Four Candidates Vie for NCGOP Vice Chairman

"Major Dave" Goetz

“Major Dave” Goetz

CHARLOTTE:  At 7:30, the very time the evening banquet was to have started, the vice chairman’s vote is underway.  Four candidates are vying for the post.

Joyce Krawiec (Forsyth County), Marcus Kindley (Guilford County), Glen Bradley (Franklin County), and Dave Goetz (aka “Major Dave”) from Wake County.

They each courted the faithful all afternoon Friday and all day today.

7:35 The delegates are now caucusing.  The vote is, as was in the chairmans race, by secret ballot.


UPDATE:  8:15  The winner of the race is Joyce Krawiec.  Congratulations to all candidates for running clean, well run elections

Glen Bradley


Marcus Kindley

Joyce Krawiec - the New State GOP Vice Chairman

Joyce Krawiec – the New State GOP Vice Chairman

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  • Omega Paladin:

    Joyce wins! She gets a weighted vote total of 3492.53 (~53%). Glen Bradley is 2nd at 1905.35 (~29%). Marcus Kindley is 3rd at 672.94 (~11%).