Pawnstars “Old Man” from North Carolina, Loves Classic Cars

Though now known as "Richard", the PawnStars "Old Man" was known as "Benny" around his home town in Davidson County.

Have you ever wanted to visit the  Las Vegas  pawn shop that is depicted in the TV show “Pawn Stars”?   If so, you might just meet a local, a local North Carolinian.  The   “Old Man“, the father of pawn shop owner Rick Harrison, is actually known in Davidson County as Benny or Richard Benjamin Harrison. The store featured in the show is the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

This blogger is a huge fan of The Old Man, as she shares his fine taste in classic cars (see below). Plus, his dry wit is something she appreciates, as people do not usually realize KCC is joking when she sounds deadly serious.

Her favorite episode is one in which The Old Man purchases a beat-up early 60s Lincoln and turnes it into a show piece.

According to an article from The Dispatch, Old Man Benny grew up in Lexington, but left to join the Navy at age 17.  Read both stories: one  here and the other here.

Because The Dispatch is copy-written  and thus not subject to the fair use act, nothing they write can be used elsewhere, but they welcome links.

Meanwhile, PawnStars runs on the History Channel, Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern.

This car looked exactly like the one owned by your blogger's Grandfather and rolled off the assembly line on day of KCC's birth. KCC would love to find another...

KCC’s own dream car is a 1967 Lincoln 4-door convertible. Only 800 of the cars were ever  made, and her late Grandfather, J.R. Weatherly, Jr, once owned one.  (You can see one in the opening sequence of the TV show “Entourage” in black, and in the TV show “Green Acres” in alternate color green.)

KCC’s Grandpa Weatherly’s  particular model, rolled off the production line in late 1966, on the very day KCC was born.   The 1967 was the final year that Lincoln made 4-door convertibles.

Check out the “suicide” doors.  When the door was opened with the top raised, the window would automatically lower slightly, so as not to scrape the top and lengthen wear.  NICE.   The funny thing was that the original models came with a single speaker behind the cavernous rear seat, as stereo was not yet popular.

Weatherly kept his car garaged and was constantly working to keep the leather seats in good condition.  If he parked it outside, as pictured, it was never for very long.  He kept a number of Lincolns at his home.

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