Heritage Action NC Thanks Members of Congress, “Encourages” Others

Heritage Action demands accountability.

Recently, the Republican Study Committee, lead by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio-4) sent a letter to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio-8), urging him to keep a key Republican promise to cut $100 billion in non-defense spending for fiscal year 2011. It is the platform that almost all Republicans ran on during the midterms.

Heritage Action for America (and their North Carolina Chapter) sent out special kudos to Representatives Renee Ellmers, Virginia Foxx and Patrick McHenry for signing the letter and committing to spending cuts. (McHenry’s website appeared to be down at the time of this posting.)

Sadly,  Representatives Walter Jones, Jr, Rep. Sue Myrick and Howard Coble did not sign the letter yet each used that pledge for their election.

According to Jessica Anderson, State Director for Heritage Action NC:

We need to be holding our candidates accountable for what they said on the campaign trail and their actions need to reflect their promises.

Click here to read the text of Rep. Jordan’s letter on behalf of the RSC.

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