Bob Rucho to NC Senate Democrats: “join us or cry about it” (video)

NC state Sen. Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg) laid into Senate Democrats for their unwillingness to cut $75 million — when the state is facing a $3.7 billion budget shortfall in the next fiscal year.

He dressed down  his Democratic colleagues down for wasting so much money on corporate welfare when it only helped a very few businesses and created only 300 jobs out of $1.7 B spent. That’s over $5 million per job, which are mostly low-paying call-center jobs.

As a dentist and small business owner, Rucho is someone who was punished by the economic incentives that Gov. Beverly Perdue so loves. Rucho added that Republicans are going to fix 100 years of Democratic disaster. The Democrats are welcome to join the Republicans or they can sit by and cry about it. Mostly, they’ve been crying to the mainstream media.

His floor speech got their attention:

Courtesy North Carolina Republican Senate Caucus and WRAL.

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