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Veterans Leadership Group Raises Money for Homeless Vets

Naval Captain Tina Shanahan Introduces Governor Pat McCrory

Naval Captain Tina Shanahan Introduces Governor Pat McCrory

More than 500 people came out to support homeless Veterans recently  at a benefit for the group Veterans Leadership of North Carolina – Cares (VLC).    The “Salute to North Carolina Veterans” raised  $250,000, according to a spokesman for the group.

Many purchased tickets and gave them to active duty military or veterans, who attended in their places.

The benefit was organized to raise funds for the Veterans Life Center, a temporary housing facility for up to 400 homeless and at-risk Veterans.  The ultimate goal of the group is to reintegrate NC Vets into society as self-reliant citizens.

In addition to the needy Veterans, the night belonged to Governor Pat McCrory.  McCrory was sworn-into office earlier in the day in a small ceremony and this was his first official outing in that office.

The Governor was introduced by Captain Tina Shanahan (USN-RC), wife of McCrory Cabinet Secretary Kieran Shanahan.

In his first address as Governor, Pat McCrory  discussed the man who he’d most wished most had been at the inauguration he called “emotional”.  In discussing his grandfather Walter McCrory, his voice grew soft.  Walter McCrory fought in World War I and when it was over, he said he never wanted to see war again.  His life had changed because of his experiences.

The Governor also discussed his own father’s involment in Vietnam.  His father worked hard, saw horrible things, and when he came home, he thought he’d done a good thing.  Yet he was spat on and had to go back to his home in Seattle dealing with the protests on the west coast in such places as Berkley.

He wants the Veterans to be a part of NC’s economic recovery.  You can look at these people and pick out potential leaders: you name it, they can do anything.  ”If you don’t mind, I’m using you,” he said to a chuckle from the crowd.

McCrory also stated that he wanted his first event to be non-partisan.    He encouraged all business owners to say thank you to our Veterans by employing them. He urged his audience to go back and say thank you and say “lets get these people jobs”.

In previous wars, such as the those his father and grandfather fought,  non of those men had any  psychological treatment.  Today, we must take off our blinders and help these service men and women because they have seen the same thing.

VLC-Cares was the brainchild of Army Vet John Turner

VLC-Cares was the brainchild of Army Vet John Turner

He wants the Veterans to be a part of NC’s economic recovery.  ”You can look at these people and pick out potential leaders: you name it, they can do anything,” the Governor added.

He finished his remarks, greeted well-wishers, and departed, shortly before the dinner began.

After dinner an auctioneer started auctioning high-end items that had been donated to help raise money for the cause.  In total, the dinner brought in $250,000.

To learn more about the VLC, visit their website.

NC Supreme Court Assoc Justice Barbara Jackson enjoyed the dinner.

NC Supreme Court Assoc Justice Barbara Jackson enjoyed the dinner.


The event featured an orchestra which played Americana and Swing tunes.

The event featured an orchestra which played Americana and Swing tunes.





















The orchestra's drummer was the lead singer and was so much fun!

The orchestra’s drummer was the lead singer and was so much fun!




NC AFP: Live from Cancun, Sort of – Global Warming Alarmism

Event Logo

AFP Event Logo

Welcome.  This evening your writer is  live-blogging the latest stop on the Americans for Prosperity’s Hot Air Tour, which is being broadcast live to over 20 states and worldwide via the AFP website.

This stop is in Cancun, Mexico and features an event entitled “Unmasking International Global Warming Alarmism.

Though the actual event is happening in Cancun, Mexico, your blogger is actually located in Raleigh, at the North Carolina office of Americans for Prosperity (AFP).  It’s going to be loads of fun.

This event is the official North Carolina state AFP party and is complete with “beach party” style posters, tee shirts, and beach balls.  Additionally, Grassroots Director, Chris Marie Farr, provided a feast of Mexican style food, with Mexican style decorations.  The NC team has gone  all out!

Keep refreshing your browser this page for more.

NC Director, Dallas Woodhouse, Skypes in from Cancun. He provided the Raleigh crowd a lot of interesting and inside information.

Farr started off the program by addressing some of the concerns of “climate change”, formerly known to liberals as “global warming”.  She also provided background and history of the legislation and introduced the speakers here in Raleigh and mentioned those who would be speaking down in Cancun.

