Thursday in the NC House: Historic Legislation – A Sample of What Is To Come

Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg) with special gavel he named for his father. Photo by Josh Ellis.

At  the first glance, North Carolina House calendar for Thursday, Jan 27 appears to be pretty short. (Note: this is only a link to the calendar of the day.  This link will not work after close of session on Thursday.)

There are a mere eight bills on the docket to be introduced. Why are these bills historic? They would have never even been placed on the calendar in any Democrat controlled House!  With their new influence, the Republicans can begin to “undo” what they feel has been unjustly been forced upon the citizens on North Carolina.

Here are four that might interest our readers:

-HB 2 Stam, Barnhart, Hollo and Murry (Primary Sponsors) – PROTECT HEALTH CARE FREEDOM

The long title of this bill is “AN ACT TO PROTECT THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE HEALTH CARE AND HEALTH INSURANCE” so you can guess that it would amend the General Statues of NC (NC Law) to do several things:

1.  Require a person (presumably an employer) to provide healthcare services

2. Interfere with a person’s right to pay for health care services

3.  Penalize a person for failing to provide healthcare services (in a nutshell).

This essentially limits the government’s role in your health care and would give you more choices over how you run your life, regarding your health care.  This would seem to this blogger, to be a slap in the face of Obamacare.

Important Note:  Your blogger is not an attorney.  She does not play one on TV.  She does not play one on any blog.

She is attempting to simplify a piece of legislation that is coming before the NC House.  She cannot provide any legal advice and she urges you not to take this as such.  If you need further breakdown of this bill, please contact one of the bill’s primary sponsors.

HB 4 Ross, Weiss and Jackson (Primary Sponsors) – DISAPPROVE CLOSURE OF DOROTHEA DIX HOSPITAL.

This one may not be as historic but it does just what it says.  This has bipartisan co-sponsorship and your blogger agrees that Dorothea Dix should stay open.  There are some people who simply cannot care for themselves.  They may be a danger to themselves or to others and they may not be able to afford or otherwise qualify for a lengthy stay in a private hospital.

It is indeed sad to see “Dix Hill”, as it’s called in Raleigh to close.  It should continue to belong to the patients so they can live their lives in peace, getting the help that they need, whether they realize it or not.  This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans, Libertarians or Independents.  There are some very basic services that our government should provide.  This is not an anarchy.  Our citizens deserve police, fire, and protection for its weakest citizens.

HB 8 Stam, Lewis and McGrady (Primary Sponsors) – EMINENT DOMAIN

This is one that conservatives and libertarians have been waiting for.  Freedom lovers everywhere will love the first line of this bill:

“Private property shall not be taken by eminent domain except for a public use.”   This is why we elected them.  The liberals just weren’t getting the message.

The first paragraph goes on to add: Public use does not include the taking of property in order to convey  an interest in the property for economic development. Just compensation shall be paid and, if demanded, shall be determined by a jury.”

Finally, there is:

HB 9 Dollar, LaRoque, L. Brown and R. Brown (Primary Sponsors) – INVOLUNTARY ANNEXATION MORATORIUM.

This is just what it says. Please click the HB link, above, to read the details.

With this as a start, The newly elected members of the North Carolina House mean business.

One Response to “Thursday in the NC House: Historic Legislation – A Sample of What Is To Come”

  • Omega Paladin:

    All good House bills. I hope they’re enacted. After so many centuries of Democrat Party misrule in this State, the NCGOP has so much to fix. I wish them well.

    And I look forward to the redistricting.