Ellmers Gives Geithner “The Business” on Small Business (Video)

Tim Geithner Photo: UPI/Kevin Dietsch

How many times have you wanted to give Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner a piece of your mind?  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (NC-2) did it on Wednesday and had the best closing statement of the year.  KCC won’t give it away, so you’ll watch this must see video.

Here, she defends small businesses across America and tells Geithner what we conservatives have all wanted to tell him.  Listen to how she calmly takes on his arguments and how she closes.  It made this blogger stand up and cheer!

Update: See also Geithner: Taxes on ‘Small Business’ Must Rise So Government Doesn’t ‘Shrink’ by CNS News

Your blogger is thankful to be pals with most of the staff in Rep. Ellmer’s office.  They do fine work. Call them from time-to-time to thank them for their efforts.  It’s certainly a labor of love.


One Response to “Ellmers Gives Geithner “The Business” on Small Business (Video)”

  • Jan Wilson:

    Everyone should watch Renee Ellmers, Freshman Congresswoman give Geithner a wake-up call.