FreedomWorks Tabitha Hale Attacked by Union Thugs, Outside Her Office (video)

Pandering Panda, Courtesy of FreedomWorks

My friend, Tabitha Hale, is fearless.  Here she is getting attacked while filming a union thug protesting outside her office at FreedomWorks.  Conservative America has rallied by her side.  Thank you, Tabitha, for all you do.  Just think, it wasn’t all that long ago, that you were a wonderful blogger living here in Raleigh.  You wanted to go where the action was, in DC, and you made it happen.

Hale is currently the New Media Director, and so much more for the FreedomWorks national office.  Conservative bloggers everywhere love her.    Check out the full story by our friend Fingers Malloy, at News Real Blog.

Ms. Hale had this to say:

Basically, it’s ridiculous. I’m a 5’1 female in a dress, and he was standing up on a garden wall above me in the courtyard. He hardly felt threatened. I was stunned, because generally protesters are there to, you know, get their message out. They don’t normally shy away from the camera. I’m very much okay, and very appreciative of the support from my fellow bloggers and activists today. I am, however, shaken up by the level of sheer hatred I experienced today. The look of fury on his face in the close up is appalling. I had not exchanged a word with him. He didn’t know who I was. He didn’t even know my name, what I do. He had probably surmised that I was with FreedomWorks and that was enough.

This just can’t be tolerated anymore. It’s one thing to be called a violent teabagger. It’s another to be called a violent teabagger while you’re being assaulted. They’ve been comparing themselves to the Egyptians ousting Mubarak. Looks like they’re not too far off, given that they share the tendency to assault women with cameras.

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