Good morning CPAC

2012 Bloggers Row Sign, Security is Tight Here

It’s day one of CPAC and since credentialed blogger space is at such a premimum here on bloggers row, KCC has been here since 6:oo a.m.  This is certainly against your blogger’s biological clock, as we often need to stay up late to cover stories, and spend time with family, and watch late night TV.  (Red Eye is one of our favs.)

Since 8:45 a.m. is drawing near, bloggers are drifting in, and its great to see old friends.

There has been a change in administrations this year, with Bill Keene having gone over to the NRA and Al Cardenas stepping up to run the Conservative Political Action Conference, sponsored by The American Conservative Union.

The balcony just outside the bloggers lounge, overlooking the Marshall ballroom, is no longer for seating.  Rather, it is reserved for “stand up media”, i.e. television cameras and the like.

Your blogger did over hear one of them saying “Oh I’m not a blogger, I’m a member of the REAL media.”  Yes, he is a member of the liberal mainstream media, but he certainly didn’t mind helping himself to our continental breakfast, which was not available to “real” media.

More on the way.

Wednesday night setup at CPAC




Wednesday night setup at CPAC

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  • Omega Paladin:

    Good for you Katy! Don’t let those lamestream media pukes eat the bloggers’ breakfast. Let us know how a Cardenas CPAC compares with a Keene CPAC. Thanks for all you do!