Welcome to North Carolina, Mr. President (video)

On Monday, President Barack H. Obama is scheduled to visit  Cree in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.  He plans to discuss jobs and the economy and we can be sure he’ll take credit for any successes and blame the Republicans for all failures.  The man does not understand how to accept responsibility, nor does he know that by keeping his greedy administration’s hands off, businesses of all sizes can flourish and attract more jobs.

In the latest sign Obama’s economic policies have failed, unemployment ticked up for the second month in a row to 9.1% while job growth plummeted to an 8 month low.

As the Grand Old Party often says, “Hope still isn’t hiring in America”

The President calls the current status of our economy a temporary “bump in the road” but it looks as if we are heading towards a dead end.

-          Debt is at $14.3 Trillion

-          Unemployment is at 9.1%

-          43 cents borrowed for every dollar we spend.

-          2.5 million jobs lost under Obama

-          Unemployment ticked up for the 2nd month in a row

Even Democrats have noticed Obama’s lack of business acumen.

Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) said ”I do think that President Obama has had a bit of a tin ear as far as the business community goes.”

He’ll cite Cree as a model of success but he won’t mention that the company took corporate welfare (a.k.a. government incentives), just to stay in North Carolina.  He won’t mention the fact that Cree was ready to abandon the Old North State just as soon as the government’s (i.e. taxpayer’s) money stopped flowing.

Yes, Cree has done some amazing things with the solid state lighting technologies they pioneered.  They invented virtually the first commercially viable blue LED.  But paying them money to stay in North Carolina should NEVER have happened.  This blogger doesn’t care that every other company is at the taxpayer trough.  Cree is successful enough to stand on its own.

Meanwhile, the North Carolina Republican Party has released an ad “welcoming” Mr. Obama to North Carolina.   The Democratic National Committee sees NC as a key state in 2012 and this blogger expects to see more of him.   Each time he comes, we will be sure to roll out the welcome mat.  KCC  cannot wait until the Democratic National Convention.  We’ll be there and will be bringing it all to you.

Enjoy the video and please donate to place this ad on the air.


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