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Republicans in New York State Suppress Conservative Congresswoman by Alissa Bonk, SGPA

Smart Girl Politics Action

By Alissa Bonk, Smart Girl Political Action


Republican Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle from New York’s 25th District has been ranked the most conservative woman in the House.  She is wildly popular among pro-life groups, and her strong stance against government spending has earned her a Club for Growth rating of 92, a full 24 points higher than the next best rating in NY.  Rep. Buerkle is a strong, independent, female conservative — the kind that the Republican Party sorely needs in Washington.

So naturally, the New York State Party is intentionally redistricting her out of her seat. Their own, self-drawn map places Rep. Buerkle in a nearly impossible electoral situation.

Anyone who is familiar with the New York Republican establishment shouldn’t be too surprised by this.

In 2009, the state GOP forced the liberal, pro-union, pro-choice Dede Scozzafava onto the Republican ticket in the NY-09 special election, causing a third-party rebellion within the conservative movement that led to Scozzafava’s withdrawal from the race and endorsement of the Democrat over the conservative candidate.

In 2010, the establishment tried to hoist candidate, Rick Lazio, onto the GOP gubernatorial ticket – only to result in yet another voter revolt that put Carl Paladino on the ballot, a candidate who went down in flames in November.


This time, instead of forcing a flawed candidate onto the ticket, the state GOP is trying to redistrict a good one – a great one, actually – out of contention, simply because she won’t play ball with the Albany old boys club.


Luckily, the conservative movement is identifying this for what it is – an attempt to get an independent-minded, strong female conservative out of the establishment’s way – straight out of the gate.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), head of the Republican Study Committee, has already said he will fully support Buerkle in her primary fight against any challenger, even if it means defeating a Republican incumbent in a different district. The Chairman of the Onandaga County GOP, located within Buerkle’s district, has announced his support as well.


In fact, the conservative outcry has reached the ears of real conservative voices like Erick Erickson, who recently criticized the “tone deaf” state party and urged other conservatives to start paying attention to the unfolding fiasco.


The Republican Party should be applauding and encouraging strong conservative women to run for office and fight for fiscal sanity in Washington. Instead, the New York State GOP wants to redistrict them out of existence. Hopefully, conservatives – especially us (sic) conservative women – will recognize this shameful move for what it is, and put pressure on Albany to keep Rep. Buerkle in Congress. The GOP, and the country, needs her there.

Please check out my Op-Ed posted on The Daily Caller and leave a comment of support for the Congresswoman.    We need strong conservative women representing us in Congress.

Alyssa Bonk
SGPA Communication Team


Editor’s Notes:  Not too many years ago, something similar happened in the North Carolina State House.  The Citizens of the old North State elected a Republican majority, in spite of the Democrat party’s gerrymandering.  The GOP Seniority system was set and the people destined to take their places in leadership positions prepared to do so.

Along came a state representative and longtime party activist, Richard Morgan of Moore County.  He scared up eight of his best pals and brokered a “power-sharing” agreement with the Democrats, and setting up a “co-speakership” in the State House of Representatives.   Co-Speakership?  What happened to the GOP majority that had just been elected?  Morgan”s pals shared key committee chairmanships and the Republicans who had worked so hard were left with little.

How did it work?  Like a broken clock.

Two years later, the Democrats were voted back into the majority and didn’t give it up until 2010, when the anti-Obama wave hit the country and people wanted to go in a different direction.

Two years after his scheme, Richard Morgan was voted out of office, with the support of many from Wake and surrounding counties, including Art Pope, a benefactor of conservative and libertarian causes.  The others were “hunted down” voted out, too by recruiting good candidates.  Such a long story cannot be completely covered here, but thankfully we in North Carolina do not have a short-sighted NCGOP.

NC Governor Vetoes Photo Voter ID

Gov. Beverly Perdue (D) has shown that she cares more about her job than those of others by going against the wishes of the people of North Carolina. AP photo

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue vetoed Photo Voter ID on Thursday, going against the majority of her constituents who elected a Republican General Assembly in 2010. (Read her official press release, here.)

