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It’s NC GOP Convention Time

CHARLOTTE:  Welcome back to Katy’s Conservative Corner.  This weekend is the annual convention of the North Carolina Republican Party.  State Party Chairman, Robin Hayes, is stepping down and there are several candidates vying for his post and that of vice chairman.  More on that in another post.

U.S. Army Color Guard at the North Carolina Republican Party Convention 2013

U.S. Army Color Guard at the North Carolina Republican Party Convention 2013

1:24  The convention has not yet come to order and its clear the state Republicans are far from a quorum.  Delegates are filtering in, after picking up their credentials in the hallways, and visiting with friends.

1:31  Some of the exhibitors include the North Carolina chapter of Americans for Prosperity, which is a fantastic group to give your time and money.  Check out for more information on their plan to “tax less, tax fair, and tax simple”.

1:36:  Convention chairman Billy Miller  is at the podium reporting heavy traffic and delays in the arrival of delegates.  He added that the call to order would be delayed.

Follow along with the agenda of the convention here.

More soon!


Occupy DC Movement Violently Interrupts Dinner at Dream Summit

PHOTO: The "Occupy" protestors march on the Washington Convention Center, where the 2011 Defending the American Dream Summit was held Friday and Saturday
The “Occupy” protestors march on the Washington Convention Center, where the 2011 Defending the American Dream Summit was held Friday and Saturday

WASHINGTON – Friday night, during the “Tribute to Ronald Reagan Dinner”, radicals with the Occupy DC and a coalition of liberal groups tried violently to crash the Americans for Prosperity Defending the Dream Summit.

These radicals, some of whom carried black flags, wanted to supress rights of individuals to freely assemble and to intimidate conservatives into silence. Black flags often represent anarchy.

Many “Dream” attendees captured the violence on their smart phones.  and shared them with the mainstream media. By Saturday morning, the story had became national news.  CNN was the first to go national with the story, followed by other outlets.  Caleb Hayes, a College Republican  from Kansas, was interviewed by at least five different national news sources,  as they ran his video of an innocent bystander getting run over by a car from an “occupier”. According to witnesses,  the bystander had nothing to do with either group.

All Friday and Saturday afternoon, satellite trucks from media outlets circled the block around the Washington Convention Center, as both Republican Presidential frontrunners, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney, came to speak, along with other top conservatives.  The event would have made national news anyway, regardless of the violence that occured, by the Occupiers.

The protestors circled the convention center and tried to enter every single entrance.  Police did nothing despite reports that staffers at AFP called 911 four times.  However, some video does show police getting involved.   Security inside the building quickly moved to lock every entrance and no one was allowed to enter or leave.

KCC interviewed a wheelchair-bound woman who carried a small service dog.  When she was finally allowed to leave and go the two short blocks to her hotel, protestors grabbed her dog and tried to pull her from her chair.  Luckily, other conservatives came to her aid and security moved everyone from the center back to their hotels.  The dog was safely returned, unharmed.

Later, from her hotel room, your blogger could hear firetrucks blazing through the intersection, trying to reopen it to traffic, which KCC observed police NOT doing.  KCC does not blame the police officers, but rather their superiors who wouldn’t allow them to do their jobs.  Your blogger sensed that the DC leadership felt it might be “bad politics” to appear to be unfriendly with the “Occupiers”.

The entire situation is truly sad.  The staff at Americans for Prosperity, both here in North Carolina, and nationally, worked hard to bring us the best Summit yet.   Other than the attack, the event went off without a hitch and we bloggers had a lot of fun.

It was great seeing so many friends ride the busses from North Carolina and surrounding states, and seeing the friends we’ve made over the years at the various AFP events.

 Thank you AFP, and we look forward to next year!

Image: Americans for Prosperity Foundation LOGO
The Americans for Prosperity had their fifth annual Defending the American Dream Summit this past weekend. It was packed full of great information and speakers. The only downside was the Occupy DC group that stormed the convention center in a well-coordinated attack.

