of the governor’s recommendations in a bipartisan plan to begin developing the regulatory framework for affordable, clean energy alternatives. We are disappointed, but not surprised, that when decision time neared, she once again caved to her liberal base rather than support the promise of more jobs for our state.”

Gov. Perdue’s stance on the creation of an energy sector in North Carolina has changed repeatedly in recent years. After stating her support for the development of offshore energy, she vetoed the Energy Jobs Act, which would have put pressure on President (Barack) Obama to open the East Coast for energy exploration.

Earlier this year the governor flip-flopped again, expressing her confidence natural gas exploration could be done safely after a research trip to Pennsylvania. Her administration even issued a report concluding shale gas exploration could be done safely.

Editor’s Notes: A number of sources have expressed confidence that the Obama campaign was the reason beyond Perdue’s decision not to run for a second term as Governor of North Carolina.

Additionally, please contact your state legislators to encourage them to vote to override the governor’s veto.  A special list of those needing to be contacted appear at the bottom of this page.

Republicans in New York State Suppress Conservative Congresswoman by Alissa Bonk, SGPA

Smart Girl Politics Action

By Alissa Bonk, Smart Girl Political Action


Republican Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle from New York’s 25th District has been ranked the most conservative woman in the House.  She is wildly popular among pro-life groups, and her strong stance against government spending has earned her a Club for Growth rating of 92, a full 24 points higher than the next best rating in NY.  Rep. Buerkle is a strong, independent, female conservative — the kind that the Republican Party sorely needs in Washington.

So naturally, the New York State Party is intentionally redistricting her out of her seat. Their own, self-drawn map places Rep. Buerkle in a nearly impossible electoral situation.

Anyone who is familiar with the New York Republican establishment shouldn’t be too surprised by this.

In 2009, the state GOP forced the liberal, pro-union, pro-choice Dede Scozzafava onto the Republican ticket in the NY-09 special election, causing a third-party rebellion within the conservative movement that led to Scozzafava’s withdrawal from the race and endorsement of the Democrat over the conservative candidate.

In 2010, the establishment tried to hoist candidate, Rick Lazio, onto the GOP gubernatorial ticket – only to result in yet another voter revolt that put Carl Paladino on the ballot, a candidate who went down in flames in November.


This time, instead of forcing a flawed candidate onto the ticket, the state GOP is trying to redistrict a good one – a great one, actually – out of contention, simply because she won’t play ball with the Albany old boys club.


Luckily, the conservative movement is identifying this for what it is – an attempt to get an independent-minded, strong female conservative out of the establishment’s way – straight out of the gate.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), head of the Republican Study Committee, has already said he will fully support Buerkle in her primary fight against any challenger, even if it means defeating a Republican incumbent in a different district. The Chairman of the Onandaga County GOP, located within Buerkle’s district, has announced his support as well.


In fact, the conservative outcry has reached the ears of real conservative voices like Erick Erickson, who recently criticized the “tone deaf” state party and urged other conservatives to start paying attention to the unfolding fiasco.


The Republican Party should be applauding and encouraging strong conservative women to run for office and fight for fiscal sanity in Washington. Instead, the New York State GOP wants to redistrict them out of existence. Hopefully, conservatives – especially us (sic) conservative women – will recognize this shameful move for what it is, and put pressure on Albany to keep Rep. Buerkle in Congress. The GOP, and the country, needs her there.

Please check out my Op-Ed posted on The Daily Caller and leave a comment of support for the Congresswoman.    We need strong conservative women representing us in Congress.

Alyssa Bonk
SGPA Communication Team


Editor’s Notes:  Not too many years ago, something similar happened in the North Carolina State House.  The Citizens of the old North State elected a Republican majority, in spite of the Democrat party’s gerrymandering.  The GOP Seniority system was set and the people destined to take their places in leadership positions prepared to do so.

