NC Governor Vetoes Photo Voter ID

Gov. Beverly Perdue (D) has shown that she cares more about her job than those of others by going against the wishes of the people of North Carolina. AP photo

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue vetoed Photo Voter ID on Thursday, going against the majority of her constituents who elected a Republican General Assembly in 2010. (Read her official press release, here.)

One of the top items on the NC Republican agenda this session was passing a requirement that registered voters show a North Carolina-issued photo identification.  The bill, Restore Confidence in Government , was stamped with her eighth veto  of the session, according to the News and Observer of Raleigh.

In a first, the NC Democratic Party claimed that issuing an ID, paid for by the state  for indigents, would be too expensive.

In a press release, Senate Democrat leader Martin Nesbit stated “Voter ID is nothing more than a costly solution in search of a problem that forces thousands of seniors, minorities and students to nagivate an obstacle course of bureaucracy before being allowed to vote.”

Ironically, the same Democrats that spent the Republicans into power, suddenly cared about what a program actually cost.

These same Democrats ran a slick, expensive campaign all spring and summer trying to stop the Republican budget and other bills voters wanted, only to fail.  Last fall, voters became sick of the overspending by President Barack Obama and Governor Perdue and their party, and voted the Republicans into leadership in both houses of the NC General Assembly for the first time since Reconstruction.

The NC Senate and NC House Republicans followed the wishes of those who elected them and passed this needed bill.

Even liberals, nationally, have felt that voter fraud is a problem, despite the denials of the NC Democrats.  According to a post in the last issue of their Policy StatementDuke Chesson, writing for the NC Young Republicans stated:

So is voter fraud really a problem? Liberal former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens certainly thought so. As he put it in a 2008 opinion for the 6-3 majority in a case concerning voter ID laws in Indiana,

“That flagrant examples of [voter] fraud…have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists…demonstrate[s] that not only is the risk of voter fraud real but that it could affect the outcome of a close election.”

The NC General Assembly passed a similar version to what was upheld in Indiana, according to sources.

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes, had the best quote of the day.  In a prepared statement, he said

“When given a chance to boost voter confidence, Governor Perdue again chose to appease her liberal base to boost her floundering re-election campaign while ignoring an overwhelming majority of North Carolinians who supported this common-sense bill.

Governor Perdue’s veto is not surprising and as unemployment in North Carolina remains at 9.7% for the third straight month, it is clear ‘The Jobs Governor’ is only concerned with one job, her own.”

The Republicans have not yet announced when they will attempt to over ride the veto.

4 Responses to “NC Governor Vetoes Photo Voter ID”

  • Tetragnathid:

    “Voter ID is nothing more than a costly solution in search of a problem that forces thousands of seniors, minorities and students to nagivate an obstacle course of bureaucracy before being allowed to vote.” This is one crock! Students must have IDs to show status on campus for a litany of services. Any elderly person will tell you that the doctort’s office requires us to show our drivers license before getting services. Minorities are not a special class of voters; they are Americans and should fall under the same requirements of other Americans, e.g., show your ID when traffic stopped, or getting medical services, or cashing a check. To try to justify not having an ID for voting is a ruse and a travesty, and can only serve to facilitate voter freud. This govenor is more concerned about getting elected than protecting her state’s democratic processes.

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  • BWilhm:

    The American citizens’ right to select their representatives via a free and fair election system is critical to our constitutional republic. Further, it is up to we the people to ensure the integrity of our election system. I work the polls during elections and it is virtually impossible to know that the person holding a piece of paper with a name and address is indeed that person without knowing that individual. Also, once that person is allowed to vote and leave the polls, it is virtually impossible to locate and prosecute that person for voter fraud. Surely, we demand more from our election system.
    Requiring voters to show a photo ID as identification to vote provides greater assurance of their identity or provides poll workers with immediate information needed to stop improper voting. Survey’s support that more than 8 out of 10 Americans have photo IDs today. Further, it is common practice for photo IDs to be requested if not required as identification to obtain medical and social/welfare services, to execute financial transactions, to access transportation services, or to get a job. Those without IDs are limited in their ability to conduct these day-to-day activities simply by lacking a photo ID. Photo ID laws also provide a means for those without these IDs to obtain these photo IDs at state taxpayer expense. These IDs not only improve election system integrity, but also remove the day-to-day disadvantages for those who lack photo IDs. Given this common sense understanding, I must question the motives of those who stand against these photo ID laws. At best this appears to be political spin aimed to misinform and rally select groups of people or at worst a direct act to leave our election process open to fraudsters.

    It is sad that Gov. Perdue chose party politics over the wishes of the NC people and vetoed this bill.

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