CPAC 2011: Rep. Allen West

CPAC 2011 offered so many great speeches by so many great Conservatives, both new and familiar, that I could not write about them all.

Rep. Allen West speaks to CPAC 2011

On Saturday afternoon, freshman Congressman Allen West (FL-22), a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, gave the closing address.

He thanked the audience’s hard work for the electoral successes of 2010. West said the “liberal-progressive agenda offers no solutions” for America’s problems. He reminded the audience that leftist policies have been tried and have failed, worldwide.

He noted that Democrats are targeting his congressional seat as one of the most vulnerable to retake on 2012. He replied that he doesn’t feel vulnerable standing before this friendly audience.

He says the 2010 elections were about putting a “restraining order” on the Federal Government. He says “hard decisions” are needed now in cutting government and the budget deficit. West opposes Federal bailouts. He condemned Obama’s expensive subsidies to encourage people to buy hybrid and electric vehicles. Instead, West wants to cut corporate taxes and favors a Balanced Budget Amendment.

West condemned political correctness and how it contributed to the Fort Hood shootings. He says we shouldn’t grant constitutional rights to terrorists. He says we must never get rid of our nuclear deterrence capability. He accused China of using capitalism as a weapon against us. He’s a big supporter of Israel and promises never to let this US ally down.

West is pro-life and strongly opposes late term abortions. He believes marriage should be between one man and one woman.

West asked the audience to “stand firm, for this is the dawn of a new America”.

I greatly liked West, but he went a bit overboard with quotes from famous people: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Edmund Burke, Sun Tzu, etc. At least they were all good quotes. However, my wife Katy says that West’s speech is among the top three speeches she heard at this CPAC.

2 Responses to “CPAC 2011: Rep. Allen West”

  • Rob:

    Thanks, Doomed! I totally agree with your sentiments. West will make a great freshman Congressman.

  • Doomed:

    In other words he sounds like a “Conservative”.

    Kudos. I have said for years now that the poor people should turn to the GOP for their salvation simply because the left and more specifially the democrats believe in poverty as their drug of choice.

    They believe in making “POVERTY” comfortable. They do not believe in solving poverty. They simply want to continue to keep people dependent upon government handouts in order to maintain their ability to be re-elected time and time again on the promise of making things better for the poor and the lower classes of America.

    Classes that they have perpetuated by their own policies for a 100 years.

    It warms my heart every time I see a black man or woman like West or Cain stand up and pull himself out of the clutches of the Democrats mantra and take hold of the American dream for themselves.

    I would vote for any black man or woman who shares my political and life values. The race card is just another way for the left and the Democrats to keep their base in check and keep them poor and keep them voting for democrats.

    It is what it is………Disclaimer…I am a conservative Republican…..most likely a Neoconservative and very far away from being a libertarian.

    Nice site…I will return….got this link from The Lonely Conservative.