Smart Girl Politics Updates – SGN Magazine, NC Group, and Summit Upcoming

April 2011 Issue of "Smart Girl Nation" Magazine

April 2011 Issue of "Smart Girl Nation" Magazine

Attention conservative women of all ages: the latest issue of Smart Girl Nation is now available.  Written by members and leaders of Smart Girl Politics, highlights in the April issue include:

  • The Future of Female Military Aircraft Pilots
  • The Budget Cutdown Showdown
  • Freedom of Speech is Not Free
  • Tea Party Alliance Defeats Rail in Florida
  • Who Cares About Israel?

Also upcoming for the Smart Girls, is their Third annual Smart Girl Summit. This year, the event will be held in St. Louis from July 29-30.   Smart “Guys” are welcome too.   Check out this site for more information.

In 2010, the event was held in Washington, DC, and in 2009, the group went to Nashville.

KCC will be an official blogger of the event and will cover it all.

Check out North Carolina’s page on our NING site here.  You can also be a part of NC Smart Girls on Facebook here. Join us.

Your blogger is North Carolina State Co-Chairman, and she works alongside Charlotte’s Julie McKinney.

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