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Protesters Think GOP Is “Mean”: GOP Throws Great Party at Tropicana Field

NC Delegates waiting for the bus to go to Tropicana Field in St. Pete.

ST PETERSBURG FL    The Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleaders danced, bands played, and there were even “diversity dancers” from Busch Gardens.  Yes, this Tampa welcome was everything and more than attendees to the 2012 Republican National Convention could ask for.  (Naturally, your blogger yelled “go Redskins” during the conclusion of the cheering.)  I can’t forget to mention the Cirque performance with elephants, which was fun.

As KCC writes, she is sitting in the middle of Tropicana field, watching a fantastic light show and listening to  music and having a great time with Margaret, a guest of the convention from Maryland.  It’s been fun meeting delegates from across the nation and we hope there is much more of this.

The North Carolina delegation shared a bus with the Minnesota crowd on the way to the baseball stadium.

Just outside, we witnessed a cage full of protestors in their proper place.  One held a sign that said “why are you so mean?”  Suddenly, KCC’s tiniest violin began playing “My Heart Bleeds for You.”  So sad to see the protesters in a cage in the wind and rain.


Katy had the pleasure of sitting next to Mr. & Mrs. Art Pope and trading war stories.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos below of people having a great time tonight.  Perhaps you’ll see someone you know. More to come later.  Frank Williams, wish you were here.  Ditto, Rob and Bobby Benningfield.  It’s not the same without you.

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The RNC is really putting on a nice show for their top activists and donors! Bravo!


Martha Jenkins and company


Dome of Tropicana Field. See the party going on beneath?

Fun Oklahoma delegates. KCC adored these delightful ladies. It’s been a pleasure meeting nice people
from all over the nation!

Happy NC Delegates happy to be in St. Pete!

Happy Birthday America!

Happy July 4th!

The fine College Republicans at Campbell University win Katy’s Conservative Corner‘s Post of the day with a great note about our nation’s founding:

The CRs write:

As Americans, we live in a world in which our opportunities are limitless and our freedoms are abundant. Our Founders established this institution when framing our independence by concluding, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Check out their entire post here. Bravo, Campbell CRs. Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter!

This blogger is a big fan of the College Republicans. She spent four years with the Meredith College CRs, working on other campuses and even helping the East Carolina Univ. CRs take over their student government. She has many stories to share with current CRs and would love to share “the water balloon incident” with them, as well. She had “good college fun” as well as cutting her teeth in statewide politics.

After four years at Meredith, she joined the Wake County Young Republicans (now Young “Professional Republicans), where she held every office, except Treasurer. To this day, she is the longest serving YR in county history.

She left the club when she aged out at 40. She hopes the statewide YRs will grow to their former strength and wishes them all the luck in the world. The current chairman reported at the NC GOP State Convention that there were only five federated clubs at that time.

Happily, the North Carolina College Republicans remain strong! KCC offers her expertise to any CR group in the state. Congrats again to the Campbell group for reaching out to KCC and for their success in blogging and on Twitter!

Our Latest Hate Mail

Or in this case, here’s our latest hate tweet:

From @mobetter1919:   @katysYou are a dumb pawn of the Koch brothers Big Business. Tea Party fool (or fascist, take your pick)! (Received Feb 25, 2011 at 18:32 p.m.)

They left out the usual: racist, hater, etc.  That’s okay, we’ll probably get some of that tomorrow.   The laughs just keep coming.  We rarely moderate our posts, either.  There is a list of words that your blogger has put on a “block” list, including most of the four-letter-words, but otherwise, get creative.  If you send it, we’ll post it.  Perhaps even make a fool of YOU.

We love hate mail and we reserve the right to publish it.     Why would any blogger MODERATE their posts?  KCC just doesn’t understand!

Pawnstars “Old Man” from North Carolina, Loves Classic Cars

Though now known as "Richard", the PawnStars "Old Man" was known as "Benny" around his home town in Davidson County.

Have you ever wanted to visit the  Las Vegas  pawn shop that is depicted in the TV show “Pawn Stars”?   If so, you might just meet a local, a local North Carolinian.  The   “Old Man“, the father of pawn shop owner Rick Harrison, is actually known in Davidson County as Benny or Richard Benjamin Harrison. The store featured in the show is the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

This blogger is a huge fan of The Old Man, as she shares his fine taste in classic cars (see below). Plus, his dry wit is something she appreciates, as people do not usually realize KCC is joking when she sounds deadly serious.

