Pat McCrory Sworn In As State’s 74th Governor

This detailed report was provided to credentialed media by pool reporter, the AP’s Gary Roberson:
NC Chief Justice Swears in Governor Pat McCrory, pool photo by Gerry Broome

NC Chief Justice Swears in Governor Pat McCrory, pool photo by Gerry Broome

More than 100 people gathered in the old House chambers for the swearing-in. They listened to mostly patriotic music from the Liberty Brass Quintet that’s part of the 440th Army Band from the North Carolina

Gov and Mrs McCrory Greet well-wishers as they leave the chamber in the NC Capitol.  Kieran Shanahan is at the front left.

Gov and Mrs McCrory Greet well-wishers as they leave the chamber in the NC Capitol. Kieran Shanahan is at the front left.

National Guard. Transition team leader John Lassiter emceed the event.

The ceremony began in earnest at 11:57 a.m. when Gov. Beverly Perdue and first gentleman Bob Eaves entered the room and were given a standing ovation. They sat in the second row. Perdue wore a red dress.

McCrory and his wife, Ann, entered at 12:01 p.m. to standing applause. The incoming governor wore a black suit and patterned tie, while the new first lady wore a purple suit jacket and black skirt.

After the presentation of the U.S. and North Carolina flags by a military color guard, McCrory nephew Patrick Sebastian led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. The crowd faced ahead to where a portrait of George Washington sits on the wall high above the speaker’s dais. The participants kept their hands over their hearts as the quintet played the national anthem.

The Rev. David Chadwick of Charlotte recited a prayer, which in part asked God to let McCrory “not worry about anything but in everything with great thanksgiving always lay his burdens upon you in prayer.”

Perdue and McCrory approached the dais and a table where the seal of North Carolina sat. The two, along with Associate Justice Paul Newby, participated in the ceremonial transferring of the seal between governors. Newby called the seal “perhaps the best known representation of the constitutional power and authority of the state of North Caroilna.”

Perdue told McCrory that with the seal she transferred to him “the powers and duties as chief executive officer of the great state _ the greatest state in America _ and may God bless you in the months and years ahead as you and Ann serve North Carolina’s people as their governor and leader of this great state.”

McCrory accepted the seal “and the power and duties it represents. I hereby promise to fulfill the duties of the governor of North Carolina and to fairly and justly use these powers entrusted to me to enable the people of North Carolina to be the very best they can be. May we all, working together, be a beacon of hope and progress for our nation, and of course to our great state.”

Chief Justice Sarah Parker administered the oath to Patrick Lloyd McCrory at 12:10 p.m. on two Bibles held by Ann McCrory _ the McCrory family Bible and the George Durant 1599 Bible, which is known as North Carolina’s oldest book. After saying “I do,” the crowd applauded and the new governor hugged his wife.

McCrory told the crowd: “This is quite an honor and privilege. I first want to thank the governor and her husband, Bob, for just graciousness during this transition. And thank you for your leadership and your public service over the past 20 years.” The crowd gave Perdue another standing ovation.

McCrory continued: “I ask for your prayers. I ask for you to pray for Ann and myself and may God continue to bless a great nation and may God continue to bless the state of North Carolina. Thank you very much.”

The McCrorys then walked out of the House chambers at 12:13 p.m. to complete the ceremony.

Swearing In of Cabinet and Secretaries

Those in attendance at the swearing-in included all seven members of the Supreme Court; incoming Lt. Gov. Dan Forest; State Treasurer Janet Cowell; Secretary of State Elaine Marshall; Attorney General Roy Cooper; Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin; State Auditor Beth Wood; Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson; House Speaker Thom Tillis; Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger; and McCrory’s incoming Cabinet secretaries.

McCrory and his Cabinet then walked over to the old Senate chambers, where McCrory watched as the eight were sworn in to office simultaneously by Newby. Spouses of the Cabinet members held Bibles as they all stood in a row for the oaths. McCrory also stood in the line to watch.

Associate Justice Mark Martin then swore in some of McCrory’s top staff members, including deputy budget director Art Pope, general counsel Bob Stephens, chief of staff Thomas Stith and state personnel director Neal Alexander.

McCrory gave some brief remarks following: “…Our goal and my faith tells me that we leave this place in a better place than it was when we arrived.”

McCrory left the 2nd floor of the old Capitol building to the sounds of the brass quintet, which proceeded to play “Penny Lane” and “When I’m 64” by The Beatles _  a favorite band of the state’s 74th governor. McCrory was driven by his security detail to the Executive Mansion for a meal with ceremony participants.


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