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Time To Hit The Road, Next Stop CPAC!

It’s Time For CPAC!

It’s time to hit the road, er, the air.  As of Wednesday, Katy’s Conservative Corner will be coming to you via CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, on bloggers row.  We’ll bring you what’s really going on, behind the scenes.  Our credentials gives us…and you an all access pass to the fun behind the scenes.

We will see once Presidential candidates, most especially Rick Santorium, along with Mitt and Newt.  Also, we hope to see a large contingent from North Carolina there, and if anyone wishes to write for KCC while they are there, please contact KCC immediately.  We’d love to see your posts!

Ron Paul usually brings a large contingent of college students on buses from around the country.  Americans for Prosperity, Freedomworks, Smart Girl Politics, American Majority, will be just a few of the groups involved.  One of the most fun things outside of the bloggers row, are the exhibits.  There are usually two full rooms of exhibitors ready to take your business cards and enter you in a drawing!  Plus, the giveaways!

Another exciting parts of CPAC, is seeing just who actually shows up, celebrity-wise.  Sometimes, you just never know.  Last year, Saturday Night Live player, Victoria Jackson was chatting up one of the blogger’s sitting behind us. We had a Sarah Palin lookalike.  However, we have the real thing this year, so no impersonators needed.

And since KCC cannot cover it all, we’ll shout out some links to other great, on-site blogs.  Again, if you are interested in writing for KCC during the convention, please tweet me at

The list of speakers at CPAC just keeps growing.  Please keep checking the website for the lastest and most official updates.  Most events from the ballroom will be streamed live and your blogger will be providing you with information on how to catch it all.

This is going to a busy travel year, with many events on the calendar for conservatives, plus the Democratic National Convention, the Republican National Convention, which KCC will cover.

In state, there is still a few more days to sign up to attend the Battleground NC: Conservative Leadership Conference Conference.  Katy’s Conservative Corner is a sponsor and blogger at that event and we are very excited to be a part of it.  To find out more about that event, run by the Civitas Institute, check their website and tell them that Katy sent you.  This event is in EARLY March, so sign up now before you are left out!

Smart Girl Politics – Sept 2011 Online Events

SGP Action: North Carolina

Join Smart Girl Politics and participate in our online training events and activities.  Check out our mission statement and read the history of the group. “Smart Guys” are welcome, too.  KCC is co-chairman of the North Carolina chapter and welcomes all conservative women, of any political party, and any age, to learn more about us.  Please check our Facebook group.  Join our Ning group, too.  It’s so simple, that’s all you have to do!

Here is what is happening during the final two weeks of September:

SGP101: Interviewing: New Media Style!

From The Right Radio’s Thomas LaDuke will be teaching you how to get the interview, researching the interview, the right questions to ask, whether or not to use gotcha questions, and how to follow up. Please join us for an action-packed hour on interviewing.

Date: Thursday, September 15 at 9PM EST 

Register Here:  

SGP101: Candidate Training: All Things Fundraising

Just fundraising — all types of fundraising, how to plan low cost/high donor events, direct mail, website donations, email solicitations, etc.

Date: Monday, September 19 at 9PM EST EST 
Register Here:

Ning Chat: GOP Debate (Fox News / Florida GOP)

Please join us for a live chat on Ning for the GOP Presidential Debate.

Date: Thursday, September 22 at 9PM EST


SGP101 Book Club -
Sisters: The Lives of American Suffragists

Smart Girl Politics Action invites you to join us for September’s Book Smart, to be held on the 29th at 8:30 PM. The selection this month is “Sisters: The Lives of American Suffragists” by Jean H. Baker; we will be discussing the first two chapters that focus primarily on Lucy Stone and Susan B. Anthony.

To buy this book in hardback,  click here

To buy this book for your Kindle, click here
To buy this book in your paperback, click here

Date: Thursday, September 29 at 9PM EST EST Register Here:

Upcoming Economic / Stock Market ClassesIn a recent poll, we asked you what information you wanted on the stock market. After tallying the results, we are answering your call.  Smart Girl Politics will offer 4 economic / stock market classes beginning October 13th-Nov 3rd.Check this post for more details and how you can register.
Join Smart Girl Politics and get on our email list to keep up with the latest.  Our mission is to, in part,  educate, and empower conservative women candidates.


