NC GOP Convention Chairman Elections

After nomination speeches and candidate remarks, the convention is finally down to the most anticipated business of the day.  Delegates are now voting for their choice of either Jack Brosch (Mecklenburg) or Claude Pope (Brunswick and formerly of Wake).

I don’t have a vote this year, as I didn’t go to my precinct, county, or even my district conventions.  Therefore, I’m here as press and as a guest.

Jack Brosch

Jack Brosch


Claude Pope

Personally, I would have voted for Claude Pope as he was chairman of the Wake County Republican Party and did a fantastic job.  He had fantastic leadership skills and made sure everyone had a voice.  He now lives on Bald Head Island with his family, and owns and runs a grocery store there.

I have never met Jack Brosch, unfortunately.  The first time I saw him was today.   Mostly the former Libertarians/Ron Paul faction of our party seems to be supporting him while the Reagan, traditional conservatives seem to support Pope.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the man who nominated Mr. Brosch, as I found his remarks offensive.  Though he did not name him specifically, the man lambasted current chairman Robin Hayes and his staff.

The vote is now underway.


3 Responses to “NC GOP Convention Chairman Elections”

  • Eric Smith:

    Ron Paul was the ONLY Congresman to endorse Reagan in 76. You can’t say that Ron Paul Republicans are different than Reagan Republicans. Ron Paul Republicans are far more conservative than the typical neo-cons running the GOP today.

    • Ron Paul people today are not Republicans if they are trying to reshape the GOP in their own image. They have a nice party…Ron Paul’s original party – the Libertarian Party. I have a lot of nice friends there. They play well with others and they seem really nice. Plus they believe most of what you guys seem to. I have no problems with the Libertarians being Libertaians. You don’t belong in the GoP.

    • You clearly do not know the meaning of the word “New Con” It means new conservative. You are speaking of yourself, son. I have been a Republican since I was 9 years old. The 2016 elections with mark my 40th year as a member of the GOP and I registered on my 18th birthday. Clearly I am not “neo” at anything. I am definitely conservative so thank you for honoring me with that! Blessings.