Here are a number of article, posts and videos on the story: 

I Went Down To the Demonstration to Get My Fair Share of Abuse (The Other McCain – videos)

The Mob Who Came to Dinner (The American Spectator, by Robert Stacy McCain)

Under Occupation Friday Night (The American Spectator, by Laurel Buckley)

The Real Occupy DC

Occupy protest turns violent outside Washington Convention Center [VIDEO]

Occupy DC Protesters Try to Storm AFP Event

OccupyDC Protesters Use Kids to Blockade Door During Violent Scuffle

Liberal Protester Uses Child As Human Shield

Occupy DC protester uses kids to block traffic



Updated: Union Protesters March on NC Republican Party Headquarters, Demand Union Rights, State Jobs

Saturday evening, about 30 protesters lined up on Raleigh’s  Hillsborough Street at the North Carolina AFL-CIO, and marched the half mile to the North Carolina

KCC File Photo, NC Republican Party Sign

Republican Party headquarters.  The union supporters then circled the front lawn, chanting slogans and demanding”justice”.  They wanted “union rights” and “rights for laid-off state workers” in North Carolina.  Oddly, no one was working in the Republican party office at the time.  Plus, very few workers have been laid off.

North Carolina liberals have been unhappy for most of the past year, when Republicans won control of the NC General Assembly for the first time since Reconstruction.  (After over 100 years of corruption lead by Democrats, this blogger never thought she’d see GOP control in her lifetime.)

In January, when the Legislature convened for its long session, Republicans went straight to work.  They were left $2.4 billion budget deficit thanks to over spending by their  Democratic colleagues.

GOP members had to make the tough decisions, and nothing was immune.  State Universitites, community colleges and even public schools shared the burden, but not to the extent reported by the mainstream media.  Even state employees, the apparent untouchables of budgeting, felt the heat.

Frankly, there was no point in their march.  The General Assembly recently adjourned after putting a marriage amendment to the NC Constitution on the May ballot.  Union supporters got very little mainstream media coverage.  Only WTVD covered it locally and it appeared to this blogger that the marchers were not state employees at all, but rather people paid to be out a cool, wet night.  Let’s hope our state government does not hire those with dread locks, like the gentlemen who spoke with the television station.

Others of note that attended were members of Code Pink, a socialist/Communist women’s organization.

They marched  NOT to save state jobs, but rather to push unionization in an otherwise anti-union state.

Unions have felt the heat, lately,

The State Employees Association of NC affiliated with SEIU a couple of years ago. That association is now buried on the SEANC website.

with the 2012 DNC Convention coming to Charlotte.  Leaders have been pressuring the Governor to support President Barack H. Obama’s anti-union measures here in the State Capital.  He visited the city last week, pushing his so-called jobs program.

Meanwhile, where does NC Governor Beverly Perdue stand on the issue?  She refuses to take a stand, thus bowing to pressure from her union buddies who contributed heavily to her 2008 election campaign.

Editor’s Note:  North Carolina’s State Employees Association (SEANC) is affiliated with The Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  State employees in NC do not have collective bargaining rights, but they continue to  pushing anyway.

UPDATE: 1:45 a.m. Sunday 9/18/2011  Turns out, Saturday was a “Day of Rage” for Liberals.

UPDATE: 1:47 p.m. Sunday 9/18/2011 The News and Observer weighed in today, with one activist calling the situation a  ”crime scene”.  They over reported the number of activists, at 100.



CPAC 2011: Rep. Allen West

CPAC 2011 offered so many great speeches by so many great Conservatives, both new and familiar, that I could not write about them all.

Rep. Allen West speaks to CPAC 2011

On Saturday afternoon, freshman Congressman Allen West (FL-22), a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, gave the closing address.

He thanked the audience’s hard work for the electoral successes of 2010. West said the “liberal-progressive agenda offers no solutions” for America’s problems. He reminded the audience that leftist policies have been tried and have failed, worldwide.

He noted that Democrats are targeting his congressional seat as one of the most vulnerable to retake on 2012. He replied that he doesn’t feel vulnerable standing before this friendly audience.

He says the 2010 elections were about putting a “restraining order” on the Federal Government. He says “hard decisions” are needed now in cutting government and the budget deficit. West opposes Federal bailouts. He condemned Obama’s expensive subsidies to encourage people to buy hybrid and electric vehicles. Instead, West wants to cut corporate taxes and favors a Balanced Budget Amendment.

West condemned political correctness and how it contributed to the Fort Hood shootings. He says we shouldn’t grant constitutional rights to terrorists. He says we must never get rid of our nuclear deterrence capability. He accused China of using capitalism as a weapon against us. He’s a big supporter of Israel and promises never to let this US ally down.

West is pro-life and strongly opposes late term abortions. He believes marriage should be between one man and one woman.

West asked the audience to “stand firm, for this is the dawn of a new America”.

I greatly liked West, but he went a bit overboard with quotes from famous people: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Edmund Burke, Sun Tzu, etc. At least they were all good quotes. However, my wife Katy says that West’s speech is among the top three speeches she heard at this CPAC.

