NC Americans for Prosperity Promotes State Legislative Agenda for 2011-12 Session by Dallas Woodhouse

The AFP is working for you in North Carolina!

I wanted to share with you the AFP-NC legislative agenda for 2011. What primarily guides this agenda is a belief in the free-market and that the individual should have the maximum freedom possible to pursue the American Dream.

In keeping with this agenda, AFP-NC will be producing a 2011 Legislative Report Card. AFP-NC grassroots members will identify key House and Senate votes that have a significant impact on promoting free-market competition, lowering taxes, restraining state spending, and protecting property rights.

AFP-NC 2011 Legislative Agenda:

• Pass a budget with ZERO tax increases
• Allow temporary sales and income taxes to sunset as planned
• Repeal ¼-cent sales and land transfer tax
• Require any referendum to take place on an even- year November General Election
• Increase the number of public charter schools and other school choice options
available to parents
• Promote the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) that would limit government
• Promote an amendment requiring a supermajority to raise taxes
• Eliminate corporate welfare (incentives) and adjust the corporate rate from 2% to 3%
• Protect private property
• Support a Constitutional Amendment to stop eminent domain abuse
• Stop forced municipal annexation
• Stop excessive property tax increases that threatens homes & businesses
• Dedicate all lottery revenue to school construction
• Repeal “Senate Bill 3”which raised energy costs and hurt families
• End all “welfare for politicians” known as taxpayer funded elections
• Protect free and political speech rights by deregulating campaign speech
• Pass a Session Limit Amendment
• End the Golden Leaf Foundation
• Keep North Carolina a “Right to Work” state
• Protect government employees from Unions having access to pay checks
• Protect taxpayers from public employee strikes and work stoppages
• Support a State Constitutional Amendment to protect workers’ rights to secret
ballot elections
• Pass Texas-style tort and lawsuit reform
• Greatly reduce the regulatory burden on business and citizens

We welcome any and all feedback on our goals and efforts.
Please feel free to contact Dallas Woodhouse at 919-839-1011 ext. 3 or

If you would like to donate to help us promote this agenda, please click here.
Thank you again for your continuing support as we work to fight for free-market and individual liberties!


Dallas Woodhouse
North Carolina State Director
Americans for Prosperity

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