In Raleigh, we are lucky to have Darren Bakst and Roy Cordato, Ph.D. from the John Locke Foundation.

Currently, State Director Dallas Woodhouse is speaking to the group of about 60, via Skype from Cancun.  He joked about having been there in college, but this time it was completely serious.

He spoke of seeing “too much Communist Red” and how we conservatives are slowing beginning to win the debate.  ”More and more people are beginning to see this logically”, he told the group.

It’s against the federal constitution of Mexico for foreigners to get in and protest and he has to be low key.

He’s not gonna change the minds of the “kooks down here”, but he wants to change the minds of Americans, he said in response to a question of  this blogger.

This conference, he said, was about redistribution of wealth, sadly.  He added that he can get into some of the meetings if he is really low key.

There are a number of Americans down there, he said, supporting AFP and a number of KCC’s fellow conservative bloggers, including Warner Todd Huston, someone KCC respects and admires!

Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation

Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation spoke about CO2

Roy Cordato Ph.D, of the John Locke Foundation is now speaking.

Cordato said that the alarmists have said that every person on earth must cut their CO2 use by 75% over the next 100 years.  Even still, he added,  Europe will still warm and the polar ice caps will melt.  The warming will occur by so few degrees, that it’s statistically insignificant.

Update: Currently APF national president, Tim Phillips is speaking live via the AFP website (via satellite). Tune in here.

Phillips is a true believer, folks, and this blogger had the opportunity to campaign, door-to-door with him, his son, and a bus full of others in Las Vegas, against Harry Reid during the RightOnline 2010 conference. This man can take that Vegas heat in July! He believes in AFP, and so do we at KCC.

Grassroots Director Chris Farr, models the "Bureaucrats Gone Wild" Tee Shirts which were distributed at the viewing party with a Cancun theme.

The Raleigh group is currently watching the live webcast which features a number of guests, including blogger extraordinare Andrew Breitbart.  Unfortunately we  have a few  technical difficulties from Cancun and will misss all of Breitbart’s talk.

Thus, your blogger looks forward to seeing the webcast in its entirety on Friday at the website.

By the way, If you have an account, follow the discussion on Twitter by searching for, and using the hashtag #hatcan  There are many private citizens who are in Cancun, tweeting the event.

Stan Young listens to the NC AFP presentation on Global Warming Alarmists

Stan Young listens to the NC AFP presentation on Global Warming Alarmists

Stan Young, a statistician, told the Raleigh crowd that there isn’t much in the way of temperature records.  ”Only about 150 years worth”.  After proper statistical data has been undertaken and overridden what is corrupted, “it could be that there is no global warming at all,” Young concluded. (Google the term “Climate-gate” for more information about how the data was suppressed and corrupted.)

9:36: More coming soon.  I’m getting thrown out of the meeting room as the event ended at 9 p.m.  More to come.

10:31 p.m.  The meeting ended about 90 minutes ago and this blogger has just arrived home.

Global warming is an issue that this blogger previously taken lightly, as she had grown tired of the liberals and other alarmists harping on the issue. In short, KCC tuned them out.

All she really felt was this:  change is cyclical, yet constant.  Tempertatures rise and fall over time.  The earth goes through heating periods and through cooling periods, such as the Little Ice Age that occured from the 16th to the 19th centuries.   This included the American Revolutionary War period.

We can no longer afford to have such simplistic views of the issue.  There have been bills circulating through Congress for several years that would strengthen the Clean Air Act, thus giving the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) even more power over our lives.  We must continue to contact our Senators and Members of Congress to discourage their passage.

Ironcally, today, December 2nd, is the 40th anniversary of the EPA.

Yesterday, liberal site Greenwire (among others), announced some very good news for conservatives. The new House Republican majority in Washington will no longer hold certain committee meetings:

Republicans have decided to kill the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, current ranking member Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) announced yesterday. “This will be the final hearing of the select committee,” Sensenbrenner said. The announcement came during a star-studded hearing called by Chairman Ed Markey (D-Mass.) focused on a range of energy and climate issues — including planetary security.

(Greenwire, 12/02/2010 House Global Warming Committee Goes Gentle Into That Good Night)

The terrible thing about this “UN-sponsored” conference is that it is actually funded by American taxpayers.  As attendees saw in secretely filmed videos, conference attendees have been well-feted.

