Public Unions and Collective Bargaining (Videos) Plus Nationwide Updates: UPDATED!

©Library of Congress This photo shows how outdated unions actually are. They were once badly needed but conservatives agree they have served their purpose.

My blogger pal, George Scoville, reminded me of this great video that the Heritage Foundation has posted called Collective Bargining 101. It explains the difference between public and private unions in the realm of collective bargaining.

So far, we in North Carolina, have been lucky to have avoided collective bargaining by public unions.  However our friends over at the State Employees Association of North Carolina, a union now affiliated with SEIU, are seeking to repeal G.S.§ 95-98 and to enact legislation permitting collective bargaining by North Carolina public employees.

Public employees are those whose salaries are funded by our tax dollars and their leadership tends to forget this.

Scoville also mentions the bill currently in the Tennessee state legislature that would strip teachers’ unions of their collective bargaining rights.

Check out the Video Below:


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Here is another video we found on You Tube.  Let us know what you think!  We do not endorse the title and had nothing to do with the making of it.

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