Ellmers Gives Geithner “The Business” on Small Business (Video)

Tim Geithner Photo: UPI/Kevin Dietsch

How many times have you wanted to give Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner a piece of your mind?  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (NC-2) did it on Wednesday and had the best closing statement of the year.  KCC won’t give it away, so you’ll watch this must see video.

Here, she defends small businesses across America and tells Geithner what we conservatives have all wanted to tell him.  Listen to how she calmly takes on his arguments and how she closes.  It made this blogger stand up and cheer!

Update: See also Geithner: Taxes on ‘Small Business’ Must Rise So Government Doesn’t ‘Shrink’ by CNS News

Your blogger is thankful to be pals with most of the staff in Rep. Ellmer’s office.  They do fine work. Call them from time-to-time to thank them for their efforts.  It’s certainly a labor of love.


NC Legislative Report by Col. Brenda T. Formo (USA-R)

Your blogger’s dear friend, retired Army Colonel Brenda Formo has contributed another legislative report. We thank her for her research, on behalf of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women. KCC is a fellow member and has exclusive rights to post. We appreciate Brenda’s service to our great nation and look forward to more posts, soon.

June 15, 2011
NC General Assembly  -  Current Status of Key Bills

1.  NC Budget Override – The House voted to override the governor’s veto in a vote of 73 to 46, just after midnight this morning.  All five Democrats kept their word to vote with the Republicans.  The Senate could vote on the override either today or Thursday, and has an advantage of 31 Republicans to 19 Democrats.  To override the governor’s veto, a margin of three-fifths of the votes is needed in the Legislature. (Editor’s Update: The NC Senate voted to override on Wednesday afternoon.  Thanks to the Democrats holding firm in the face of liberal opposition!) 

2.  Voter Photo ID (HB351/S351) – “Restore Confidence in Government” bill is currently on the calendar today to be discussed in the Senate’s Committee on Appropriations/Base Budget.  We want to ensure that this issue is voted on the Senate before this session ends on Fri, Jun 17th.  Call the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Sen. Peter Brunstetter (919) 733-7850; or the Co-Chairmen Sen. Neal Hunt (919) 733-5850; or Sen. Richard Stevens (919) 733-5653 to move this important legislation to a Senate vote by Friday, Jun 17th. (Editor’s Update: We need this important bill to become law to stop voter fraud.  Please contact the gentlemen listed!)

3.  Abortion-Woman’s Right to Know Act (HB854) – Moved from the Judiciary I Committee in the Senate to the Rules and Operations Committee in the Senate.  Call the Chairman, Sen. Tom Apodaca (919) 733-5745, or Vice Chairman Peter S. Brunstetter (919) 733-7850 to get the legislation voted on this session in the Senate. (Editor’s note: This is a bill the liberals are fighting and calling an “anti-abortion” bill.  All it requires is that they wait a day, and get a sonogram.  The woman is not forced to even look at it.)

4.  Energy Jobs Act (SB709) The bill passed in the House in a vote of 68 to 49 on Jun 14th.  It previously passed in the Senate.  The bill increases energy production in NC and facilitates economic growth and creates jobs.  Next stop is to the governor.

5.  Defense of Marriage (SB106) – Defense of Marriage will be heard in a special session devoted to amendments to the NC Constitution, most likely in August or September.

Sources:; Greensboro News & Record, “N.C. House overrides budget veto, ” by Mark Binker, Jun 15, 2011;


It’s been a busy week at the North Carolina General Assembly.  For more, check out the latest at the Civitas Institute,  the North Carolina Americans for Prosperity, or at the John Locke Foundation.  They are all excellent organizations and all focus on North Carolina issues.

GOProud out of CPAC 2012?