One of the top items on the NC Republican agenda this session was passing a requirement that registered voters show a North Carolina-issued photo identification.  The bill, Restore Confidence in Government , was stamped with her eighth veto  of the session, according to the News and Observer of Raleigh.

In a first, the NC Democratic Party claimed that issuing an ID, paid for by the state  for indigents, would be too expensive.

In a press release, Senate Democrat leader Martin Nesbit stated “Voter ID is nothing more than a costly solution in search of a problem that forces thousands of seniors, minorities and students to nagivate an obstacle course of bureaucracy before being allowed to vote.”

Ironically, the same Democrats that spent the Republicans into power, suddenly cared about what a program actually cost.

These same Democrats ran a slick, expensive campaign all spring and summer trying to stop the Republican budget and other bills voters wanted, only to fail.  Last fall, voters became sick of the overspending by President Barack Obama and Governor Perdue and their party, and voted the Republicans into leadership in both houses of the NC General Assembly for the first time since Reconstruction.

The NC Senate and NC House Republicans followed the wishes of those who elected them and passed this needed bill.

Even liberals, nationally, have felt that voter fraud is a problem, despite the denials of the NC Democrats.  According to a post in the last issue of their Policy StatementDuke Chesson, writing for the NC Young Republicans stated:

So is voter fraud really a problem? Liberal former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens certainly thought so. As he put it in a 2008 opinion for the 6-3 majority in a case concerning voter ID laws in Indiana,

“That flagrant examples of [voter] fraud…have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists…demonstrate[s] that not only is the risk of voter fraud real but that it could affect the outcome of a close election.”

The NC General Assembly passed a similar version to what was upheld in Indiana, according to sources.

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes, had the best quote of the day.  In a prepared statement, he said

“When given a chance to boost voter confidence, Governor Perdue again chose to appease her liberal base to boost her floundering re-election campaign while ignoring an overwhelming majority of North Carolinians who supported this common-sense bill.

Governor Perdue’s veto is not surprising and as unemployment in North Carolina remains at 9.7% for the third straight month, it is clear ‘The Jobs Governor’ is only concerned with one job, her own.”

The Republicans have not yet announced when they will attempt to over ride the veto.

CPAC 2011: Rep. Allen West

CPAC 2011 offered so many great speeches by so many great Conservatives, both new and familiar, that I could not write about them all.

Rep. Allen West speaks to CPAC 2011

On Saturday afternoon, freshman Congressman Allen West (FL-22), a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, gave the closing address.

He thanked the audience’s hard work for the electoral successes of 2010. West said the “liberal-progressive agenda offers no solutions” for America’s problems. He reminded the audience that leftist policies have been tried and have failed, worldwide.

He noted that Democrats are targeting his congressional seat as one of the most vulnerable to retake on 2012. He replied that he doesn’t feel vulnerable standing before this friendly audience.

He says the 2010 elections were about putting a “restraining order” on the Federal Government. He says “hard decisions” are needed now in cutting government and the budget deficit. West opposes Federal bailouts. He condemned Obama’s expensive subsidies to encourage people to buy hybrid and electric vehicles. Instead, West wants to cut corporate taxes and favors a Balanced Budget Amendment.

West condemned political correctness and how it contributed to the Fort Hood shootings. He says we shouldn’t grant constitutional rights to terrorists. He says we must never get rid of our nuclear deterrence capability. He accused China of using capitalism as a weapon against us. He’s a big supporter of Israel and promises never to let this US ally down.

West is pro-life and strongly opposes late term abortions. He believes marriage should be between one man and one woman.

West asked the audience to “stand firm, for this is the dawn of a new America”.

I greatly liked West, but he went a bit overboard with quotes from famous people: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Edmund Burke, Sun Tzu, etc. At least they were all good quotes. However, my wife Katy says that West’s speech is among the top three speeches she heard at this CPAC.