Along came a state representative and longtime party activist, Richard Morgan of Moore County.  He scared up eight of his best pals and brokered a “power-sharing” agreement with the Democrats, and setting up a “co-speakership” in the State House of Representatives.   Co-Speakership?  What happened to the GOP majority that had just been elected?  Morgan”s pals shared key committee chairmanships and the Republicans who had worked so hard were left with little.

How did it work?  Like a broken clock.

Two years later, the Democrats were voted back into the majority and didn’t give it up until 2010, when the anti-Obama wave hit the country and people wanted to go in a different direction.

Two years after his scheme, Richard Morgan was voted out of office, with the support of many from Wake and surrounding counties, including Art Pope, a benefactor of conservative and libertarian causes.  The others were “hunted down” voted out, too by recruiting good candidates.  Such a long story cannot be completely covered here, but thankfully we in North Carolina do not have a short-sighted NCGOP.

Updates from Around NC

Here are a few updates from around North Carolina:

Uber Liberal NC Representative Jennifer Weiss (D-Wake) to retire: Your blogger’s day is made. KCC lived in her district  nearly all the years Weiss “served” and wrote her many letters. Weiss never once listened to a different idea, or one that didn’t come from her socialist playbook. Read Laura Leslie‘s report.

According to Leslie,

This year’s Republican redistricting maps drew her into a GOP-leaning district with a Republican incumbent, Rep. Tom Murry.

NC House Majority Leader, Rep. Paul Stam, wants you to know what the Marriage Amendment will do. It’s on the same ballot as the May primaries and he offers five points for readers to consider.  KCC notes that our liberal friends have been getting most of the mainstream press on this (what’s new?).

Stam argues in part:

Legally Recognizing Only Heterosexual Marriage Isn’t Discrimination Against Homosexuals Wanting To Marry.  Marriage between a man and a woman has existed in virtually every known society. It has served the purpose of channeling procreative sexual activity into an institution which will provide a stable environment for children produced from the sexual union of the partners in marriage.


In a true loss for our state and nation, Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC, 9) will not be running for re-election for her seat in Congress.  Myrick, a former Charlotte Mayor, understands the terrorists threats more than any other member of Congress.  She has organized workshops and worked with a variety of groups in Washington, Charlotte, and Raleigh, to educate and to promote understanding of what the terror threat is, and founded the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus.

Katy’s Conservative Corner wishes Mrs. Myrick our very best and we thank her for her 9 terms serving North Carolina’s ninth district.

Finally, Pat McCrory, likely Republican nominee for Governor, is finishing off his fundraising push after his big announcement week.    He needs any support you can provide.  To donate to McCrory for Governor, please click here and follow the directions.

NCGOP’s Robin Hayes Says Democrats Have Tough Questions To Answer

Hayes speaks to the NC GOP State Convention last summer, photo copyright KTCreations

After the Democratic National Committee urged any candidates considering entering the North Carolina Gubanatorial primary to strike hard against Pat McCrory, the North Carolina Republican Party is fighting back.

In an earlier post, your blogger reported that McCrory has been largely untouched thanks to the constant negative attention on Governor Beverly Perdue.  He was far ahead in the polls, due to her unpopularity.  Last week, she pulled out of the race, leaving a vacuum both in Raleigh and in Washington.

Robin Hayes, chairman of the NCGOP, had this to say:

“The last few days have been interesting to observe. After Perdue’s announcement, we have watched the Democratic establishment race to find a replacement.

“Out of all of the names being floated publicly, have any voiced opposition to the corruption and scandals that have plagued the recent leaders of Democratic Party? With one possible exception, the answer is “no.”

“This means that we can expect whoever their nominee is to be a card-carrying member of the same Democratic Machine that brought North Carolina Governor Perdue, Mike Easley, and Jim Black.

“Whoever emerges from their primary will have some very simple questions to answer:

1.)  As a member of the North Carolina Democratic Machine, do they condemn the past scandals and failed leadership that have plagued both the state and their party?

2.)  Do they want to raise the sales tax by 15% or more on everyone in North Carolina?