The battle of social versus fiscal conservatives continue. CPAC continues to be the battleground.

According to top national blogger, Ed Morrisey of Hot Air, GOProud could be out of CPAC next year.  GOProud, a group of fiscally conservative gays that first sponsored CPAC in 2009, and  returned to participate in the most recent edition, held earlier this month in Washington.

Morrisey posted an interview, shown on CSPAN, with incoming American Conservative Union (ACU) chairman, Al Cardenas. In it, Cardenas, says that all groups wishing to co-sponsor the conference would go through a vetting process but that any individual wishing to attend, would be able to.

According to Morrisey:

Technically, GOProud wasn’t a sponsor in 2011 — they were a “participating organization,” one of a record 117 to attend CPAC this year. Their presence sparked a boycott that ended up involving few organizations, but some prominent organizations chose not to attend (Family Research Council, Heritage Foundation) while leaving their motivations less clear. FRC did protest against the inclusion of GOProud while declining to call their absence a “boycott.”

Read the Ed’s entire post at HotAir.

CPAC 2011: Rep. Allen West

CPAC 2011 offered so many great speeches by so many great Conservatives, both new and familiar, that I could not write about them all.

Rep. Allen West speaks to CPAC 2011

On Saturday afternoon, freshman Congressman Allen West (FL-22), a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, gave the closing address.

He thanked the audience’s hard work for the electoral successes of 2010. West said the “liberal-progressive agenda offers no solutions” for America’s problems. He reminded the audience that leftist policies have been tried and have failed, worldwide.

He noted that Democrats are targeting his congressional seat as one of the most vulnerable to retake on 2012. He replied that he doesn’t feel vulnerable standing before this friendly audience.

He says the 2010 elections were about putting a “restraining order” on the Federal Government. He says “hard decisions” are needed now in cutting government and the budget deficit. West opposes Federal bailouts. He condemned Obama’s expensive subsidies to encourage people to buy hybrid and electric vehicles. Instead, West wants to cut corporate taxes and favors a Balanced Budget Amendment.

West condemned political correctness and how it contributed to the Fort Hood shootings. He says we shouldn’t grant constitutional rights to terrorists. He says we must never get rid of our nuclear deterrence capability. He accused China of using capitalism as a weapon against us. He’s a big supporter of Israel and promises never to let this US ally down.

West is pro-life and strongly opposes late term abortions. He believes marriage should be between one man and one woman.

West asked the audience to “stand firm, for this is the dawn of a new America”.

I greatly liked West, but he went a bit overboard with quotes from famous people: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Edmund Burke, Sun Tzu, etc. At least they were all good quotes. However, my wife Katy says that West’s speech is among the top three speeches she heard at this CPAC.

We’re off to CPAC

Good afternoon. Your blogger and her husband are on Amtrak, bumping and gliding towards Washington, on our way to CPAC 2011.  We should arrive in Union Station at 5:00 this afternoon and all the fun will begin, with the actual proceedings to start Thursday morning.  Her fellow bloggers are all trickling this afternoon and early evening and are looking forward to the reunion that CPAC brings.

We’ll be live streaming proceedings from the Marriott Ballroom and updating you on events in other parts of CPAC.  One thing you can count on from KCC is plenty of photos.  We also plan interviews with presidential hopefuls Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain (aka the Hermainator), and possibly Ron Paul.

Listeners in other parts of the nation will hear KCC, as she has signed on to talk Tarheel politics for those in other states.  Basically the message will be, never ever give up hope.  That day can come for you, too.   Keep working hard.

More updates soon.   Thanks to Lisa DeP and her staff at CPAC for putting yet another fine event together.

We wish Sarah Palin could have found time in her schedule to have come, as this is the biggest event of the year on the conservative schedule.  However, he husband is competing in an iron dog sled marathon.  We wish him the best.  However, in order to be a true national player, Gov. Palin must she that she can bury the hatchet with David Keene, the Chairman of CPAC, and make an appearance.

