Oh No: Obama Returning to NC on Wednesday

Cartoon Image:   " No Hope" image of Obama

Obama is making another visit to North Carolina next Wednesday

President Barack Obama is making yet another visit to North Carolina.  Next Wednesday he is coming to Fort Bragg in Fayetteville.

Sadly, this is the same man who must truly believe that ignorance is bliss.  The Foundry reported

He recently described France as America’s closest ally, and famously declared that he has traveled to no less than 57 states.

But it would be nice if the leader of the free world bothered to look at a map once in a while, or even paid a visit to the British Embassy in Washington, currently housing the Churchill bust that Mr. Obama unceremoniously threw out of the Oval Office soon after his inauguration.

WTVD reported on its noon news Thursday, that the President will speak with the Fort Bragg troops about “their sacrifices and achievements of those who served in the Iraq War.”

Obama was last in North Carolina in October, and we can expect to see many more times before the November elections.  Naturally, the local televisions will cover every second of his trip, from landing to departure and all of his speech.

Will his best friend in North Carolina, the embattled Governor Beverly Perdue, be by his side?

3 Responses to “Oh No: Obama Returning to NC on Wednesday”

  • Yeah, she’s set herself and the state Democrats up for death by 1000 papercuts. But I am still pretty sure that the DNC is going to horrendously embarrass the local Dems when the convention comes to Charlotte.

    I wonder how Kay Hagan’s 2 buddies in the rocking chair will feel about Vinnie from the SEIU coming down and telling them “youse guys have go ta play ball with da union. It would be a shame if something happened to your nice business here.”

  • Flannel,

    I’m amazed Barry is coming here with all the problems Gov Dumplin’ has created for the Dems in this state. If it’s not one thing for her, its another. Currently, its her elections fraud case that’s landed three of her bestest pals in the pokey. Sure, they bonded out, but they’ll be back in front of a judge. Bev has retained two of the most powerful attys in the state to take care of her. If the people of this state re-elect her AND Barry, I might as well move to some other state. Maybe Virginia.

  • Bev with Barry? We can only hope. The national Democratic Party is like a millstone around her neck. I can’t wait to see how badly the national Democrats and their union thug minions embarrass the local Democrats right before the election when they have their convention in Charlotte.

    If the Republicans can’t capitalize on a bunch of union thugs raping Charlotte then there’s no hope for them and we need to disband the GOP and do something else.