If they refuse to condemn the scandals that have plagued their party’s brass, how can we count on them to be any different? If their only solution to problems is to simply raise taxes, it shows that they have no regard for families in our state.

“The time is now to restore faith in the Executive Branch. North Carolina needs a Governor that they can trust, not someone propped up by the same Democratic Machine that created the mess that we have worked hard to clean up.”

National Dems: GOP Doesn’t Have Perdue To Kick Around Anymore; Define McCrory

More Could Join the Democratic Primary for NC Governor

In an article posted on Politico Tuesday morning, author David Catanese, weighed in on the North Carolina gubanatorial race.  Catanese argueed that the Democratic National Committee is urging the primary candidates to “define Pat McCrory“. Since the focus is now off Governor Beverly Perdue, the DNC argues, they need to focus on uncovering Pat McCrory’s “negatives”.

…but as pollster Fred Yang writes …, McCrory, … has so far benefited from little scrutiny because of Perdue’s consistent problems.

As far back as mid-2011, Rep. Bill Faison (D-Orange) began began publicly toying with the idea of entering the governor’s race.  He knew Governor Perdue had made serious flubs during her term and turned the public against her.  Her numbers were falling faster than a heavy rain.

Faison recently announced, and is currently advertising on cable television.  His main problem is name recognition, though his team hopes that staying on TV can change that. Tuesday, he spent the day campaigning in your blogger’s home area, eastern North Carolina.

Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton has also officially entered the race.  Others said to be considering the race are former Second District Congressman Bobby Ethridge, and former Clinton Chief-of-Staff, Erskine Bowles, the favorite of the DC crowd.

Top NC Democrats passing on the race include 11th District Congressman Heath Shuler, and Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx.

McCrory will have his hands full with either of the two announced candidates.  He had such a lead over Governor Beverly Perdue that all North Carolina Republicans are disappointed that they won’t have her  ”to kick around anymore”.

Katy’s Conservative Corner endorsed Pat McCrory in a  post on Monday.   Tuesday afternoon in Greensboro, he officially entered the race in Guilford County, his home area.

Pat McCrory makes it Official, KCC endorses

"Katy's Conservative Corner" Endorses Pat McCrory for Gov.

Come November, Pat McCrory, will be getting a new job title if all goes his way.  He’ll be Governor of North Carolina.

He kicked off his campaign Monday evening  at a packed event at Caffe’ Luna in Downtown Raleigh.

The past few weeks, the former Charlotte mayor has been criss-crossing North Carolina, pledging to “bring a breath of fresh air to state government“.

His campaign will host a rally Tuesday afternoon in Greensboro, in the center of our state.

Katy’s Conservative Corner is proud to again support Pat McCrory for Governor in 2012!  Go Pat, go!

Last week, Governor Beverly Perdue announced that she would not run for a second term. Next post, KCC will analyze the Democratic field of primary contenders for Governor.

Watch this interview, courtesy of WTVD, for more details:

Oh No: Obama Returning to NC on Wednesday

Cartoon Image:   " No Hope" image of Obama

Obama is making another visit to North Carolina next Wednesday

President Barack Obama is making yet another visit to North Carolina.  Next Wednesday he is coming to Fort Bragg in Fayetteville.

Sadly, this is the same man who must truly believe that ignorance is bliss.  The Foundry reported

He recently described France as America’s closest ally, and famously declared that he has traveled to no less than 57 states.

But it would be nice if the leader of the free world bothered to look at a map once in a while, or even paid a visit to the British Embassy in Washington, currently housing the Churchill bust that Mr. Obama unceremoniously threw out of the Oval Office soon after his inauguration.

WTVD reported on its noon news Thursday, that the President will speak with the Fort Bragg troops about “their sacrifices and achievements of those who served in the Iraq War.”

Obama was last in North Carolina in October, and we can expect to see many more times before the November elections.  Naturally, the local televisions will cover every second of his trip, from landing to departure and all of his speech.

Will his best friend in North Carolina, the embattled Governor Beverly Perdue, be by his side?