The argument sounds petty and she must show that she can rise above.  Many social conservative WILL be there, along with non-traditional conservatives and Libertarians, who are conservative only on fiscal issues.

If we don’t see you there.  We will see you online!

Carol Moseley Braun Makes “Crack” About Opponent

She may be smiling but when Carol Moseley Braun opens her mouth, it gets interesting! Photo by the AP.

The never boring Carol Moseley Braun was at it again Sunday.

The Chicago Tribune reports today the former U.S. Senator accused fellow Chicago mayoral candidate, Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins, of once being a crack user. The paper reported that Watkins had taken Braun to task for returning to politics after being “missing in action” as parts of Chicago struggled. So Braun shot back while at a South Side Chicago candidate forum:

Patricia, the reason you didn’t know who I was for the last 20 years is because you were strung out on crack…I was not strung out on crack. I don’t have a record.

The Tribune, which identifies Watkins as a “community organizer”,  said she told media outlets that she did use marijuana and cocaine for several years as a teenager, but has been clean for over 32 years.

Watkins called for an apology and deemed Braun’s comments

“… irrational, irresponsible and on top of it, untrue… I’ve never even seen crack, much less used crack.”

Editor’s Notes:

With apologies to Jim Croce, South Side Chicago is the baddest part of town, so your blogger would think that a mayoral candidate who actually used drugs would be a plus to voters there.

Since Braun is the baddest (wo)man in the whole damn town, perhaps we should “sic” a junkyard dog on her, although she might just win that fight.

On a more serious note, read more on the Chicago Mayoral race from Warner Todd Huston.  He writes Publis’ Forum, among others, and his latest post on the issue is here.  He is one of the nation’s top bloggers, a friend of KCC’s and Chicago’s top political expert.  KCC supports him for “Blogger of the Year” in 2011.

Renee Ellmers Takes on Bob “Who Are You” Etheridge, Frustrates Him With Facts (debate video)

NC’s 2nd District voters have a huge choice to consider this election.  Will they send a fresh, conservative face to Washington, or will they send back the same-ole, same-ole?  The race is too close to call and every single vote counts.

Watch Renee Ellmers take out our frustrations on liberal Congressman Bob “Who Are You” Etheridge.

Your blogger even had a question filmed the day before this debate was taped, so see if you can spot  her question.

Even though Mrs. Ellmers made a few small speaking stumbles, it only proves that she is not one of “them”, the liberal establishment that currently has a chokehold on Washington.

Mrs. Ellmers, is a nurse and decided to run for Congress after the lengthy debates on Obamacare.  She and her husband have a teenaged son, and they realized what the President’s plan would do to him and his children.

But, she is well versed in health care reform, she is also knows where she stands on virtually every other important issue.

She stuck to the facts, while Etheridge appealed to the emotions, using a popular liberal trick.  Like most liberals, Etheridge was skilled at speaking in circles but never managed to answer questions directly.  The facts seemed to frustrate him.

Apparently, Etheridge has been a “good boy” lately and has not grabbed any young citizens on the street, as he did to two young students who wanted to ask him a simple question about where he stood on President Barack Obama‘s agenda.

Meanwhile, back home, Etheridge loves painting himself as a “poor”, good ole boy type, who grew up in the small town of Turkey.

It’s not about where you are grew up, Bob, it’s about what you are made of.  You’ve proved what you are made of and in this debate, you spoke in circles.

Watch and see for yourself:

Watch WTVD’s Ellmers/Etheridge Debate NOW on KCC (debate video)

Can’t wait for Sunday to watch the Challenger Renee Ellmers debate Congressman Bob “Who Are YOU?” Etheridge?  Watch it here, on Katy’s Conservative Corner, now, courtesy of WTVD, of the Raleigh-Durham market.  Longtime anchor, Larry Stogner, moderates.

During this debate Bob Etheridge was asked about the YouTube video that shows him assaulting two young men on a DC street, but the question was framed around the issue of partisanship.  Watch and see how he wiggles out of this one!   It’s a short debate, only 30 minutes, but there are no commercials and it passes quickly.