Happy TET; Remembering the TET Offensive

Happy Year of the Cat, Happy TET!

Happy TET everyone to our Vietnamese friends and to KCC’s relatives by marriage.  The Vietnamese are some of the finest people your blogger has ever known and they cherish their freedoms more than anyone else.

The Vietnamese that live and work here in the United States fought hard against the Communists, and then had to fight for their lives trying to escape their former nation.  Many did not survive but those who did are now spread all over the world.

Americans may only know of the TET Offensive, but it’s actually the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam.  Your blogger married into a Vietnamese family and her son is 1/4 Vietnamese, so we celebrate TET.  Your blogger’s mother-in-law became an American citizen in 1976, and she has her citizenship papers proudly framed in her home.

TET is celebrated in other *Oriental nations as the Lunar New Year.  In Vietnam, it is the Year of the Cat, based on a 12-year cycle:

Future TET Lunar New Years Days

Year of the… Gregorian Calendar
Cat Feb 03, 2011
Dragon Jan 23, 2012
Snake Feb 10, 2013
Horse Jan 31, 2014
Goat Feb 19, 2015
Monkey Feb 08, 2016
Rooster Jan 28, 2017
Dog Feb 16, 2018
Pig Feb 05, 2019
Rat Jan 25, 2020
Buffalo 2021
Tiger 2022

TET is celebrated with fireworks, a long week off, the passing of cash in small red envelopes by adults, etc. When American relatives visit Vietnam, they often give cash to adults, as well as the children, as the Americans are much better off under our system of capitalism.  Other symbols of TET can be found here.

Flag of the Former South Vietnam

(China, another country that celebrates the Lunar New Year, deems this the year of the rabbit. )

Many of the brave men and women who fought in the Vietnam war, remember TET as an “offensive” began by the North Vietnamese in 1968, and designed to end the war with a single blow.

It was won by the United States, but lost in the liberal/mainstream media.  TET was supposed to be a day of cease fire and celebration, but according to your blogger’s late father-in-law, who was there at the time, that all changed.

The North Vietnamese Communists had recruited people in the South who blended in.  South Vietnamese could easily tell who was from the North from their mannerisms, eating habits, and accents.  It was much harder for American troops.  The Communists from the North used loyalists living in South Vietnam to form the Vietcong.

According to KCC’s father-in-law, in preparation for the TET Offensive, the Vietcong had secretly stockpiled weapons in cemeteries (including caskets buried in fake graves), homes, and other places all over Saigon and South Vietnam, yet North Vietnam signed a two-day ceasefire with South Vietnam to observe the holiday and both announced that on national broadcasts in advance.  The Communists had no honor.

Early on the morning of January 31, 1968, when your blogger’s husband was just a year old, the Vietcong, aided by the North Vietnamese military, rose up and attacked.  U.S. journalists had never seen fighting before and reported it as a loss for the United States, when in fact, it was a decisive win.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tet was a particularly crushing defeat for the VC.

It virtually ended the existence of the Vietcong, and galvanized the unity of nearly all South Vietnamese people with the United States and each other.

Yet, 1972 Presidential candidate George McGovern admitted that he did not want the United States to win the war.

Check out: How the Media Lied about the TET Offensive by Vietnam Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform

Also: The Lies of TET by the Wall Street Journal

And: How wrong was Walter Cronkite about the Tet Offensive? About as wrong as can be. by The End Zone

*Your blogger has always been told that “rugs are oriental, but people are not.”  KCC learned this was incorrect from people from Southeastern Asia, herself.  After talking with many Vietnamese family members and friends, they all agreed that they don’t care if people refer to them as “Oriental”.  After all, they are from the part of the world known as the orient.

The politically correct movement doesn’t want you to know this but you have now been informed.

NC AFP: Live from Cancun, Sort of – Global Warming Alarmism

Event Logo

AFP Event Logo

Welcome.  This evening your writer is  live-blogging the latest stop on the Americans for Prosperity’s Hot Air Tour, which is being broadcast live to over 20 states and worldwide via the AFP website.

This stop is in Cancun, Mexico and features an event entitled “Unmasking International Global Warming Alarmism.

Though the actual event is happening in Cancun, Mexico, your blogger is actually located in Raleigh, at the North Carolina office of Americans for Prosperity (AFP).  It’s going to be loads of fun.

This event is the official North Carolina state AFP party and is complete with “beach party” style posters, tee shirts, and beach balls.  Additionally, Grassroots Director, Chris Marie Farr, provided a feast of Mexican style food, with Mexican style decorations.  The NC team has gone  all out!