NCGOP Chairman Hayes Addresses Tea Party Rally at NC General Assembly (video)

Two weeks ago, on opening day of the NEW North Carolina General Assembly, NC Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes addressed a tea party rally put on by the Mocassin Creek Minutemen and a number of other organizations.   KCC was also a sponsor.

Watch and listen as  Chairman Hayes speaks with the energetic crowd on a cold, rainy day.

Thanks to NC Freedom for providing the video.

Heritage Action NC Thanks Members of Congress, “Encourages” Others

Heritage Action demands accountability.

Recently, the Republican Study Committee, lead by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio-4) sent a letter to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio-8), urging him to keep a key Republican promise to cut $100 billion in non-defense spending for fiscal year 2011. It is the platform that almost all Republicans ran on during the midterms.

Heritage Action for America (and their North Carolina Chapter) sent out special kudos to Representatives Renee Ellmers, Virginia Foxx and Patrick McHenry for signing the letter and committing to spending cuts. (McHenry’s website appeared to be down at the time of this posting.)

Sadly,  Representatives Walter Jones, Jr, Rep. Sue Myrick and Howard Coble did not sign the letter yet each used that pledge for their election.

According to Jessica Anderson, State Director for Heritage Action NC:

We need to be holding our candidates accountable for what they said on the campaign trail and their actions need to reflect their promises.

Click here to read the text of Rep. Jordan’s letter on behalf of the RSC.

Berger Elected President Pro Tempore of North Carolina Senate

Today Senator Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) was elected by his colleagues as President Pro Tempore of the North Carolina Senate.  For the first time since 1870, Republicans will lead both chambers in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Senator Berger said the Senate’s primary objective is to revitalize North Carolina’s economy and foster a business climate where the private sector can create new jobs.  He cited closing the state’s $3.7 billion budget deficit as the first step in this process and committed to work with elected leaders from both parties to accomplish this goal.

Below are his opening remarks as prepared:

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen for the warm welcome and for selecting me as President Pro Tempore of the North Carolina Senate.  And thank you, Lt. Governor Dalton, for your kind words of introduction.  I would also like to recognize my wife, Pat, my children and grandchildren, our Supreme Court Chief Justice Sarah Parker, Supreme Court Associate Justice Paul Newby, Court of Appeals Judge Ann Marie Calabria, Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis, my Senate colleagues, Hogan Medlin, and the Junior Army ROTC Color Guard from John Motley Morehead High School in Eden.

“A special thank you to Senator Marc Basnight for the assistance and guidance that he, his Chief of Staff, Amy Fulk, and the rest of his team provided during the transition process.  Actions speak volumes and Senator Basnight’s are appreciated more than he will ever know.

“I am humbled and honored to stand before you today. This is a historic moment for this body and our state.  But this is just a moment — history will judge us based on the substance of this session — not this moment.

“North Carolina is suffering the effects of a national recession.  Policy choices made over the last 20 years deepened the recession in North Carolina.  The result is that our principal order of business this session is to eliminate a $3.7 billion budget deficit.   This is our primary task if we expect to see private sector job growth resume.  Our population is growing but job creation in North Carolina is not keeping pace.

“From 2000 to 2009, North Carolina’s workforce increased by nearly 330,000 workers.  Yet during the same time period, our state’s economy added only 13,806 jobs. We must do all in our power to change this trend.  That means first and foremost improving North Carolina’s business climate –  the costs associated with the set of regulations that must be followed, the fees and taxes that must be paid, and the government red tape that must be cut in order for private business to turn a profit.  Because business cannot grow if it cannot profit. And if it cannot grow, it will not add jobs.

“Balancing the state’s budget and reducing government costs to families and business is how we can most effectively create jobs in North Carolina.

“It is time for a different philosophy in state government, one that will return North Carolina to its rightful place as the Southeast’s leader in job creation, education, transportation, and quality of life.

“Just as working families and small businesses have to make difficult decisions and tighten their belts to make ends meet, we, as a state will also have to tighten our belt to put our financial house in order. State government and state employees will have to do more with less as we work to right size state government. It’s not going to be easy, but streamlining state government will pay dividends in the long run.