At many events, taxpayer-funded alcohol and high-quality food was served to “dignataries” from around the world.  If this isn’t a good enough reason to get the United States out of the United Nations, now, KCC doesn’t know what is!

This ends the coverage of the North Carolina party. Thanks for being with us this evening.

Why I’m Voting Democrat on Twitter: Humor

Liberal Liars

It’s a joke folks and the joke is on the liberals!As KCC writes, a trending topic on Twitter is #WhyImVotingDemocrat and it’s absolutely hilarious.  Your blogger has been participating in this all day long.  The funnier ones are getting “re-tweeted” or passed along to others.

Some liberals don’t realize that the entire thing is a big joke and  have been participating. KCC brings a few recent ones to you, as posted, minus the hashtags, and the spelling and punctuation are the Tweeter’s own.

A quick search of the hashtag #WhyImVotingDemocrat reads like a David Letterman Top Ten list:

*because I think America should be more like France, or at least some French-speaking country like Haiti

*Because I can’t wait to see the Muslim flag over White House

*Because I should be able to live in my parents’ basement until I’m 39!

*I’m Canadian and wish to destabilize America’s economy.

*because everyone should have some Obama money

*Because those who create wealth should be punished for their wrongdoing

*I think Ground Zero would be a wonderful place to build a Mosque…

*because my parents never gave me my pony, now I want yours

*Because unemployment checks really stimulate the economy.

*Because animals are more important than human beings.

*There’s another election??!! I thought we already anointed, I mean elected our savior and we were done.

*Did I mention I like the crack?

*Because we just haven’t tried socialism with the right people in charge yet!

*Because charity starts at the federal level.

And, your blogger’s favorite:

because I actually died 6 years ago…

Getting Squeezed by Obama’s Politics? Get the Squishy Head!


Are you getting squeezed by President Obama‘s crazy ideas of tax and spend?

KCC is and it causes her family stress.  Like everyone else, we have had to cut back and reduce the family budget.  Meanwhile, costs continue to rise in this Obonomy, but we are one of the lucky ones.  We have jobs.

The Weekly Standard wants  you to “squeeze Back” when Obama squeezes you.

Just send ‘em $9.99 (plus whatever they can get out of you for shipping/handling)  for the squishy Obama head (above) and you really can do anything you want with it.

Those of you in New Orleans/South Carolina coast can use it for voodoo and your blogger wants one to toss darts towards.  But, alas, $10 is $10 too much. If only Obama would support keeping up President Bush’s tax cuts, then maybe we could all afford one!

Wonder if this thing will melt, along with the rest of the world, when “global warming”  comes along.  Ask Al Gore.  He’ll tell ya!

Hillary is the Flaming Liberal Fire Starter

Maybe KCC will get one for Christmas, just like she got a Hillary Clinton “Flaming Liberal” fire starter, a few years back. (left) That one started heated debates!

Disclaimer: Your blogger does not actually support the practice of voodoo.

Harry Reid and Hardship (Video)

The North Carolina U.S. Senate race has been fairly quiet, thus far, but not so in Nevada.  Republican Sharon Angle has been hitting U.S Senate leader Harry Reid hard, after his attempts to paint her as an inhumane conservative.  Here’s her latest ad:


Reid and Angle have been battling for months now, and your blogger feels attached to that race.  She helped a group from Americans for Prosperity go door-to-door, campaigning against Reid,  in a swing district in Henderson, NV.

With just 30 people on our bus that day, at the end of the RightOnline conference, our group visited about 350 homes. North Carolina’s AFP Director, Dallas Woodhouse, and National Director, Tim Phillips. The bus may have broken down in the heat, but the group’s spirits remained strong.

The entire nation is depending on Angle to top Reid in November and the race is neck and neck.  Send her any love (i.e. donations) that you can.

Reid’s support in the U.S. Senate is waning. Just the other day, he had to withdraw Obama’s energy bill, complaining about the fact that he couldn’t drum up the usual support from a few Republicans.

No Republican wants to stand with Reid this election year and they are intelligent enough to realize they might  appear in a Reid ad, under the title, “bipartisan leader”.

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