Newt’s Top Aides All Quit Campaign, Rick Perry Whispers…

Newt's ship is sinking fast.

Bad news for Newt Gingrich fans.  The former House speaker from Georgia just lost his top team members.  According to multiple sources, campaign manager Rob Johnson, spokesman Rick Tyler, and David  Carney (former advisor to Texas Governor Rick Perry) all resigned today.

The BBC wrote:

His campaign got off to a halting start when he criticised a plan popular among Republicans to slash and privatise a healthcare programme for the elderly.

Top staff were also concerned when he went on a recent cruise.  Taking a vacation during the middle of a presidential campaign is generally ill-advised.

Stacy McCain
, a friend of this blogger, wrote:

You’re making phone calls to volunteers in Iowa while your candidate is cruising the Aegean Sea — not exactly a moral booster for the campaign team.

Other top aides in the early primary states of South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire have also quit.  All cited having a “different vision” for the campaign. A total of six exited today.

In other campaign news today, whispers about a possible entry by Gov. Rick Perry continue.  Could Carney’s exit from the Gingrich staff signal a jump back to Perry?  Could the Texas Governor be interested in the presidency?

The early primaries begin this winter, so it’s not as far away as it may seem.  Stay tuned!

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