To Seat Or Not To Seat: Hispanic Assembly on GOP Central Committee

theme461_logoCHARLOTTE: An embarrasing event is occuring at the moment at the NC Republican Convention.  A minority of the delegates want to remove the  Republican National Hispanic Assembly of NC, from the Central Committee of the NCGOP.

The opposition wants to push though this amendment, removing the group’s seat, as they feel its a slippery slope for letting other “ethnic groups” join later.  The group was voted a seat on the Central Committee only about an hour ago.

Those in favor of continuing to seat the hispanic group realize that the point is to share Republican and conservative values into as many different groups as possible.  The Democrats excel at this.

According to the most recent Census, hispanics make up 16.7% of the U.S. population.

According to voice vote, cooler heads prevailed, however “division” was called and a standing was ordered.

Thankfully, the Hispanic assembly was seated on the Central Committee and the amendment failed.

On to further business.



2 Responses to “To Seat Or Not To Seat: Hispanic Assembly on GOP Central Committee”

  • Let’s see, a Republican Irish National Assembly of NC, a Scottish National Assembly of NC, an English National Assembly of NC, each with a higher percentage than 17% …and, the list is long with other ethnic possibilities. Where’s the Republican Party unity? Why is a special “faction” allowed an ethnic seat? Governor McCrory ended the Hispanic-Latino Affairs Office in the Governor’s wing for that very reason. I have to disagree with you on this one, Katy.

  • Is it not possible for hispanics to feel at home in the Republican party without the ethnicization that the Democrats employ?

    I have always considered it desirable that at least in theory the GOP was a party united by principle rather than the seeming patchwork of you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours groups that comprise the other guys.