Time To Hit The Road, Next Stop CPAC!

It’s Time For CPAC!

It’s time to hit the road, er, the air.  As of Wednesday, Katy’s Conservative Corner will be coming to you via CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, on bloggers row.  We’ll bring you what’s really going on, behind the scenes.  Our credentials gives us…and you an all access pass to the fun behind the scenes.

We will see once Presidential candidates, most especially Rick Santorium, along with Mitt and Newt.  Also, we hope to see a large contingent from North Carolina there, and if anyone wishes to write for KCC while they are there, please contact KCC immediately.  We’d love to see your posts!

Ron Paul usually brings a large contingent of college students on buses from around the country.  Americans for Prosperity, Freedomworks, Smart Girl Politics, American Majority, will be just a few of the groups involved.  One of the most fun things outside of the bloggers row, are the exhibits.  There are usually two full rooms of exhibitors ready to take your business cards and enter you in a drawing!  Plus, the giveaways!

Another exciting parts of CPAC, is seeing just who actually shows up, celebrity-wise.  Sometimes, you just never know.  Last year, Saturday Night Live player, Victoria Jackson was chatting up one of the blogger’s sitting behind us. We had a Sarah Palin lookalike.  However, we have the real thing this year, so no impersonators needed.

And since KCC cannot cover it all, we’ll shout out some links to other great, on-site blogs.  Again, if you are interested in writing for KCC during the convention, please tweet me at http://www.twitter.com/katys

The list of speakers at CPAC just keeps growing.  Please keep checking the website for the lastest and most official updates.  Most events from the ballroom will be streamed live and your blogger will be providing you with information on how to catch it all.

This is going to a busy travel year, with many events on the calendar for conservatives, plus the Democratic National Convention, the Republican National Convention, which KCC will cover.

In state, there is still a few more days to sign up to attend the Battleground NC: Conservative Leadership Conference Conference.  Katy’s Conservative Corner is a sponsor and blogger at that event and we are very excited to be a part of it.  To find out more about that event, run by the Civitas Institute, check their website and tell them that Katy sent you.  This event is in EARLY March, so sign up now before you are left out!

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