GOP National Convention To Be Delayed By One Day

Bad Weather is expected along the entire Gulf Coast early this week.

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA  The Republican National Committee has announced that impending severe weather will push the  GOP convention to Tuesday.

GOP officials are delaying the start of the Republican National Convention in Tampa to at least Tuesday due to Tropical Storm Isaac, according to a memo released by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus.

The convention will officially convene Monday, and then immediately recess until Tuesday, to accommodate travelers expected to encounter “severe transportation difficulties.”

Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to strike the Tampa Bay region Monday, bringing with it sustained rain and high winds.

Priebus said decisions about how the schedule will be affected could come as soon as Sunday.

Your blogger moved her arrival into Tampa ahead to Saturday, rather than Sunday.  Sunday was the originally projected date of arrival of the storm.  Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has declared a State of Emergency here, so that the area will be eligible for Federal funds, should disaster strike.  The local news stations are full of weather talk and nothing else.

More reports to come later.

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