“Today is a new day for North Carolina with a new vision for our state’s future.  We will lead North Carolina on a path of smaller, smarter, more efficient government.

“We will reduce spending, balance our budget, and reform North Carolina’s regulatory environment to make our state a better place to live, work, raise a family, and start and grow a business.

“We will implement common-sense tort and medical malpractice reforms.

“We will lift the cap on charter schools and support our state’s education and job skills training programs to better prepare our students and workforce for today’s economy.

“Senate members of both parties understand the great responsibility the voters have placed on our shoulders by electing us to this body.  To date, we are encouraged that Governor Perdue, knowing the magnitude of the challenges that lie ahead and having demonstrated a willingness to work in a bipartisan fashion to address our state’s problems, will continue to be our partner as we take steps to move North Carolina forward.  We must work together to bring about real, positive, and lasting change.

“We, Republicans and Democrats, all know our constituents expect us to provide common sense solutions to address the fiscal and other problems we face.  Today we see the hallmarks of all new beginnings — optimism, expectation of opportunity, and confidence for a better quality of life for all North Carolinians.

“We are excited and energized at what the future will bring and stand ready to address the challenges at hand. To the people of this great state, we thank you for your support and for the opportunity to serve.”

Updated: Welcome to the new “Sheriffs” In Town

Today is a brand new day; one that most of us would have never thought we’d have seen in our lifetimes.  Heck, our predecessors never saw it in their lifetimes, so why should we have thought differently.  Long-time political activists never gave up and their wish became reality.

Today, January 26th, is the swearing in of a new North Carolina General Assembly, this time with both houses controlled by the Republican Party.  That is something your blogger had hoped for and worked for, more than half her life.

Today, the questions will begin to be answered.  Will be the Republicans be able to lead, after having been out-of-power since Reconstruction?  Can the Republicans answer the calls and war cries to those who elected them?  Will they be conservative enough to avoid new taxes, while cutting spending, and closing the budget gap left for them by the Democrats and Governor Beverly Perdue.  Can they even cut taxes?

As start time is growing near, listen in to the proceedings of Legislative Day One.  Follow along by looking at the calendar.  KCC expects actual floor proceedings of today to stay under two hours:

NC Senate Listen here See Today’s Calender

NC House Listen Here See Today’s Calendar

Updated: Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory lead the Pledge, rather than former Gov. Jim Holshouser. (see below)

Of special note: In the House, former Governors James G. Martin and James Holshouser will administer the prayer and the pledge, respectively.  When KCC looked at today’s House calendar, she honestly thought she was seeing one that was 20 years old.  But these former Republican governors are back in Raleigh  to welcome a General Assembly they can call their own.

More soon.

NC Democrats To Elect State Chairman

Official NC Democratic Party logo

While North Carolina Republicans have been wrapped up in the four-way contest for our state chairman that was finally settled today, the North Carolina Democrats have also been going about the business of electing a state chairman.

According to the blog NCDP Politics,  our friends down Hillsborough Street will hold their big election on January 26th.

The blogger clearly supports candidate David Parker, who is not supported by former chairman Jerry Meeks. Meeks’ pick is Bill Faison.  Apparently Parker and Meeks have a long standing grudge.

KCC cannot weigh into this fight as she does have first hand information, but it is interesting to follow, as the parties work so much alike.  They may have slightly different terminologies but similar organizational structures.

However, the blogger at NCDP Politics does have the inside track.  Watch that race from his site.  Also BlueNC comments on it a great deal.

Editor’s Notes:  If you decide to follow the BlueNC link or want to check out their home page, beware.  Our loyal opposition loves to complain about the new leadership (i.e. Republicans) and are already fussing about redistricting.

One of their complaints appears to be “winners get to govern”.    That is democracy.  Democrats should know.  They have “governed” North Carolina’s General Assembly since Reconstruction.

Voters have grown tired of it and have handed the reins to another party to see how that goes.  They received nearly 150 years in leadership.  We assume they thought they would always have it and honestly, so did KCC.

