Our Latest Hate Mail

Or in this case, here’s our latest hate tweet:

From @mobetter1919:   @katysYou are a dumb pawn of the Koch brothers Big Business. Tea Party fool (or fascist, take your pick)! (Received Feb 25, 2011 at 18:32 p.m.)

They left out the usual: racist, hater, etc.  That’s okay, we’ll probably get some of that tomorrow.   The laughs just keep coming.  We rarely moderate our posts, either.  There is a list of words that your blogger has put on a “block” list, including most of the four-letter-words, but otherwise, get creative.  If you send it, we’ll post it.  Perhaps even make a fool of YOU.

We love hate mail and we reserve the right to publish it.     Why would any blogger MODERATE their posts?  KCC just doesn’t understand!

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