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Denver Police and Occupy Denver Arrive at Blogcon (videos)

DENVER:   At 3:00 local time (5:00 EST), several members of Occupy Denver began hanging around the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown.  As a fellow blogger, Da Tech Guy, exclaimed, “they looked the part”.  One couple began hovering in a corner, behind a plant, while others tried to look like the fit in with the Blogcon crowd, in the small hotel lobby. At least one occupier was arrested.   That man was high and shoved a cop, according to fellow blogger, Kat McKinney of Houston.  Blogcon attendees converged on them and began to chat.  (See videos, below.)

Your blogger’s husband notified the Denver police this morning of the impending actions, and was told by that the police had had “a lot of trouble” with the local occupiers.

When the Denver Police began looking around, the couple hiding behind the plant headed for the elevator, not knowing, comically, that the elevator was going nowhere without a room key.  There are a number of videos just coming in and KCC will share them with you, as we get them.

Here we go:

Thanks to People’s Press Collective for these videos!

See here for more videos!  The Occupiers are slowly going away in every city and conservatives are waving goodbye to them!  Do what you can to help make it happen.

Thanks to Amanda Mixon, a longtime GOP activist, for stepping up to the Raleigh City Council last week to  speak against the Occupy Raleigh group as they sought to maintain their site in a Raleigh public park.  Citizens and businesses everywhere are tired of this as it hurts their property values and cuts down on their business.  Bravo Amanda!  Keep up the great work.

UPDATE 4:24 MST:  Here’s another You Tube video of the events of the day:

Occupy Denver to Storm Blogcon at 5 p.m. Local Time

These Occupiers don't look so bad, but wait until nightfall! Their younger friends turn angry!

DENVER – Looks like the “Occupiers” are ready to act, again and this time, conservatives are ready.  We here in Denver at the Blogcon Conference, sponsored by FreedomWorks, expect them to hit us at about 5 p.m. local time (7 p.m. EST).

So far, it’s been an exciting day, with all levels of bloggers in the packed house, including the regular “Legion of Doom” gang, of which your blogger is a member.  The “Legion” is a tight-knit group of about 40 bloggers who see each other regularly at these events.

FreedomWorks, a supporter of economic freedom, is as unpopular with liberal groups as is the Americans for Prosperity.  Inspired by their counterparts in Washington, DC last weekend, they are have tweeted and blogged that they will be visiting the Blogcon hotel this afternoon.  As mentioned, at 5 p.m. MST (7 p.m. EST) we expect them to arrive.

Last weekend, this blogger was hit in the back by a 2×4 as she attempted to leave the Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington.  KCC was leaving the Washington Convention Center to meet a Supershuttle van.

Her rolling computer case was stuck in the door, and as she was trying to free it, she was hit in the back by an unknown person wearing dreadlocks and a striped knitted cap.  Police, who saw the entire thing, would not assist, nor would they take a report.  Sadly, no fellow attendees were around to help as KCC fell to the ground.  There was a lot of pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk, so the man quickly slipped away.

Police in Denver have been notified of the possible events today.

If the Occupiers do indeed visit as planned, KCC will have photos and videos for you.  Watch for them later!

Editor’s Note:  KCC is recovering from the attack last weekend and is thankful that board missed the back of her head.  Thanks be to God!