Keep refreshing your browser this page for more.

NC Director, Dallas Woodhouse, Skypes in from Cancun. He provided the Raleigh crowd a lot of interesting and inside information.

Farr started off the program by addressing some of the concerns of “climate change”, formerly known to liberals as “global warming”.  She also provided background and history of the legislation and introduced the speakers here in Raleigh and mentioned those who would be speaking down in Cancun.

In Raleigh, we are lucky to have Darren Bakst and Roy Cordato, Ph.D. from the John Locke Foundation.

Currently, State Director Dallas Woodhouse is speaking to the group of about 60, via Skype from Cancun.  He joked about having been there in college, but this time it was completely serious.

He spoke of seeing “too much Communist Red” and how we conservatives are slowing beginning to win the debate.  ”More and more people are beginning to see this logically”, he told the group.

It’s against the federal constitution of Mexico for foreigners to get in and protest and he has to be low key.

He’s not gonna change the minds of the “kooks down here”, but he wants to change the minds of Americans, he said in response to a question of  this blogger.

This conference, he said, was about redistribution of wealth, sadly.  He added that he can get into some of the meetings if he is really low key.

There are a number of Americans down there, he said, supporting AFP and a number of KCC’s fellow conservative bloggers, including Warner Todd Huston, someone KCC respects and admires!

Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation

Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation spoke about CO2

Roy Cordato Ph.D, of the John Locke Foundation is now speaking.

Cordato said that the alarmists have said that every person on earth must cut their CO2 use by 75% over the next 100 years.  Even still, he added,  Europe will still warm and the polar ice caps will melt.  The warming will occur by so few degrees, that it’s statistically insignificant.

Update: Currently APF national president, Tim Phillips is speaking live via the AFP website (via satellite). Tune in here.

Phillips is a true believer, folks, and this blogger had the opportunity to campaign, door-to-door with him, his son, and a bus full of others in Las Vegas, against Harry Reid during the RightOnline 2010 conference. This man can take that Vegas heat in July! He believes in AFP, and so do we at KCC.

Grassroots Director Chris Farr, models the "Bureaucrats Gone Wild" Tee Shirts which were distributed at the viewing party with a Cancun theme.

The Raleigh group is currently watching the live webcast which features a number of guests, including blogger extraordinare Andrew Breitbart.  Unfortunately we  have a few  technical difficulties from Cancun and will misss all of Breitbart’s talk.

Thus, your blogger looks forward to seeing the webcast in its entirety on Friday at the website.

By the way, If you have an account, follow the discussion on Twitter by searching for, and using the hashtag #hatcan  There are many private citizens who are in Cancun, tweeting the event.

Stan Young listens to the NC AFP presentation on Global Warming Alarmists

Stan Young listens to the NC AFP presentation on Global Warming Alarmists

Stan Young, a statistician, told the Raleigh crowd that there isn’t much in the way of temperature records.  ”Only about 150 years worth”.  After proper statistical data has been undertaken and overridden what is corrupted, “it could be that there is no global warming at all,” Young concluded. (Google the term “Climate-gate” for more information about how the data was suppressed and corrupted.)

9:36: More coming soon.  I’m getting thrown out of the meeting room as the event ended at 9 p.m.  More to come.

10:31 p.m.  The meeting ended about 90 minutes ago and this blogger has just arrived home.

Global warming is an issue that this blogger previously taken lightly, as she had grown tired of the liberals and other alarmists harping on the issue. In short, KCC tuned them out.

All she really felt was this:  change is cyclical, yet constant.  Tempertatures rise and fall over time.  The earth goes through heating periods and through cooling periods, such as the Little Ice Age that occured from the 16th to the 19th centuries.   This included the American Revolutionary War period.

We can no longer afford to have such simplistic views of the issue.  There have been bills circulating through Congress for several years that would strengthen the Clean Air Act, thus giving the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) even more power over our lives.  We must continue to contact our Senators and Members of Congress to discourage their passage.

Ironcally, today, December 2nd, is the 40th anniversary of the EPA.

Yesterday, liberal site Greenwire (among others), announced some very good news for conservatives. The new House Republican majority in Washington will no longer hold certain committee meetings:

Republicans have decided to kill the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, current ranking member Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) announced yesterday. “This will be the final hearing of the select committee,” Sensenbrenner said. The announcement came during a star-studded hearing called by Chairman Ed Markey (D-Mass.) focused on a range of energy and climate issues — including planetary security.