Republicans finally have our chance so let’s not blow it.  Your blogger never thought she would live to see the day that the GOP took control of the state legislature.  That was, for her, the very best part of the Nov 2010 elections!

General Assembly Rally On Jan 26, Opening Day

Jan 26: Will You Be There?

Your blogger won’t put her name on just anything.  But she’s excited to help  announce the General Assembly Rally on Wednesday, January 26th.

The event is being sponsored on by Moccasin Creek Minutemen and other conservative groups.  Your blogger has signed on as a co-sponsor.

The idea is to let our new legislators know that we are “watching them”, but KCC adds that we must also stand up for them.

We know they will make mistakes.  The NC General Assembly will be filled with first timers and these freshmen generally don’t have a lot of privileges. In the past, the freshmen have had to follow the goals set out for them by their leadership.

Additionally, they will be expected to vote as a bloc to support legislation that is part of the Republican leaderships’ goals.  The trick, is to lobby the speaker…  and do it politely.

We must help the leadership remember our conservative goals for the session.  KCC believes they did hear us after the 2010 elections.  After all, it brought Speaker Thom Tillis to power.

If we want to get something changed, Speaker Tillis will hold the cards in the House.  New House Majority leader Paul “Skip” Stam has proven to be a great listener, especially to the grassroots issues brought by the tea party.

The new majority  will  be taking a lot of fire from the leftist (mainstream) media, liberal blogs, and any non-conservative in general. They will need us to back them up at times.  Many of the freshman may not realize what is coming.  Liberals will be mad that they “let this happen”.  Republicans haven’t had control of the NC General Assembly since Reconstruction and liberals are going to be fighting them at every turn.

KCC plans on reminding our new state representatives and senators will them that we plan to hold them to their promises, yet also let them know that we are there to support them when the flak from the left is flying.

We will ask them to please cut spending, solve the budget crisis that the Democrats left for us, and if possible, provide a tax cut so that individuals will have more money to invest in the economy.

Dress neatly for the TV cameras, and come  out to a fun rally at the North Carolina General Assembly.  See you there.

Editor’s Note:  Not that conservatives would lobby any way other than politely, but KCC tossed that in as a reminder.

Case in point: Many years ago (late 1980s), during her tenure working at the General Assembly, a North Carolina Teachers’ group decided to rally outside the Legislature and then visit their Reps and Senators.

They learned the hard way how to do it correctly.

The teachers arrived in Raleigh dressed in gym clothes, yelled at elected officials, and generally didn’t represent classroom K-12 government school teachers well.  They stormed the officers of the members and demanded to be seen.  This blogger cringed at the sight.   The news media picked up what everyone else saw and the group went home with its tail between its legs.

Fast forward to the next year.  The teachers returned.  This time, they were dressed neatly and professionally, and they well-represented the various county school systems.  They were polite and didn’t yell at anyone or demand anything.

Legislators listened and they got what they wanted.  Score one for the teachers.

Now, lets score more for conservative causes!

Standing Ovation for Michael Steele?

Former Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele

It’s true.  When now former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele announced that he was quitting the race today, he was met with a standing ovation.  According to the blog Electric Venom,

Steele noted “It’s very clear the party wants to do something a little different and maybe a little better.”

She then added

All I have to say is: word.

And this blogger adds, right back atcha, babe.

This blogger is clearly happy to see Steele gone and opposed his election in the first place. He seemed never to be in touch with the grassroots movement that swept the nation these past two years and finally showed its colors at ballot boxes in November.

Many people voted for Steele because of his skin color. They felt that since the nation had elected a black president, then the RNC needed a black chairman. If that was the case, there was another, more conservative candidate. But your blogger doesn’t believe we should hire or elect anyone because of skin color.  It doesn’t matter whether the person is white, black, Asian, or Native American, KCC believes in electing or hiring a person based on merit.

If that person is the best for the job, then elect or hire them. If these ideals had been in place and in our hearts, we would have never needed affirmative active, so-called women’s-lib, or any other equality  movement.