Pro-Life Club Group Gets Good News at UNC-Greensboro

Katy is thankful she chose life.

After years of fighting for their rights, pro-life students have finally been given full recognition by the administration at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Tuesday, KCC learned that the leadership at the university “changed course” and “ finally agreed to recognize a student pro-life group that has been having trouble with college officials”.

Steven Ertelt, writing for the, has the full story.

Two weeks after members of Make Up Your Own Mind filed suit against the school, the pro-life organization, affiliated with the Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, finally ended its year-long battle to gain official status and be allowed to choose leaders based on their pro-life views rather than opening themselves up to abortion advocates.

“We have apologized to [the organization] for the delay in determining their status and notified them that we are granting the organization recognition,” university spokeswoman Helen Dennison Hebert wrote in an email.

Read the interesting details here. This great news for this publicly funded state university.

Editor’s Note: Just a few years ago, during near the beginning of the Iraq war, liberal students there held a “die-in” to protest this nation’s involvement. KCC wrote at the time that they should go back to class so they can “graduate and get off the dole that is your public education.”

Anyone attending a state university in North Carolina pays very little for it, compared to the true cost. They may “believe” they pay, but that money is only a token of what the true cost is. Additionally, out-of-state students can get a better “deal” for themselves here in North Carolina that they can as an in-state student in their own state. But that’s another matter.

Congratulations to the Pro-lifers at UNC-Greensboro. Cheers to a fight well won!

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  • NCnativegirl:

    Those pro-life students need to get back in the classroom and freeload off the liberals some more. Since Liberals pay more taxes than conservatives I say they get to make the rules. And my rule is …. life doesn’t end with birth. If you rail against any programs that benefit children and families you are anti-life. Fact more conservatives are on welfare than liberals. Liberals contribute more to our govt. therefore Conservatives need to put up or shut up… Now that’s democracy for the masses not conservatism for the masters