Tropicana Field To Host Republicans Sunday Evening – Sunday Afternoon Update

Your faithful blogger is heading to Tropicana Field (home of the Tampa Bay Rays*) shortly with the North Carolina delegation to attend a “Welcome Event” for all Republican attendees of the Convention.  We plan to bring you photos of your NC delegation as they interact with members of those of other states.  KCC will be covering all the action.

Kim Gernado, the senior political reporter with NBC-17 in the Triangle, is here at the NC convention hotel and your blogger looks forward to working with her.  You could just might see an interview with your blogger, as happened earlier at the baggage claim area in the Tampa airport.  If not, watch them anyway, as they have the most fair coverage anywhere in the Triangle.

KCC will let you know about TV stations from other parts of the state later.

The major network are all but ignoring this convention.  Only hosting it in Charlotte would be a better way to get attention, it seems.  WRAL-TV in Raleigh couldn’t get enough of the now disgraced Johnny Edwards (his birth name) and now they are over-reporting Democratic activities in Charlotte.  This is despite the fact that the Charlotte DNC convention may be the most poorly attended in years.

Local Citizens

The local citizenry has been extremely nice to this blogger.  KCC just went to Publix, a large Florida grocery chain, and the staff and other shoppers were extremely helpful.  I told them I was one of their convention visitors and they bent over backwards to make sure we had a great shopping experience.  Kudos to the locals here in St Pete. and to the staff of Publix at Bay Pointe Plaza (Store #00259).

Further, the police are everywhere.  Most are dressed in brown and heavily armed (take that you protestors). KCC has thanked every one of them that she has seen.  Even the Publix had a private, armed security guard.  Kudos to St. Pete and the Tampa Bay area!

Finally, it is with sad news that we at KCC report that the revolution will not be televised.  That means that very little of the convention will be on network TV.  You can catch it gavel-to-gavel on C-SPAN or with commentary on Fox News Network.  We hope you do tune in.  America deserves better than the huge Federal Government that Barack Obama has given us.  It’s time to give the government back to the people and downsize, like we do with our own finances.

If a new team defunds Planned Parenthood, and it’s your favorite charity, then donate to them!

More to come, so keep checking back!

 Editor’s Note:   The Tampa Bay Rays are the Major League club of the Durham Bulls baseball club.  The Durham Bulls are the Rays’ Triple A affiliate.

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