Her favorite episode is one in which The Old Man purchases a beat-up early 60s Lincoln and turnes it into a show piece.

According to an article from The Dispatch, Old Man Benny grew up in Lexington, but left to join the Navy at age 17.  Read both stories: one  here and the other here.

Because The Dispatch is copy-written  and thus not subject to the fair use act, nothing they write can be used elsewhere, but they welcome links.

Meanwhile, PawnStars runs on the History Channel, Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern.

This car looked exactly like the one owned by your blogger's Grandfather and rolled off the assembly line on day of KCC's birth. KCC would love to find another...

KCC’s own dream car is a 1967 Lincoln 4-door convertible. Only 800 of the cars were ever  made, and her late Grandfather, J.R. Weatherly, Jr, once owned one.  (You can see one in the opening sequence of the TV show “Entourage” in black, and in the TV show “Green Acres” in alternate color green.)

KCC’s Grandpa Weatherly’s  particular model, rolled off the production line in late 1966, on the very day KCC was born.   The 1967 was the final year that Lincoln made 4-door convertibles.

Check out the “suicide” doors.  When the door was opened with the top raised, the window would automatically lower slightly, so as not to scrape the top and lengthen wear.  NICE.   The funny thing was that the original models came with a single speaker behind the cavernous rear seat, as stereo was not yet popular.

Weatherly kept his car garaged and was constantly working to keep the leather seats in good condition.  If he parked it outside, as pictured, it was never for very long.  He kept a number of Lincolns at his home.

Ann Coulter’s CPAC ’11 Stand-up Routine (video)

If you like Ann Coulter, here is her full talk (comedy routine) at CPAC 2011.  Click and enjoy.  The q and a session towards the end was the funniest.  Some people have the silliest questions.

Rent Is Too Damn High High Guy Comes to CPAC Bloggers Room (Video)

Your blogger couldn’t believe it.  There was so much commotion going on, as happens when any big time politician comes in.  But Jimmy McMillan was loud and crazy and repeated the same thing over and over.  ”The rent is too damn high.  I’m Jimmy McMillan, I’m not going away, because the rent is too damn high”.

McMillan and his “Rent is Too Damn High Party” became a cult favorite recently when he ran for office in New York.  Check out the video here, shot by fellow blogger, Ben Howe!  Ben has found his calling in video, and KCC runs them regularly:

Barack Obama’s Cookout (video)

This is too funny, courtesy of College Humor.  Obama tries to fix the country, one piece of meat at the time.

Note: This video is okay for family viewing but not all at College Humor are.  Click on College Humor at your own risk. Remember, this is college humor.  ;-)

Carol Moseley Braun Makes “Crack” About Opponent

She may be smiling but when Carol Moseley Braun opens her mouth, it gets interesting! Photo by the AP.

The never boring Carol Moseley Braun was at it again Sunday.

The Chicago Tribune reports today the former U.S. Senator accused fellow Chicago mayoral candidate, Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins, of once being a crack user. The paper reported that Watkins had taken Braun to task for returning to politics after being “missing in action” as parts of Chicago struggled. So Braun shot back while at a South Side Chicago candidate forum:

Patricia, the reason you didn’t know who I was for the last 20 years is because you were strung out on crack…I was not strung out on crack. I don’t have a record.

The Tribune, which identifies Watkins as a “community organizer”,  said she told media outlets that she did use marijuana and cocaine for several years as a teenager, but has been clean for over 32 years.

Watkins called for an apology and deemed Braun’s comments

“… irrational, irresponsible and on top of it, untrue… I’ve never even seen crack, much less used crack.”

Editor’s Notes:

With apologies to Jim Croce, South Side Chicago is the baddest part of town, so your blogger would think that a mayoral candidate who actually used drugs would be a plus to voters there.

Since Braun is the baddest (wo)man in the whole damn town, perhaps we should “sic” a junkyard dog on her, although she might just win that fight.

