Taxi Drivers, Local Endorsements, and Re-Districting – Getting Hot in Raleigh

There's a political heat wave in Raleigh!

So much is happening in Raleigh, its difficult for any mortal human to keep up.  Fortunately, KCC has a lot of help:

First, is a Raleigh  City Council candidate named Lent Carr II.  He claims to have been an ordained minister since the age of 12, and recently came out of “nowhere” when he attempted to lead a taxi driver strike in Raleigh.  WRAL TV says he doesn’t own or even drive a cab, but made himself the head of the brand new North Carolina Taxi Workers Alliance Inc.

Lent  hopes voters will give him a second chance.  Why?  His political hero is former Washington mayor Marion Barry. Like the shamed former Mayor, Lent has served prison time for all  arson, bank, and mail charges.  He also apparently had problems with illegal drugs.

WRAL reports:

Carr’s profile on touts his experience as a law clerk at a federal correctional institute from 1996-2006, in which he supervised 21 employees. However, it does not mention that he was an inmate at the time.  He was released from prison on Jan. 22, 2009.

Apparently he doesn’t like telling the truth, either.

Check out the story on

Wake GOP's Elephant Express

Second, this week’s Elephant Express, posted by the Wake County Republican Party, states that a woman named Jennifer Mansfield attempted to get the local party to endorse her run for Wake County School Board as an unaffiliated.  That’s not the scary part.   Mansfield further informed the Wake GOP  that she usually sides with Democrats, yet she still wanted the endorsement because she supported “neighborhood schools”, as do conservatives in Wake.

The Wake County Republican Party only endorses Registered Republicans, and registration as a Republican should not imply an endorsement.  As a former member of the Wake County Republican Executive Committee, your blogger knows that possible endorsements are discussed at length and with all sincerity. The Elephant Express is e-mailed to anyone who wishes it.  Sign up here.

State Senator Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg)

Finally, Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC-13) should just go ahead and pack his bags.   According to the John Davis Political Report, Miller should realize his fate and embrace it, as he is about to get redistricted out of office.

Davis essentially says its a case of a one upmanship.  Ten years ago, when Miller was in the NC General Assembly, he drew the new 13th District for himself.  Davis says he “double-bunked” Sen. Bob Rucho out of office.


Double-bunking occurs when two incumbents from the same party are drawn into the same district.  If you are double-bunked you have two choices:  run against each other in a brutal and expensive primary, or someone has to agree to go home.

Rucho chose not run against former. Sen. Robert Pittenger. Now, Sen. Rucho is back and head of the powerful NC Senate Re-Districting Committee, just like Miller was ten years ago.  Touche’ to the Senator from Mecklenburg!

Read the entire post here and subscribe to Davis’ report.  It’s always interesting and worth the read!


Editor’s Note: Though KCC doesn’t always agree with Davis, she’s been a big fan since his days at NCFREE when she was with the Cary Chamber of Commerce in the early 1990s.  Congrats on your hard work, John.

2 Responses to “Taxi Drivers, Local Endorsements, and Re-Districting – Getting Hot in Raleigh”

  • I saw that same report and never knew about double bunking. It will be very interesting when the new maps come out and hopefully the GOP will have thick skin because I am sure it will get ugly and the mainstream media will take the side of why no compromise.
    The new word from the liberals is ” retrogressive” it will be used often.

    All I would say is look in the mirror on redistricting

    • I have heard double-bunking called other terms and the Democrats have done it to Republicans many times. Frankly, I am tired of hearing the liberals complain. They were out voted after years of over spending. They spent this state into many problems and Republicans have the difficult task of cleaning up the mess.

      Those same liberals then deem the Republicans and conservatives of “not caring”. They obviously didn’t care about our state’s future by spending up the present.

      Yes, I expect many challenges from the court. The GOP spent many years challenging the Democrats, with Tom Farr at the helm, last time around. I fully expect the same tough treatment.

      Currently, I serve on the GOP’s State Executive Committee, 13th District, At large. We cannot have more elections until we know how the districts will be redrawn. I either should have been re-elected by now, or voted down. But, so far, my term goes on. I’m not complaining, as I enjoy serving, but it’s just an example of the many items that are on hold. Even after the districts are approved, they will continued to be challenged in court.

      Thanks for writing,