SEIU: GOP Wants to Help Millionaires and Not “The little People”.

The SEIU is the worst union in the nation. KCC deems them public enemy number one!

Our purple lefty friends at the SEIU are at it again.  They are spewing lies about Republicans in Congress to raise money and misinform their members.

These union thugs don’t care about the truth and believe in the Clinton philosophy.  If you tell a lie often enough, it eventually becomes the truth. Their truth is that the Republican Party, and conservatives in general, are all rich millionaires and could give a hoot about anyone else.

Even if you didn’t support the “Boehner plan”, just read the junk they sent their members about members of the GOP.  The following note feel into KCC’s inbox on Saturday:

…The bill asked NOTHING of millionaires and corporations, everything of the most vulnerable among us, and it’s a good thing it failed. 

With Tuesday’s deadline looming, it looks like anything that has a chance of passing will have to start in the Senate. 

Thousands of SEIU members and allies helped stop a horrible bill because of the calls we made to our representatives in the House, but now the Senate needs to hear from you as they begin deliberations certain to last all weekend. 

You should make an emergency call to your Senator RIGHT NOW and tell them to stand up for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid: (phone number removed)

The “Dear Friend” letter is eventually signed:

In solidarity,

Mary Kay Henry
President, SEIU

This blogger personally knows many in the Republican party  who are hard working, average, middle-class citizens.  They don’t go to work wearing ties, and a number are blue collar.

It’s laughable that these union thugs are still perpetuating these bald-faced lies after years of change in the GOP and the conservative movement in general.

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