Anita Moncrief, Phyllis Shafly, and Straw Poll Winners

ACORN whistle blower, Anita Moncrief, spoke in the Thurgood Marshall ballroom on a panel, this afternoon, on the final day of the annual meeting of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC).  She was on a panel speaking about the lies the left uses about Voter ID, and how they continue to fight changes to laws allowing voter fraud, such as mail-in voting and early voting.

We’ll have video of Anita, plus the timeless Phylis Shafly of Eagle Forum.  Shafly was there at the dawn of the conservative movement, and is still a beautiful 86 year-old activist.

Watch for this, upcoming.   KCC did post many of her own stories today, as she was busy attending meetings, but sidekick Rob did, and we hope you have enjoyed his reporting and commentary.

More coming, even after CPAC is over.  Tonight, the ladies of Smart Girl Politics are getting together early, and then the blogger’s are going out for a goodbye party.  We have all known each other for years, and we get together nearly monthly, in Washington and elsewhere.  We are from all over the country, and some are from here in DC.  The rest are state-based bloggers, like KCC.

Until later…

By the way, Ron Paul won the straw poll with Mitt Romney coming in second.  Both sent representives here to work the attendees, who had one vote each.  Not everyone participated, including this blogger.  There is no point, as those two candidates spent a lot of money trying to win.  But Ron Paul cannot be beaten.  Not at CPAC, and not with his libertarian people.  They are strong, active, and work it hard.  Kudos to them.  They see this as a must win and they did what they needed to do!

It is not a scientific poll but it has been held here at CPAC since 1986.  Done by Fabrizio McLaughlin, they have guards to take care of the poll,.  Only registrants could vote.  All 50 states and DC were represented.  3742 participated. In 2010, 2395 participated.

Ron Paul won with 30 percent.  Mitt Romney had 23 percent and Gary Johnson finished 3rd with six percent.  Before the results had even been announced, a Ron Paul worker was is the bloggers room, handing out press releases.  Was that a sham or what?

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