LIVE BLOG: Vice Chairman’s Race Hotly Debated – Wayne King wins!

This event was being live blogged so please scroll down for the latest updates.

Tim Johnson Speaks to the Convention - Photo: KTCreations

3:39 p.m.  Eve Carr - Moore County has approached the podium to speak.  She is nominating Tim Johnson for another term as Vice Chairman by discussing his many accomplishments, including his 21 years in the Army.

First black American to hold position since party’s inception in March 1867, she says.  She calls him remarkable for founding the Fredrick Douglas Foundation.  She says he’s not perfect and he’s had his challenges but feels that he is worthy of election.

Rules allow for three seconds to the nomination. Don Yelton (Buncombe), Mike Roll (Cherokee) and a third person whose name your blogger missed were those seconding Mr. Johnson’s nomination.

Wayne King Makes a Point While Speaking to the North Carolina Republican Faithful - Photo: KTCreations

Next, Wayne King, chairman of the 10th Congressional District is being nominated by Neil Moore.  Moore, 9th District Chairman from Gaston County, is giving a humerous speech telling the convention of King’s qualifications for the position.  He discussed the speakers King has brought into the district and his dedication to the conservative cause.

Seconding the nomination were David Sawyer (Swain), Frank Williams (Brunswick), and Nathan Tabor (Forsyth).

Now for the candidates speeches:

First, by random drawing is Tim Johnson.  Johnson says he did not choose this position.  He says that God chose him, “like he chose Moses…”

Johnson admitted making a mistake by passing out a flier stating that Congressman Allen West supported him for Vice Chairman.  He said he later came to understand that West doesn’t support candidates in primary races.  He thanked the Tea Party for their support.

Now, candidate Wayne King is speaking.  Says we Republicans have much work to do.  We have the right message, the right voters.  We support lower taxes and less government.  But we must get serious about cleaning up the mess …the mess made by the Democrats.

King continued, “We have a great record.  Look at the job that Speaker Tillis and Phil Berger are doing.  We have great ideas.”  We must stay focused.

“I know how to raise the necessary funds to pick up more seats in 2012.  We don’t just talk about it.  Talk is cheap.    We were successful, because we met the voters where they were.”

King also stated that he had the Tea Party support and concluded that he was “tea party before there WAS a tea party”.

3:50 p.m. Now it’s time for the voting to begin. Your blogger must quickly join the Wake County delegation so that she may cast her secret ballot.  Back in a minute with the results.

4:16 p.m.  The voting by secret ballot has concluded.  Each county’s delegation caucused and collected the ballots.

4:17 p.m.  A roll call vote is about to begin where each county chairman will report that county’s vote total.

4:29 Roll Call Continues. Your blogger’s helper and beloved husband, Rob Benningfield, is working on the vote totals now.

4:44  The vote is coming down to the wire.  Johnson is clearly ahead on the raw vote total but King could still win it on the weighted total.

4:45  Now roll call for counties that did not vote earlier.

4:46 p.m. Wayne King wins! Congratulations to both Mr. King and to Mr. Johnson.  Johnson won the raw vote total but with the formula that has been in place for decades, Wayne King clearly came out on top.

We appreciate the service of Tim Johnson and thank him for his dedication to our party!

This ends the live blogging portion of the Vice Chairmans Race.

3 Responses to “LIVE BLOG: Vice Chairman’s Race Hotly Debated – Wayne King wins!”

  • Lisa:

    Dee Park of Moore Tea Citizens nominated Tim Johnson. She delivered a great speech on his behalf and a lot of delegates for him. I didn’t know Moore was so big. Dare delivered all of their delegates for Johnson. We appreciated him coming out to our County and speaking at our Republican Women’s Group. It just wasn’t enough.

  • The weighting system was implemented years ago to give smaller counties a bigger share of the vote. Counties like Wake and Mecklenburg were controlling everything, and the smaller counties in the east had no power in our party.

    The smaller counties used to complain that they didn’t matter as much, so this system was implemented to equalize the voting system.

    Elections have been won and lost this way for years. For example, John F. Kennedy defeated Richard M. Nixon in 1960 by losing the popular vote but by winning the electoral vote. George W. Bush also lost the popular vote but won the electoral vote.

    I can’t really explain it further, as I do not have the mathematical formula. Why don’t you call the State GOP Headquarters after Tuesday and ask a member of the staff to explain it.

    You can go to to get their phone number. Or go to and look it up that way.

  • Erin Karl:


    Can you explain that formula a little? What does the weighted stuff mean?