NCGOP’s Robin Hayes Says Democrats Have Tough Questions To Answer

Hayes speaks to the NC GOP State Convention last summer, photo copyright KTCreations

After the Democratic National Committee urged any candidates considering entering the North Carolina Gubanatorial primary to strike hard against Pat McCrory, the North Carolina Republican Party is fighting back.

In an earlier post, your blogger reported that McCrory has been largely untouched thanks to the constant negative attention on Governor Beverly Perdue.  He was far ahead in the polls, due to her unpopularity.  Last week, she pulled out of the race, leaving a vacuum both in Raleigh and in Washington.

Robin Hayes, chairman of the NCGOP, had this to say:

“The last few days have been interesting to observe. After Perdue’s announcement, we have watched the Democratic establishment race to find a replacement.

“Out of all of the names being floated publicly, have any voiced opposition to the corruption and scandals that have plagued the recent leaders of Democratic Party? With one possible exception, the answer is “no.”

“This means that we can expect whoever their nominee is to be a card-carrying member of the same Democratic Machine that brought North Carolina Governor Perdue, Mike Easley, and Jim Black.

“Whoever emerges from their primary will have some very simple questions to answer:

1.)  As a member of the North Carolina Democratic Machine, do they condemn the past scandals and failed leadership that have plagued both the state and their party?

2.)  Do they want to raise the sales tax by 15% or more on everyone in North Carolina?

If they refuse to condemn the scandals that have plagued their party’s brass, how can we count on them to be any different? If their only solution to problems is to simply raise taxes, it shows that they have no regard for families in our state.

“The time is now to restore faith in the Executive Branch. North Carolina needs a Governor that they can trust, not someone propped up by the same Democratic Machine that created the mess that we have worked hard to clean up.”

3 Responses to “NCGOP’s Robin Hayes Says Democrats Have Tough Questions To Answer”

  • Scott,

    You are exactly right. Perdon’t still should answer. Sadly, I’m not exactly sure who should be the person to be held accountable, but as Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.” Perhaps the state GOP might take an interest in your story. I’m sure you could get a good lawyer to take your case Pro Bono. Perhaps a successful Republican lawyer here in Raleigh.

    Best of luck to you and your family is in my prayers!

  • While Perdue may have dropped out of the race she should still be held accountable for her crimes. She is guilty of felony child abuse by taking no action (as required by law) when my granddaughter was illegally taken from my son and placed with a child molester by the Swain County Department of Social Services. Sierra’s story can be seen at This is a horror story of state-sponsored child abuse that could happen to any parent in the state.

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