On a more serious note, read more on the Chicago Mayoral race from Warner Todd Huston.  He writes Publis’ Forum, among others, and his latest post on the issue is here.  He is one of the nation’s top bloggers, a friend of KCC’s and Chicago’s top political expert.  KCC supports him for “Blogger of the Year” in 2011.

The “Rev.” Smith’s Long Goodbye

Coach Dean Smith with Michael Jordan: Photo by David T. Foster III, courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

Tuesday evening, basketball great Michael Jordan, got a long overdue recognition: induction into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame.  Among the scope of awards Jordan has earned, this hardly ranks among the top, but it was made so special for the fans.  He shared his walk to center court of the Charlotte Bobcats arena with his coach and mentor, Dean Smith.

This story really isn’t about Jordan.  He’s a household name in virtually every nation on earth.  Starting in his days at this blogger’s rival high school, Laney in Wilmington, NC,   Jordan began to fly. KCC’s predecessors at New Bern (NC) High, had to “put up with him” until he graduated and moved on to UNC. As a player, each time this blogger visited Laney, she  paid homage to their “shrine” to Jordan.  Number 23 is still encased there, today.

However, this story is about his mentor, Smith.  Sadly the basketball legend, is enduring the long goodbye due to a progressive neurocognitive disorder which has lead to significant memory loss.    Thus, it was with great surprise that your blogger read that he and Jordan escorted one another to the center of the basketball court in Charlotte during the awards ceremony.

As a lifelong fan and former player of the game, KCC has always loved and respected Smith’s vision and talent.  He was coached at Kansas by the legendary Phog Allen, who in turn was coached by the inventor of the game, James Naismith.  In short, Coach Smith has credentials.

During your blogger’s high school years (1981-1985), she used to slip out of  Garber Methodist Church about 15 minutes early.  ”The Dean Smith Show started at 12:00 sharp in those days before VCRs were affordable.  This devotee didn’t want to miss a single minute of whatever wisdom he chose to share.  Sure, NC State’s Jim Valvano had the personality, but Smith was the MASTER!

That earned him the title, in KCC’s family, the Reverend.  In retrospect, your blogger is sure he would have disliked the moniker, but because of his basketball knowledge and his success, it stuck, at least amongst the family.

At Jordan’s induction, it was a true thrill to see the “Rev. Smith” again on television and in the newspaper, as KCC understands that travel is especially hard for him.

KCC isn’t the hard core Tar Heel fan that she once was, but she still enjoys watching them play, win or lose.  Thank you for the memories, Coach Smith. Thank you for the lessons in life.

Thank you most for saying “thank you” when this blogger asked YOU for an autograph.  What a gentleman.

Editor’s note:  Sure, Dean Smith doesn’t share this blogger’s political views, but he taught us about sportsmanship, character, and faith.  That transcends boundaries of politics and his coaching skills are certainly missed.  God bless you!  Thanks for the memories.

Why I’m Voting Democrat on Twitter: Humor

Liberal Liars

It’s a joke folks and the joke is on the liberals!As KCC writes, a trending topic on Twitter is #WhyImVotingDemocrat and it’s absolutely hilarious.  Your blogger has been participating in this all day long.  The funnier ones are getting “re-tweeted” or passed along to others.

Some liberals don’t realize that the entire thing is a big joke and  have been participating. KCC brings a few recent ones to you, as posted, minus the hashtags, and the spelling and punctuation are the Tweeter’s own.

A quick search of the hashtag #WhyImVotingDemocrat reads like a David Letterman Top Ten list:

*because I think America should be more like France, or at least some French-speaking country like Haiti

*Because I can’t wait to see the Muslim flag over White House

*Because I should be able to live in my parents’ basement until I’m 39!

*I’m Canadian and wish to destabilize America’s economy.

*because everyone should have some Obama money

*Because those who create wealth should be punished for their wrongdoing

*I think Ground Zero would be a wonderful place to build a Mosque…

*because my parents never gave me my pony, now I want yours

*Because unemployment checks really stimulate the economy.

*Because animals are more important than human beings.

*There’s another election??!! I thought we already anointed, I mean elected our savior and we were done.

*Did I mention I like the crack?

*Because we just haven’t tried socialism with the right people in charge yet!

*Because charity starts at the federal level.

And, your blogger’s favorite:

because I actually died 6 years ago…