(Greenwire, 12/02/2010 House Global Warming Committee Goes Gentle Into That Good Night)

The terrible thing about this “UN-sponsored” conference is that it is actually funded by American taxpayers.  As attendees saw in secretely filmed videos, conference attendees have been well-feted.

At many events, taxpayer-funded alcohol and high-quality food was served to “dignataries” from around the world.  If this isn’t a good enough reason to get the United States out of the United Nations, now, KCC doesn’t know what is!

This ends the coverage of the North Carolina party. Thanks for being with us this evening.

Happy Birthday US Navy by Carlton Huffman

By: Carlton Huffman

U. S. Navy

October 13, 2010 is a special day for the United States in that it is the 235th Birthday of the United States Navy. It was on this date in 1775 that the Second Continental Congress authorized the procurement of ships to attack British supply ships.

Like the United States Army, the Navy is actually older than the nation, and just as our nation has come a long way from our humble beginnings so has the Navy. From John Paul Jones leading commandos into Whitehaven, England in 1778 to the massive force that led the liberation of Europe and the crushing of Imperial Japan the United States Navy has been the tip of the spear since before the nation was born.

Unfortunately the Navy has seen it’s funding cut since the glory days of Ronald Reagan‘s 600 ship fleet in the 1980′s. With the rise of regional threats in Iran and North Korea and the massive expansion of Red China‘s navy, the United States Navy needs not only our gratitude but our support in Congress.

Carlton Huffman

I hope that all of the readers will not only thank the veterans and those now serving,  but also encourage our elected representatives to fully fund our Navy as the first line of defense and offense around the world.

When the United States Navy is given the tools and support it needs it has stood toe to toe with Great Britain, France, the Spanish Navy, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and the Soviet Union and prevailed. I can not think of a better tribute to our Navy Seamen and veterans then to give them the tools to defend not only our liberty but the happiness and freedom of millions of Americans still unborn.

Editor’s Note:

Originally from Granite Falls, North Carolina, Carlton Huffman is a conservative activist who recently relocated to Raleigh from the Northern Virginia area.  He’s happy be back in the land of Jesse Helms.  He graduated from Campbell University where he studied Government and History.

KCC thanks him for his submission and looks forward to more.

Racist Rep. Loretta Sanchez Bashes GOP/Vietnamese for Trying to Steal “Their” Congressional Seat (video)

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-CA, 47) may have just buried herself  in a big hole.  She unleashed a racist attack on her GOP challenger of Vietnamese heritage.  In the Univision broadcast, she told Latinos that the Republicans and Vietnamese ”are trying to take this seat away from us”.  (Dog gone it, after all we’ve done for our community.)

Apparently Rep. Sanchez doesn’t understand that “their” seat doesn’t belong to any particular group. Even the mainstream press picked up the story after her opponent, Van Tran pounced on the issue.

By the way, she’s blaming the fact that she’s fallen a couple of points behind in the polls on President Obama.  Sounds familiar!

On a personal note: Your blogger married into a Vietnamese family and has found them more hard working than any other immigrant group.  In general, they are kinder, more friendly, and appreciate this country more than any native born American ever has.  Many of them risked their lives escaping an oppressive  Communist regime, often on a tiny boat that was robbed by pirates before reaching its destination.

People perished, desperately seeking freedom, yet they fought onward.   Generally, they support immigration, LEGAL immigration.  So in a way, Rep. Sanchez was wrong, they DO support immigration, just not the kind of mass border crossings that she seeks.

Thank goodness the district is home to a large Asian population in Southern California.  Your blogger hopes they all come out and defeat Rep. Sanchez.  As one commenter on You Tube stated, “let her return to Mexico where she can serve in the Mexican government.”

Sanchez is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and was born in the United States.  It is past time that we retired her from Congress.  Your blogger lived in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1990, after graduation from college.  She has no issues with Latinos, in general.

Watch and be amazed:

Hat Tips: Hot Air and Da Tech Guy

Illegals and Communists Protest Arizona Law in Raleigh (Video)

A group of about 300 people from across North Carolina, came to Raleigh yesterday, to protest the new Arizona law aimed at enforcing the Federal law on illegal immigration.  Though gutted by a court, the protestors marched anyway, and mostly consisted of a Farmworkers Union group, Communist organizations, various student groups from UNC-Chapel Hill, and Muslim-Americans.

There was plenty of police presence, but no conservatives, other than your blogger, appeared to observe the spectacle.  The very Raleigh police officers that were there to protect these liberals, were called “pigs”.  How’s that for “peace”?

Enjoy the sights and sounds from the march/rally by checking out the video below:

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