CPAC 2011: Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry was well-received by the CPAC crowd

Rick Perry was the first Texas A&M graduate to become Texas Governor. In his folksy Texas drawl, Perry said that Washington has misappropriated too much power from the states. He’s pleased that the new US House read the Constitution on the floor and voted to repeal Obamacare, though.

Perry condemned the Obama administration for failing to secure our nation’s borders. He argued that border security is an “essential” federal government role. He asserted that we should be flying Predator drones over our Mexican border to better protect it.

Perry’s view on Obamacare: “toss out that trainwreck!” He condemns its “Washington-centric approach” and “oppressive mandates”. Perry also wants to simplify the tax code.

He closed by encouraging the audience to continue doing all they can to elect conservative GOP governors. [I certainly wouldn't mind if he was my state's Governor.] Note that Perry is the 47th Governor of Texas, recently elected to his 3rd term. He is the current Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

2 Responses to “CPAC 2011: Rick Perry”

  • Rob:

    Doomed, I like Rick Perry. I’d love to see NJ Governor Chris Christie run for President, though.

  • Doomed:

    In a state once controlled by Democrats it is a model of a state becoming conservative despite a massive influx of hispanics into that state. Many hispanics are conservative in nature and only turn to the Democrats with their promises of “DRUGS”(WEFLFARE) when in reality they came to the States to work and make their way…not get handouts and life given to them.

    They do not have that mentality yet……..and yet the GOP is allowing the Democrats to breed up an entire new generation of poverty dependent hispanics to continue to shore up their voter base.

    I was transferred out of Texas at a time when George W. Bush was first elected Governor against a very tough Ann Richards(D) some considered unbeatable and Bob Bullock(D) The lt. governor who really ran the state.

    It was during this time that the tide was turning in Texas from Liberal to Conservative and if the GOP does not snatch the Hispanics from the jaws of poverty it will be a sad day for the party.

    Hispanics are truly conservatives looking for hope and a job and a future……Perry I believe and Bush have continued 5 straight terms of leadership that has made the hispanics of Texas realize that their is hope on the right. Perry would make a great persident but I think he has said he will not run.

    Too bad for us but I see a bid by him in 2016.