New RNC Chairman Priebus Cleans House to Reduce Party Debt

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The Republican National Committee’s national chairman, Reince Priebus, isn’t wasting time putting a stop to the excessive spending problem that occurred under former chairman, Michael Steele.  According to the St. Petersburg Times’ Political Blog, former RNC finance chairmen Al Hoffman and Mel Sembler of Florida to help right the financial status.

The paper went on to add newly elected chairman Reince Priebus named Hoffman one of the chairs on the transition finance team, along with Sam Fox of St. Louis and Ron Weiser, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party .

According to the blog Virginia Right!, Priebus took over an RNC that is $20 million in debt and had already spent $600,00o for the summer 2012 GOP National Convention. The RNC chose Tampa, Florida as the site of that convention.

Post author Tom White added

With the 2012 Convention approaching, there is a lot of planning to be done. But this far out to spend $600,000 is unfathomable. Something had to change!  And change is in the air. Enter the new Chairman Reince Priebus.

Your blogger is rooting for Mr. Priebus as he transitions the RNC on bit more of a diet.  Republicans don’t need a Lexus of a national convention.  A good Ford will do just fine.  Hoffman and Sembler were part of an effort to oust Michael Steele as chairman, questioning his spending and efforts to reach out to donors.

Smart Girl Politics is a leading grassroots, educational organization for conservative women.

Reports have stated that Steele traveled lavishly, but ran for re-election based on the fact that Republicans had excellent results nationwide in 2010.  Your blogger attributes the GOP successes  to the grassroots efforts of groups like the Americans for Prosperity, Freedomworks, SmartGirl Politics, and other tea party affiliated organizations.

Members of the RNC agreed.

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