Ryan’s Budget Does Not Hurt Seniors: Fact vs Fiction by HeritageAction (videos)

Democrats are lying about the positive impact that the Ryan Budget will have on America's Seniors and Medicare.

Our liberal Democrat friends have been selling our parents and seniors down the river. They are lying to the American people about the Republicans’ commitment to Medicare reform and the liberal assault on conservative reform continues.

The following was posted by the group Heritage Action for America. We thank them for allowing us to repost:

By Ashe Schow

President Obama and his big-government allies would rather mislead the American people and make a campaign issue out of entitlement reform than actually rolling up their sleeves and contributing to the discussion.

Liberal campaign organizations are spending millions in order to paint the Ryan Budget as “an end to Medicare.” The DCCC has launched a campaign with the slogan, “VOTE REPUBLICAN – END MEDICARE.”

This is simply not true.

Unfortunately, these misleading slogans have worked to scare some of those currently on Medicare and those about to reach 65. The truth is that the House budget exempts current and near-retirees from these reforms. Under the Ryan Budget, those currently over 55 would be exempt from any changes to their Medicare benefits. Those under 55 have at least a decade to prepare for the changes.

Medicare Trustees are reporting that Medicare costs will continue to grow substantially and that the hospital insurance trust fund will become insolvent in the year 2024. If changes aren’t made to the program now, then benefits would automatically be scaled back, allowing the program to limp along.

What are the actual changes proposed in the Ryan Budget?

Liberals would have seniors believe that the Ryan Budget eliminates Medicare by handing out vouchers for a small amount and will force seniors to pay out-of-pocket for their health care. This is not true.

Under the Ryan Budget, seniors would be able to choose health plans and the government would contribute adequate support to the premium cost of the plan they choose. These plans would be tightly regulated to ensure quality and would resemble the system that Members of Congress and federal employees and retirees enjoy.

The truth is that what’s being blasted throughout the media by the left is nothing more than scare tactics and spin

Liberals are hiding from the fact that they have no ideas on how to reform entitlements and no desire to reduce spending. Their idea of entitlement reform is to punish doctors and empower bureaucrats, who would have the power to lower provider payments which would lead to a lower quality of care.

President Obama’s own budget listed immediate, deep cuts to Medicare without any reform to the system, yet somehow he has the nerve to attack the Republican budget?

Our country can’t solve its problems if every time someone steps up and tries to address a concern they are attacked with lies and demagoguery. Washington needs to STOP political attacks based on reelection goals and START getting serious about restoring America’s prosperity and future.

Editor’s Notes: Your blogger believes that President Obama and the Democrats like the “Bill Clinton” strategy.  That is if you tell a lie often enough, people begin to believe it.  It then becomes “the truth”, at least in the eyes of the media.

Sadly, so many voters in this once proud nation believe every thing the liberal (old) media says, that it is hard to over come such hogwash.

Please do what you can to tell your friends and neighbors, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers to not believe these lies.  Keep up with conservative groups like Heritage Action and take action when called upon.

It’s our America, too and we can take it back, or let THEM keep it!

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One Response to “Ryan’s Budget Does Not Hurt Seniors: Fact vs Fiction by HeritageAction (videos)”

  • Dakota:

    This entire article is spin. Ryan’s budget WILL NOT provide adequate funding for seniors once they reach 65. Voucher/premium support is just semantics. It means the government will cover X amount of dollars and you can “choose” which health care plan you want. Truth is, no insurance company is going to want to insure seniors due to how much money they will cost them. Trying to bend the facts to fit the argument of this article doesn’t make it so. Republicans like Ryan must think Americans are STUPID, and I believe they are the ones who are STUPID.
    I’ll tell you what will happen under Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it–In 2022, someone who turns 65 will be given X amount of money for seniors to buy health insurance. The voucher/premium support will NOT be nearly enough, making seniors pay 1000s of dollars out of their pocket. That’s when the elderly will have to go live with one or more of their kids because they can’t pay living expenses and pay for health care.